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  1. It’s simply contaminated with grease and other industrial by/waste products. Waiter, there is a Yellorium-boosted crucible in my soup!
  2. ... Odd... Smart but odd. I’ll assume that mods can’t make empty pages though...
  3. I’ll throw science at the wall and see what sticks here, but I think you’ll use that as a semi-signature for this thread. Wild guess, I know.
  4. The answer, of course, is a definite maybe. ———— The turquoise is really nice on the eyes. Laythe or some modded planet?
  5. It’s not all that rare, 1 in 40 chance. I haven’t ever seen it, maybe because I don’t snoop around in the title screen much.
  6. Shameless plug to my YouTube incoming! Part 5 of my Stick Ranger playthrough is up, as well as a joke video pertaining the the “series” as well: