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  1. Granted. But he is not J.Kerman anymore. They wake up, first recall the month, then by efforts the day, and the year is basically clear or not needed, I wish Nauka is happy now.
  2. 10/10 You drunk. Go sleep. I got it, so I'm a human.
  3. "Available to its thrusters", i.e. other three tanks pairs are still full? *** Nauka heard that she will be the base module of a new station, so after detecting new peripheral equipment attached to her port decided to take the situation under her control. She just didn't expect such heavy addon. *** So, DKS weren't engaged? (From the next twit)
  4. Now it's interesting, what were those droplets from the ISS thread. If hyperfuel, the story is just beginning.
  5. Then we have some bad news for the universe. This universe is puny. Is it a puniverse?
  6. Banned for bringing the "new page" pattern from the megathread like if this is that.
  7. The new Dune is just a parody on the Riddick Chronicles and the Necromongers fleet (posted pix in the upcoming thread)
  8. It's sweating. So much nerves. Also tears for Pirs.
  9. The alien beasts were not hunting Riddick not because he was so tough, but because they were afraid of becoming something of his kind after eating him.
  10. Banned because the smokers don't need a protection. They make others protect from them.
  11. Granted. They started doing that, but nobody survived the poetry. I wish to recall those V-creatures (Vogons? Vagons?), but it's lazy to google
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