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  1. color variants based on the original 2016 design you can also see that the tank has the 4 bits popping out of the side, is shorter, and only has the single BE-4U rather than the two BE-3Us
  2. concept for a refueling station that I've had on my mind for a bit this was just cheated into orbit, will actually assemble it for real tonight tho (really nice job @Beale this continues to be incredible and is genuinely really appreciated)
  3. Jeez yeah this was not balanced correctly at all, my bad. I’ve been wanting to get back to this for a while but school and other mods have been keeping me from doing that. If anyone wants to submit a PR on GitHub to help with balancing I’ll take it.
  4. I don’t need time, I need the ability to actually function like a normal human being
  5. glares at date welp blankets on the main capsule part is done, tiles are getting there please be patient with me, school is very draining lol
  6. If you’d like an actual launchpad then you can find LC-36 in Tundra Space Center! If you mean the strongback, not atm hehe... I’ve had very little time for modding due to school lately, I’m hoping to get back soon tho!
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