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  1. Receives next hyped person for gourd. Inserts floating disembodied hand, somewhat of the likes of every new kirby character.
  2. I like rockets simply because I can be more lax on the design aspect, at least compared to planes and especially SSTO’s.
  3. The fact that while loading, my poor Mac’s storage is immediately tanked by 4 gigabytes, and the memory deficit persists until I close the game. And also the fact that, the game’s framerate models the framerate of everything else in it’s image, which, judging that the space center screen is usually 20-25 FPS, is not a good thing, no matter how you look at it.
  4. Err... perhaps you are looking for a procedural wings mod, Or, maybe you are looking for ways to make wings in custom shapes in stock? If it’s the latter, then just look for wing panels in the “Aerodynamics” section and go crazy.
  5. It’s actually pretty easy. Just use a debug mode to teleport you ULTRA far away from Kerbol (like, a few hundred times further than the orbit of Eeloo), then switch back to the KSC. Boom. You have “spectre gameplay” as I like to call it.
  6. Receives a Death Star. Inserts a necropost.
  7. Ah yes, fellow ‘Murican. 7/8
  8. 4/5 dunno what the Turm is but it sounds cool
  9. Niflhiem, Yggdrasil Norse myth has a place!
  10. Banned for linking another thread.
  11. Invade a paradise of cartoony shapes and turn it all pink, but 10000 times faster.