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  1. No. I would like a almost 7 month old response.
  2. Too bad. You get terminal cancer, and die knowing that it is impossible to deny someone a corruption of a wish. I wish for green eggs & ham
  3. Granted. The only apple device it works on is a SINGLE wooden, 20 years obsoleted, primitive airpod I wish that I had made a wish in my original draft of this post.
  4. Greased lightnin’! Go Greased lightnin”
  5. Banned for being gone for a while.
  6. Error 420: Program shall promptly blaze it.
  7. I second this! My 2015 MacBook Air with its pitiful 2GB RAM used to barely be able to run KSP’s flight scene at 15 FPS at best, no physwarp. Now, the game runs at over 20 FPS typically, and on the Munar surface, the game runs at 120 FPS! Munar ascent is an amazing 45 FPS. I felt like I was playing an entirely different game!
  8. No one: Not even a single speck of Mun rock: Moon landing desktop backgrounds: