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  1. I will probably go for a more 'Kerbalised' name for the parts honestly, so maybe expect something similar to "KE_4". Also welcome to the forums! I'm glad you like it! However New Shepard is probably going to be a while, so you may be waiting for a bit.
  2. @a605019098 Thanks, I'm glad you like it! I'm not quite sure I understand your question though. Are you asking about what the Thrust, Mass, ISP, etc. will be for the BE-4's? If so then I can't really give you an answer since I haven't balanced the parts yet.
  3. Update: Stockalike stage one tank texture
  4. Update: Finished up the Strakes, they seem to work okay, hopefully they stay that way. I'm also going to be making some of my textures more high res, which will take away from time making new parts unfortunately. As you can see the first stage tank looks pretty bad so I'll be spending some time changing that.
  5. Update: BE-3u Engine is in game and... working? For some reason the plume is upside-down and I have no clue how to fix it. Images: Edit: First stage Engine Shroud is done!
  6. DylanSemrau

    [1.4.5] Space Shuttle release 17.09.2018

    (I don’t have my laptop on me so I could be wrong about this but) I believe there is a folder called “alpha dev” when you download the development version. You need to put that folder into your gamedata folder. Make sure you download the development version though, because the current release doesn’t have the shuttle launch tower. and like @Cheesecake said, if that didn’t help you then take it to the MLP page..
  7. DylanSemrau

    [1.4.5] Space Shuttle release 17.09.2018

    The dev build of Modular Launch Pads has a shuttle launch tower.
  8. So I have the BE-4 Engine in game. I decided to do a real quick texture, so the engine's not going to look necessarily amazing, but it is functional. I'll probably do a much more detailed texture (and model) after the initial release. Images:
  9. Look at page 42.
  10. Update: The first and second stage tanks are finished, in game, and have been quickly balanced to the stock parts. I’m hoping to get the fairing, fairing base, and BE-4 engine done tonight. Will add pictures when complete! Also, I've decided that the name of the mod will be Provenance Aerospace Edit: Fairing Base Edit #2: Holy Fairing Halves Batman!
  11. Update: First Stage Tank is in game! Texture is a bit rough, but it's a start.
  12. Yes, I'm going off of the 2018 design. You can find my references here.
  13. Ah okay, thank you for that!
  14. This mod aims to add the mighty New Glenn (and later New Shepard) rocket into Kerbal Space Program! I will be going off of the 2018 design of New Glenn. See the updated animation here. I'm not yet done and hope to share my progress as I go. Check out the roadmap below to see my progress and future plans for the mod. Roadmap --------------- Imgur Album If you have any suggestions for parts that I should include I would love to hear it!