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  1. (I lied plz don't ever listen to me when I say I'm doing something) WIP Chandrayaan-1
  2. Hey there, just wanted to mention that I’m on vacation atm. Will be getting back to this in a day or two though. The plan is to finish up some LV stuff I’ve been working at, then I’ll move over to payloads.
  3. Yeah this is a known issue, I’ve never done solar panels before so I’m still figuring it out
  4. I’m now realizing I haven’t linked my roadmap here yet but yes this is planned, actually I have more than this planned for manned stuff! There was a concept for a 2 crew spacecraft on GSLV MK1/2 so that’ll come when I do that LV. There’s also a space station concept in the works that I’d love to dive into when I do MK3. Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/iHgGdiFb/chrayol-design-org Edit: I’ll check out the plume issue, shouldn’t be like that
  5. (warning, kinda long post ahead) Hey so first off, thanks for TOTM! I'm seriously happy with the positive reaction to the mod, and I really am glad that people seem to be enjoying it! Looking to the future again, I'm working slowly towards Chrayol v1.0.1. This update will be somewhat larger than initially planned, and will include a lot of extra stuff that I think y'all will appreciate. The main focus of the update will be to add payloads. Before I showed a WIP model of SRE-1, but that's not all that will be included. I plan on making Mangalyaan-1, Chandrayaan-1, IRNSS, and Astrosat. Along with that, I'll be including the concept which I shared in the previous post, which will mean a new 4 segment PS1, a nosecone, booster decoupler, fins, new paint schemes for the 4 and 5 segment motors, as well as a new radial version for both. Here's some WIP images: Nosecone The verniers will also now be a separate part from the core If you don't want or need the verniers, then you can put this cap on the bottom of the TVC tanks. It comes in red and white! Here's a wip image of the SRE-1 tiles Some in-game pics with the new boosters: Hope you guys like where this is going!
  6. Chapter 4 - A New Candle (very long post but oh well) As the KSC continues with the Arcturus Program, they need to accomplish a number of goals to further understand the surface of the Mun, Minmus and Duna. In order to accomplish these goals, they called upon commercial partners for their help building and launching the missions. Specifically this new contract would require a flexible launch vehicle that could launch medium or heavy sized payloads to Kerbin orbit, or small to medium sized payloads to other planetary bodies. In the end, Photon Rocketry Corporation was awarded the contract to develop their Eris Rocket. The new vehicle would utilize a number of new and old technologies, including brand new, and quite powerful, first stage engine, and old upper stage engines and solid boosters. The first launch would be in the Eris Heavy configuration, which utilizes two black solid motors derived from the Prometheus program, and a large upper stage using 2-4 hydrolox CE-60 engines. All went well until the second stage burn. Towards the end of the burn one of the CE-60 engines experienced a sharp rise of pressure in the combustion chamber, and was subsequently shut down by the on-board computers. This caused the vehicle to have asymmetrical thrust, which could not be fixed by the other engine's gimbal, putting the stage in a spin, and causing the other engine to be shut down. Although it was close, the vehicle did not make orbit and burned up in the atmosphere. Since the primary objectives set by the KSC included making orbit, and proving engine relight capability, another launch was immediately planned, and an investigation into the engine failure would begin. They decided to take advantage of the second launch to demonstrate the Eris Heavy Plus configuration, which replaced the solid motors with two more liquid cores. After successfully placing the dummy payload into LKO, the new CE-10A engines performed their second burn to place it in near GTO. They would later restart a second time at apogee to deorbit. The first stage performed well enough in these two launches for the KSC to be comfortable with launching two new spacecraft on the medium configuration, which uses the same core, and a smaller Inon upper stage, derived from the Bossart LV. This configuration can also use between 1 and 6 smaller solid motors for extra flexibility. The first of these would launch a small lunar lander to the mun's south pole, as there was evidence of water, among an abundance of other resources. This is a mission that had never been done before, so if successful, it would be a significant step forward. With another major success, the KSC now begins preparations to build a Duna mission. This will utilize the same launch vehicle, and a lander derived from the one above. This time they wanted to test a new type of heat shield, which could see use on future manned missions to the red planet. This inflatable heat shield can save loads of space, which also means saving money.
  7. So this was brought up to me and I just had to do it. It's apparently the original concept for PSLV, and it's basically 3 PS1's, the normal 2nd stage, and then a couple solid stages in the fairing. This will obviously include a number of new parts, as well as mesh/texture switches. Should add a really nice variety of stuff to use so you're not just limited to making baseline PSLV. Also the verniers will now be it's own part instead of being integrated into the first stage, which makes things a lot better imo. (probably worth noting that the nose cone, booster decoupler, fins, and tvc tanks aren't properly textured yet)
  8. ayy lmao Anyways, I'm starting to work on the first payload for this, the SRE-1. This was a small spacecraft which was used for micro gravity experiments. The vehicle had heat resistant tiles to survive reentry, and was recovered off the coast of India. After this I'll probably do Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan, before moving on to a new rocket (eventually gslv but I'm planning something for a different mod). Edit: Thanks to @mcdouble, Chrayol should now be compatible with Realism Overhaul if you grab the mod from the Github master branch. Happy flying
  9. Got two new things into the game. The first is a new texture variant for the PSOM-9 boosters, which was only a thing on one flight, but I thought it was worth including. The second is an Aerodynamic Stabilizer for the PSLV-CA configuration. This is added to lower the center or pressure in order to make the vehicle more stable. Typically this is achieved with the boosters, however since this configuration doesn't have any, these are necessary. Both are on Github now, so grab em if you want!
  10. My bad, should work now Edit: I also just realized that I never fixed where the parts are in the tech tree, just fixed that on github. I'll also be adding a couple new parts, and a few new texture variants, specifically for the psom boosters and second stage. Will put all of this together in 1.0.1 I guess. If anyone notices an issue go ahead and submit it on Github and I'll check it out.
  11. v1.0: The Red Crayon Flies Github SpaceDock B9 Part Switch is required for a few parts. Recommended Mods: -Real Plume for better looking plumes -JNSQ for much better balance, along with nicer looking planets, 2.5x rescale also a good option -Bluedog Design Bureau for beautiful historical parts -Modular Launch Pads for a good set of launch clamps and towers Special thanks to @JadeOfMaar, @Zorg, @CobaltWolf for the amazing help and tips, y'all made this stuff possible.