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  1. So I've been meaning to re-create Mir for a while now, but today I actually went through with it. Honestly, the most fun I've had making a station in this game. Thanks @Beale you've done some pretty awesome stuff here!
  2. DylanSemrau

    [1.2 - 1.4] Real Scale Boosters, 0.16 (2018-03-12)

    I noticed SLS in the wishlist. What’s the likelihood of that being added in?
  3. Would honestly love to see that happen at some point
  4. @Kartoffelkuchen Could I also ask why you made the decision to remove firespitter as a dependency? I would think it’s better than the stock texture switcher since you can use it in flight.
  5. Block 4 textures pretty much done. Download it on Github. Includes New: Stage 1 tank Burned Texture for Block 4 Octaweb Burned Texture for Block 4 Used Interstage for Block 4 Pictures: Please notify me of any issues so I can fix them as soon as possible. More Re-Worked textures coming in the next few days (including Block 5 and Landing Legs). Hopefully they will be somewhat of an improvement.
  6. A couple of the F9 and FH textures have been bothering me for a little bit now so I decided to fix a few things here and there. I was curious if you'd be fine with me sharing my edits here??? Here's a (kinda rough) example...
  7. DylanSemrau

    [1.4.5] Space Shuttle release 17.09.2018

    I either move the propellant to the front of the orbiter, or Prioritize the fuel in the rear. Either should help make it more front heavy.
  8. DylanSemrau

    [1.4.5] Space Shuttle release 17.09.2018

    Ah, thank you.
  9. DylanSemrau

    [1.4.5] Space Shuttle release 17.09.2018

    My Orbital Maneuvering Engines aren't showing up. I've tried searching "Shuttle" and got nothing. Any idea?
  10. Do you think we could ever see Falcon 9 version 1.0? I would love to see the shorter tanks and square engine layout
  11. DylanSemrau

    [1.3] Launch Towers Pack

    As far as I can tell, it is.
  12. DylanSemrau

    [1.3.1] Realism Overhaul v12.1.0 [29 Apr 2018]

    I'm having an issue with the main SSTU tank which seems to be linked to this mod, so could I get some help? Only the side of the tank facing me is showing and the rest in invisible. When I right click on the tank my game seems to freeze and all of the options (such as diameter and length) show as "**not found**". Although I can still interact with the camera and some of the options for the tank, I have to close ksp because I can't interact with anything else. Any suggestions for me? EDIT: I removed all mods and added them back in one by one and found that RO seems to be the source of the issue