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  1. It's been so long already, it feels like last week I was just building my first rocket. And now we find ourselves here, 9 years later.
  2. Ah, alright. I see my craft has an abysmal range of ~2900... It sort of looks like yours, but I promise I did not plagarise. It was a competitor and at that point, they tend to resemble each other.
  3. I hope the Judges don't mind if I make a challenger for this entry, it's got me interested. Update, it now has a torque of 0.01... somehow Update 2: Torque is now exactly 0.00 kNm Update 9387: The 0 kNm torque was discarded in favour of looks and performance. @Mathrilord How do I calculate range, do we use the fuel left after reaching cruise or just a full tank?
  4. Ok, now that's impressive. Thank you so much, this is useful. I also plan to use Drone cores so this would be good to help decide between the two
  5. Of course, they're Semi-rocket and Ramjets respectively. But I was shocked by those numbers. Wow these engines are much more powerful than we give them credit for. Hax?
  6. JUST... JUST ONE? impossible My WIP Supersonic can only do about 700 m/s crusing speed at 12,000 on 2/3 Thrust with Afterburners on... on 3 Panthers.
  7. Ah well that's good to keep in mind... But what I meant by 4 small engines is 4 separate engines, none of them clipped together. Sort of like the Boeing 707 has. Also could you provide me with what counts as expensive and what should be an ideal price for a Long Range, Medium capacity aircraft? They all look rather innovative, especially the one on the far left. It's a very interesting design to say the least.
  8. Ah yes, my fully stock Automatic gun, or cannon... Needless to say my battleships did not stand a chance against the plunging fire from 35 kilometres away
  9. Ah. That's good to know, thanks. Don't worry, it's quite a mediocre plane so it should be easy to work on, (except for the 4 small engines)
  10. To the judges, A query has popped up in the Kerbal minds of the mediocre engineers and scientists, which is the question of the legality of part clipping 4 sets of wings together to provide one magnanimous and large wing for the Draconic Mediocrity. Also about Part clipping fuel tanks, SAS Modules, Batteries and Communication antennas, they asked for those too.
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