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  1. you know its the same picture, but zoomed, higher contrast and added memes.
  2. Thats not too bad. The only thing is, the mine has real bacon, and the bacon is ludicrously spoiled from sitting in that position for 4 billion years. I wish for some Frito Pie.
  3. Fraston

    Forum Memes
  4. Fraston

    Rate the rank of the person above you!

    just trying to make your number of dots look larger than they really are. nice try, mister. -10/10 No. Not even close. *Facepalms through head*
  5. Fraston

    Survive Me!

    *calls orbital strike on @TheKSPBeginner*
  6. Fraston

    Rate the User above you's Location

    minmus, again.
  7. looks too much like a unicorn. 6/10.
  8. good job. they need air though. I wish for my mac to run besiege faster.
  9. you get pokemon vietnamese crystal.
  10. Fraston

    Rate the User above you's Location

    8/10 minmus. woohoo!
  11. Fraston

    Rate the signature of the user above you

    your hideous profile pic, but red and with nonsense (to me, i don't speak backwards r's and w's.) russian text around it.2/10.
  12. Fraston

    What's kerbal money called?

    kesos. kranks. ken.
  13. Fraston

    Rate the rank of the person above you!

    om·nip·o·tent /ˌämˈnipəd(ə)nt/ adjective 1.(of a deity) having unlimited power; able to do anything. noun 1.God.
  14. Fraston

    Martian Packing List

    6. guns. for propulsion. this would actually be quite useful, if you brought a 7. raft along. just be careful of people behind you!