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  1. Hi, It's a recurring glitch, but strangely, it only occurs with the F-14 craft. It doesn't crash, it just doesn't work, using the < and > keys still toggle time warp but they don't do anything. The buttons don't work but still change colour after I hover over them. The communication buttons only show No Text when I hover over them. Pressing Esc only causes the clock text to turn black. I have mentioned the mods I have in another post. I'll just post the list here soon. The computer doesn't hang however, KSP doesn't work anymore.
  2. Hello everyone, I was flying my knockoff F-14 Tomcat Replica and this happened https://imgur.com/a/lVLIMLL Yeah, don't ask, something went very wrong here. Please help. Nothing worked, not Esc, not F3, nothing Thanks
  3. Thank you for the help and encouragement.
  4. Ah, so the speed is divided by the number of Juno's? Time for 3 Junos and a 4 ton craft
  5. I just built the 24 Juno powered Draconic Vex Test flight speed hit around 740 m/s
  6. hmmm, the challenge is compelling me to use 10 junos
  7. or shrink it using TweakScale and make a true car
  8. Year 76 - Kopernicus and KSP-IE was installed and colonies were founded.
  9. I finally got it to crash while providing the log file. I will upload this shortly.
  10. Could you provide your Processor , the amount of RAM installed, and the Graphics Card, because a bottleneck may be at fault due to KSP's hardware intensity. Also which type of game are you running (x32 or x64) because this can affect how much RAM is used and how efficiently it is utilised.
  11. Hello, once again (this is getting too frequent), I really cannot figure this one out with my used-up brainpower (College takes its toll, especially with the ungodly amount of snowfall today in Vancouver.) My game has quite splendidly decided to kick the bucket everytime I enter the Sphere of Influence of any Celestial body besides Earth. And when I say my game has frozen, It freezes the computer too. Windows stops working, the computer becomes unresponsive, starts to sound like a jet engine and worst of all, there are no .log files made, and no matter how long I wait, the game doesn't respond. My game is version 1.6.1 and is modded, extremely modded including (here we go): Airplane Plus, Grounded, Near Future (Solar, Propulsion, Electronics, Aeronautics and Others), Kerbal Engines, Ferrum Aerospace Research, DPAI, Oh Scrap!, KIS, KAS, NAS, BDAc, KJR, Feline Utility Rovers, Firespitter, OPT, TAC Life Support, Kerbal Atomics, Dock Rotate, Aviator Arsenal, Hangar Extender, HullCamera VDS, JSI, Kerbal Engineer Redux, Kerbal Changelog, Kerbal Launch Failure, Kerbtrotter Ltd, Modular Flight Integrator, Persistent Rotation, Physics Range Extender, Planetary Base Inc, Reentry Particle Effect, REPO Soft Tech, Restock and Restock Plus, Smokescreen, Space-Y (Expanded and Lifters), Tweakscale, Vessel Mover, Deployable Engines, B9 Procedural Wings, B9 Part Switch, ASET, Persistent Rotation and Chatterer. I use Module Manager 4.1.0 and KSPModFileLocalizer. Yes, that is my mod list, and no, I'm not joking. (some mod dependencies are not listed here, but they are all there, I guarantee.) I think this is an issue caused by a mod being incompatible with other mods or just messing up the game for me. It might be one of the Near Future Mods (Nertea, sorry if I misspelled that but, I'm a huge fan of your mods.) but, i'm not so sure. It may also be one of the others. Please help, I built a rover and sent it to Duna, no quicksaves (challenge) and the game promptly crashed after I left Kerbin, there was much raging today. Thank you, any and all help is greatly appreciated.