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  1. I Want To Break Free - Queen Saw a sign on a church that went along the lines of: "Learn to break free..."
  2. Ready for Countdown for Launch of Mars Lander Mission "Quasar-1"
  3. Thank you, I finally feel successful in life. I will use both badges as a sign of perseverance. I agree with your opinion, it does look sleeker with the fairing. Thank you for this challenge, it has been great and very difficult simultaneously. I will complete your other challenge soon. EDIT: It's way out of my league. Can you do me a favor and add my previous failed attempt with the original Infernal to the List of Infamy? Thanks
  4. Sir, I have done it, I have redeemed myself, with a fully stock craft. The Draconic Infernal II NOW IN 2.5 METER SIZE! AND MORE FUEL! THIS WAS HORRIBLE TO FLY, BUT STILL HANDLED WELL ENOUGH. I PERFORMED THE FLIGHT EXTREMELY QUICKLY SO I COULD FIT IT WITHIN THE ORIGINAL TIME CONSTRAINTS. Takeoff: Mid Flight: Orbiting (this thing was horrible to get to orbit.): Reentry: Landing Approach (followed largely the same flight route. THIS WAS THE WORST PART OF THE FLIGHT, IT FLEW WORSE THAN A BRICK): TOUCHDOWN!: I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was horrible to fly.
  5. Right, I choose the path of redemption. I will modify the same craft (It may be a little less stylish) but, the rules are absolute, they will not be deviated from. I will replace the small wing tanks with Oscar tanks, will change the Rear tank to the 2.5 meter tank or will change the fairing size and shape, and will keep the rudders the original size. The Wheels shall be moved, and the fairing will not separate. I am sorry and will strictly abide to the rules (it was an unintentional mistake). PS: Can I just post 1 or 2 photos instead of an entire gallery? It's almost the same craft. I will take photos whilst Taking off, Orbiting and after I have landed (hopefully successfully). I will have my name on the roll of honor. My resolved craft will be sent within 2 hours. Thanks for your patience Edit: I may take a longer as a problem had popped up, and it was crucial for me to resolve it. Thanks for your patience.
  6. My Entry: It's nothing special (but it's unkerballed) The Draconic Infernal: This Drone can reach orbit, using 1 Rapier Engine (I used TweakScale for the Small Wing Tanks, Horizontal Stabilizers (I think), the Large Rear Tank and Large Internal Battery and Airplane Plus for the Structural Fuselage Junior, everything else is stock.) It can fly for a reasonably long time, and at one point hit escape velocity. It's initial TWR is near 0.87 while in Closed Cycle it is about 1.67 TWR It packs JUST ENOUGH fuel to get to orbit and return, and fly for a bit more (20 seconds) in Air-Breathing mode after re-entry. It cannot carry a payload but can be used as a military craft or a surveillance drone/probe/spaceplane using the BDAc Surveillance Pods and targeting camera It takes a long time to reach the correct altitude with the Rapier, as the craft stays just under Mach 1 for most of it's ascent and then when you switch to Closed-Cycle, the party begins. It reaches orbital velocity in under 2 minutes. That's fast, right? PS: You have to deploy the fairing during landing to let the nose gear extend, that was only discovered at the last minute. Then it looks like this: Not as sleek right? Here is the evidence that I took this thing to orbit and back, WITHOUT REFUELING, of course. Just after take-off: Rear view: Leaving Troposphere: Near Supersonic: Before Hitting Orbital Velocity (Switched to Closed-Cycle): Hit it: Orbiting Kerbin!: Deorbiting complete: Reentry: Slowing down: Getting ready For Landing: At this point I noticed the gear's wouldn't extend (goodbye fairing, welcome drag.) : It still flew very well, and the drag helped in slowing down the craft. The landing was very gentle, I would go as far to say I buttered it. Out of fuel (Perfect speed for this landing): Return of the Infernal: Yes, It has 2 RTGs, I do go overkill on my crafts with RTGs. (one of them had 40+) But, I did it! yay. I don't think this qualifies for any of the Kudos (If I am not mistaken, that is). But it completed the challenge, and this is the smallest SSTO I have built (as far as I am aware). (The rest are just very efficient rockets with wings, air intakes, jet fuel fuselages and NERVA's slapped on)
  7. Thanks everyone for your help.
  8. Alright, Thank you so much for your valuable help.
  9. Ah, Thank you And if you are aware of the challenge that provides the undertaker with this badge: Please inform me of the name of the challenge. And when you complete the challenge and your entry is accepted, how does one receive the badge? Does one just take it and add it or do they Message you? Edit: I did it I added the Kerbal X Badge! woot
  10. Hello, As you may know I am not a newbie to KSP itself. But the forums, that's a whole nother story. I made have a few posts and submissions for some Challenges and many pleas for help. This is one of them. My question is how do you get a badge like the K-Prize badge, My Craft on Kerbal X and those ones that look like this: Can someone also post a link for the challenges that these are featured in? And yes, I have found the thread for the K-Prize but don't know how to obtain it. I have posted a few crafts on Kerbal X in my Kerbal X account (so I should qualify for the My Craft On Kerbal X badge.) And have built a few SSTOs so I should also qualify for the K-Prize (After I post the proof of the voyage, of course). But still contrasting my ability to successfully crash the game easily, skillfully and professionally, I am still a 'new guy' here. plz help Note: I am aware that you place these in your signature.
  11. Can we use a helicopter to deliver the circumnavigator vehicle to the poles on Kerbin and Laythe? I plan to complete this challenge in record time for Kerbin. Could someone also tell me the shortest time in which this challenge has been completed for Kerbin and the fastest craft?