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  1. As the difference between the lunar transfer and Earth escape velocities is about 100 m/s, it's ok with the energy balance if you are approaching to the Earth with a little excess of velocity (i.e. if your transfer orbit is slightly hyperbolic).
  2. Because when your part of job is always fine, then from foreground actors you join background forces, and other actors presume that's by design.
  3. Car lifting. "stylish low clearance vs speed bump".
  4. The life is a way to bring elements of order and predictability into the natural chaos. The more sapient is the life, the greater is its influence since some moment. Even if somebody just eats, drinks, and watches TV, he is still a part of this process, because instead of random natural combinations of atoms, he requires known and stable their combinations for nutruition, and infrastructure for support. So, he is not useless, he just uses his potential insufficiently. Not that at an animal level (as animals don't need food and TV industry), but he would do more, would be an actor rather than a motivator.
  5. AI will rule the world when it has taken formal congrats, respects, and responses in its hands. Humans will pray it... Especially if it will imitate real personnel voices. ...Two dark call-centers, with no humans inside (both personnel is secretly smoking and chatting outdoors all day long), talking with human voices to each other, with all those annoying polite reverences.
  6. Are Goa'ulds already mentioned? *** Better do not bounce if you can.
  7. And now about the atmospheric Orion, when it stays still and starts blasting... It's a contained pressure. Unless it's a standing wave.
  8. And sometimes this was later distributed on CD as archives of FIDO and so, that's how I read that in prehistorical era before I got the internet. It's just now when the caption "Archive of Internet 1998, Jul-Dec" on a CD in CD-shop sounds funny.
  9. Banned for clicking. P.S. Especially in the locked thread.
  10. Actually originally the idea came to me from the Ph.J.Farmer's "The World of Tiers".
  11. It's a pity but anyway the resolution was low. And there was no Expanse, Game of Thrones, etc.
  13. I did terraforming myself, and not once. Just without portals. In Spore.
  14. How can the stars move, when they are attached to the crystal sky? Do you believe they have sky rails to roll? This is unscientific. Only planets can, because they are round.