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  1. The updated parts are up on Github, still have lots to do but it's looking better
  2. Pre OFT-2 work is going well Tiles are almost all complete, thrusters are all done, RCS blocks on SM have been reworked, the SM umbilical has also been changed to the all blue OFT-2 look
  3. Update: took a break for a bit, wanting to get this updated in the near future, should just be making sure it works in current version first and foremost and then I’ll get started on a general revamp of the PSLV parts because they could use a bit of an update still looking to get payloads but those may be put on hold to prioritize the launchers first tbh
  4. Update: took a break from modding for a bit, will look at updating this in the near future but I expect that to mainly be making sure it’s all working ok with current ksp version, may include new parts but no promises still looking at adding new parts in the future tho
  5. Update: took a break from modding for a bit, will look at updating provenance and getting it to a slightly more comfortable spot some time in the near future
  6. Update: I took a break from modding for a bit, I’ll look at getting more work done for BCS some time after OFT-2
  7. fixed the folder structure in github, should work now heh
  8. I really like the design for this it feels a lot more realistic than the KSP 1 center but still has this stylized feel to it that fits really well imo, nice job guys!
  9. You don’t need a flying rocket to justify having a second option available furthermore the lander has no relation to New Glenn other than the fact that they could fly on it, but it appears that it’ll probably rely more on Vulcan if things actually go through the idea that they at least need their own orbital rocket that has done this and that for them to even be considered for HLS is something I see a lot and it just shows no actual understanding of how this contract works
  10. I was looking at changing the name of the mod away from crew services because of the X-37B but idk we’ll see there is a uhh... proposal for using X-37B for unpressurized cargo to ISS so maybe that would justify keeping the name lol but yeah X-37B will be exactly how it is irl, offset engine and everything
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