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  1. The mod should be balanced to 2.7x scale tho, I went with standard balance like I usually do. Last time I used it in stock I could get to orbit with it so
  2. Tantares goes for a much different style, one which fits perfectly fine in ksp. Beale doesn't typically make detailed engines, and would rather cover them up, this is his personal choice and the style he likes to go for. Like most other mods, it's not meant to be a 100% perfect representation of the craft in game. If you'd like to see that then you can do it yourself, and put in the hours of work instead. Anyways, lets end this here and not clutter this thread with unnecessary conversations. Edit: Everyone needs to remember that modders do this for free, and during our free time. Suggestions are always welcome, but that doesn't mean that modders need to follow through with them.
  3. It automatically deploys at 65km, you can change the altitude or disable this if you’d like and simply enable staging
  4. The new engines are up on the dev branch, go try them out
  5. This boi is modeled now: and the engine lineup for the next update is nearly complete...
  6. I'm gonna be streaming some dev work on twitch for a few hours, we'll be working on BE-3 today