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  1. Second stage mount is about done, and I'm working on getting the third stage mount in game and functional. Also note that the BE-3U still hasn't been scaled properly so it doesn't quite fit right yet.
  2. Stage 3 Mount is done. Since the stage 2 mount will just use like 90% of this mount's texture and model I'll probably get that done tomorrow.
  3. Congrats on release! This thing is an unbelievable amount of fun to use
  4. Whenever I finish it. Keep in mind this is my very first mod so it's been taking me a little bit as I've had to learn everything. Although I don't have a release, I do share a dev version of my parts on github when I finish them. You can find that here. Also if you're curious about my progress you can check out the roadmap linked in the op.
  5. Update: New Glenn's getting a size increase in game! Instead of being 3.125m it will be 4.375m, this is the proper scale for a 7m wide rocket, I avoided this size earlier since no one else had used it, but it seems necessary for it to scale correctly with other mods (EX. Tundra Exploration's Falcons). I'm pretty happy with all the new models, they're much better looking and far more detailed, so I think I'm ready to move on to texturing and all that stuff. Something new to notice is the third stage tank and engine mount, along with a few adapters so you can use these parts with other mods! For the next little bit I'll be focusing on the parts in the image, and once they're finished I'll move on to the first stage parts. You can check up on my progress with the Roadmap.
  6. Test version of the BE-3U is up on Github, go check it out! https://github.com/DylanSemrau/Provenance-Aerospace/tree/Development Special thanks to @CobaltWolf for all his help and feedback Engine mount and tank here is from BDB
  7. Thanks man! Made the nozzles a little bit thinner, and I'm already planning on having the different variants BE-3U Texture
  8. I swear this is the last time i revamp the whole mod for a while
  9. Update: Landing Legs are complete and in game! Now all that's left is re-texturing the BE-3U Engine and we'll be good to go
  10. Wonderful job! That IVA looks incredible