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  1. 15 hours ago, l0kki said:

    Cough cough how much ECM did you spam to get that close?

    Cough Cough 1, but it wasn't active due to the AI Pilot, the plane is stealthy Cough Cough

    17 hours ago, obnox twin said:

    Welp Mk1 is pretty much screwed so can you tell me now?

    Well basically, I am extremely busy (unprecedented work, I'm sorry), so the review post must go to tomorrow.

    I'm sorry I just got slapped with a large piece of work

    15 hours ago, Staticalliam7 said:

    Do military drones count?

    Yes, as a UAV.

  2. 7 hours ago, l0kki said:

    Cough cough the plane is just that good that it avoids meteors cough

    cough cough it was shot down after one missed AIM-9 (2 missiles in total) cough cough

    23 hours ago, obnox twin said:

    Well the MK1 is screwed pretty much so here is the improved version aka Mk2 but the Mk1 can be a good naval fighter tho with low stall speed and other stuff. The Mk1 was rushed so it will fail badly but would be a good naval fighter with some stuff upgraded


    But here is the Mk2 version with improved stuff

    The Mk2 of MiV - 45:
    KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/creeperking775/MiV-49-MK2

    Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wV6eb5zbBqi1dgc0gflsCMy1ZybS4Ihl

    And tell me if its good and stuff

    I've tested it, review coming tomorrow!

  3. Glad it's all working out. 

    Now then, to review @l0kki's Affa-2B.

    Simply put, yes.

    Now sure, it was an unfair fight, going up not against the Athena IISGI, rather it was pitted against the Athena IV, to which it lost, but not without a fight.



    We want it, 40 of them. The quad-Vulcans though hefty on maintenance and ammo shine as the main offensive weapon for any role, aside from missiles of course. The sleek shape can avoid Radar detection when fitted with countermeasures and the AI pilot is well trained.

    This plane excels almost all-round in combat capabilities when compared to the average hostile fighter. The large ordinance payload also are a bonus, showing prospects as a multirole fighter. 

    You have earned the badge.

    22 hours ago, obnox twin said:

    But I will like to introduce my Air-superiority/Multirole submission

    The MiV-49 a Unmanned fighter designed to be fast and manoeuvrable carrying 4 AMRAAM missiles, 2 EMP AMRAAM, 6 AIM-9 missiles and 6 50cal. guns.

    I will edit this when I get photos and the craft file for kerbal-X because I am currently at school so I can't get pictures yet.

    Link to photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qeQkY0LnEFqaBP1FbaU6hC62qx66R-iV?usp=sharing

    KerbalX link: https://kerbalx.com/creeperking775/MiV-49

    You're up next!

  4. 6 hours ago, l0kki said:

    Here is my air superiority submission.


    The Äffä-2B is a love letter to the fighter design air superiority competitions of yesterday and the strongest craft I can muster outside kerbalfield black magic. Designed for the 15km Bdarmory competition meta It includes 4 vulcans, 10 Amraams and 2 aim-9's over 12 hardpoints. It has very good energy retention included with a TwR of 1.7 fully loaded. While a product of missile spam doctrine it also performs favorably in dogfights. The only aircraft it in my experience hasn't been able to put up a fight against have been the putrid ECM meta planes.

    https://imgur.com/a/STxWLBk  (for pics)

    Oh my, this would put up quite nicely against my Athena IISGI, a fellow child of the missile spam doctrine.

    Testing will begin soon.

  5. For @Sivako Aerospace's SA-5A.

    This plane was so far the only plane in a dogfight to win the first fight against an existing plane of the KAF (which is extremely advanced) in the first bout of 3.

    The SA-5A powered by twin Turboramjets is suited for high speed, high altitude interception missions. It was able to catch up and destroy 4 of the bombers of KAF in a Simulation. Test flights prove that aside from the long take off run, the jet has a very impressive striking capacity and decent firepower. Maneuverability wise the plane is quite good and can hold it's own against some supermaneuverable fighters. This plane performs best in the Interceptor role and as an ASF. 

    We would like 15 of these planes as a beginning order and perhaps another set later.  

  6. For @Singhnaut's Naval Bird.

    The maneuverable (and difficult to handle without oversteering in my hands), rather slow Naval Bird has piqued the interest of the  KAF.

    While slow, this makes this rather small plane quite a challenging target for the likes of Supersonic or Transonic Fighters. The extremely low take off speed, low production cost and no need for long, paved runways make it highly suited for a mass first assault. Firepower is decent with 2 x .50cal MGs. The added maneuverability allows them to quickly evade detected missiles. It has a decent payload and can deliver it's ordinance quite well. We would however equip this plane with countermeasures (through additional external hardpoints) and a Radar Warning Receiver unit. These two upgrades make it a formidable strike fighter.

    One downside however is the low speed, it's extremely slow even by the standards of piston-based propeller engines.  This can be handled in a later upgrade to the plane.

    We would like 20 of these planes for a mass assault on enemy bases.

  7. 20 hours ago, chadgaskerman said:

    Have you tried verifying the integrity before launching? 

    Yep, and I got good news and bad news:\

    Good news is: IT BOOTS INTO KSP!

    Bad news is:

    My kerbals are all black/missing textures. only their eyes show up like some demonic creature.

    The sky... it doesn't exist.

    The KSC may or may not be underground.

    Let's try it again.

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