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  1. Sure thing if you can find a reliable source for those stats. I havent looked at LR-101 in any detail yet.
  2. I seriously thought about doing the combined version but after due consideration it just poses a lot of problems and complexity. The powerhead is very complicated to model and different in each version, presents problems with node attachment (not insurmountable but unnecessarily annoying), the mounting hardware would be quite difficult for generic use etc. The plan then is just to model MA1, MA2, MA5 and MA5A as single engines with just the chamber and the relevant pipes just going up and off to the side. MA3 (Atlas E/F) will be fully modelled with its independent powerhead of course. There will also be mesh switches on the booster skirt for different pipes as well as a unique variant for E/F You can see the overall plan here: https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues/974 You can take a look at the craft file to see how its put together correctly. If you downloaded the mod from CKAN you can get the craft files from our spacedock download.
  3. So just to let you all know I'm not dead and that work has started on the next project Below are 3 variations of the LR-105 Atlas sustainer engine. From left to right they represent NA3, NA5 and the last represents NA6, NA7 and RS56 OSA. This is still early work in progress and theres some fixes and adjustments still due. Also the powerhead is largely based on photos of an Atlas E NA6 so all the small details around there wont be accurate to every version but its broadly representative. Anyway just wanted to share since it beginning to look like something.
  4. Booster skirt jettison on most Atlas versions is optimal at a point where the Sustainer stage will be left with around 1:1 TWR. I think some of the performance charts are linked in the BDB wiki but otherwise you can check for yourself by defueling the rocket with the skirt removed until you get 1.0 twr. Then attach the skirt and the starting vac TWR you see is when to jettison. In the included BDB Mercury Atlas craft file this is at 3.56 TWR. Also the tower is jettisoned after skirt sep. With Mechjeb PVG| 32 degrees| 110x150km| booster pitch rate 0.5deg/s| booster pitch start 50m/s| I was able to reach orbit with over 700m/s dv left launching from the cape in KSRSS reborn.
  5. One of the Orion 50 models, I forget the designation. The build is also missing the 3rd stage cos I was in a rush but don't tell anyone (that would be a shorter Orion 50).
  6. Should work if you get a direct link to the image ending in .png .jpg etc. Can even just paste the link into the text directly and it will auto embed in the forum. If you post your module manager log and config cache might be able to find the culprit. But if you dont have any LS mods that looks relatively harmless. I guess a rogue LS patch in another mod is triggering the BDB patch incorrectly.
  7. I dont have a full timeline as the documentation I have are from the later years but best I can tell it started out exclusively assuming a Gemini crew vehicle but then morphed to an Apollo baseline by the mid 60s. Do you have Kerbalism? If so that needs to be fixed on their side. But in the meantime it should be relatively harmless. I believe this means that when you switch to the double sized radiators you will not get double cooling power until this conflict is fixed. Not great but also wont kill your game.
  8. 1.5 and 1.25m fairings for Taurus/Minotaur C. The 1.25 is new and the 1.5 is the same as Minotaur IV.
  9. Just merged the new IVAs into the 1.11 dev branch. Some might need a few more props and a handful have placeholder textures (will be done properly maybe in June when I have time) but most are quite usable and the hero ones like the ETS Lab module and the historical Skylab MDA are quite complete.
  10. Its a lot more work than you think, would need some very tedious work with collider variants and would conflict with the new IVAs. Those issues are solvable albeit would require more work than I'm motivated to do right now but putting that aside cutting it down to bottom of the black base would 100% interfere with the new IVAs that were made recently.
  11. No I'm not really planning on anything for the bay, feel free to put in anything you like. SIM bay and other Skylab/AAP science makes sense thematically.
  12. Keep an eye on the thread and also the issues list on github. Most major new projects will get a dedicated "New parts" tagged tracking issue https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues
  13. Your first embed isnt loading. But the lower image looks mostly correct. But they are not meant to be used together with the rack part. The rack is for the Plutonium Brayton Generator and would be used instead of the solars. Simply clip the solars into the hollow section, one higher than the other.
  14. Thats not the waterfall plume. If you have it installed there is something wrong with your installation. (or a mod conflict or something)
  15. There are dynamic plumes for both Waterfall and Realplume. I dont have any intention of developing custom plumes for the stock system anymore.
  16. BDB does not affect any stock parts. Our own parachutes all use their own textures. If you mean BDB should patch our textures onto stock chutes thats neither feasible nor within scope. Restock makes stock chutes look very nice though.
  17. Most of the thanks should go towards @JonnyOThan , while I am happy to texture these there's no way I would have worked up the motivation or find the time to actually model these and set them up. This wouldn't be happening if not for his initiative.
  18. Thats is the plan and work on it has started. Its not just freeIVA configs and colliders, JonnyOthan has been kind enough to take on the job of actually creating IVA shells for many of the missing IVAs in BDB. With him taking on the job of making the shells, ensuring everything lines up and doing the final setup, we decided to collaborate on them where I will be texturing them and adding some extra stuff. The collaboration is going well and we've completed a few although prop work is still pending on these. Aft MDA and airlock European research module Historical Skylab MDA with console Wet workshop airlock It will be a little while before these are merged into the dev branch though as we make our way through the list of IVAs.
  19. So we just added it to the description of the part but wanted to warn everyone again, just like the Skylab workshop, the MORL radial docking ports use the jettison module and this is buggy if the part is the root. When reloading the scene the covers will return (and you can't jettison them again). As such we recommend making another part the root of the craft before launch. The ideal option would be whatever docking port you have at the top node.
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