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  1. (Not exactly for this thread, but closely related) OneWeb looks gone.
  2. Just once he inhales the smell, he can't stop until finishes the package. So, he tries to keep away to stay thin.
  3. The Russian idiom "glad as an elephant" as it is.
  4. Is there a difference until the virus gets away?
  5. If use often - the explosion is a question of time the explosions will be daily statistics. If use rarely - will stay experimental, so the explosions will still be daily statistics. Better spend a bigger rocket.
  6. Till Lindeman's (the frontman of Rammstein) 's diagnosis has not been confirmed.
  7. The crumbles fall down, back to the crater. 14 MOABs got wasted. A mouse has cut the power cable. Your 4345 Extremely powerful railguns are out of power. The Crumblefort has risen from the ashes crumbles.
  8. Crumblefort under siege.
  9. When I was a student, the books (and the classes of b/w TV-set repairing) have easily proven that real-time videophones are impossible due to the limited range of frequencies.
  10. But anyway everybody can see who is in th royal purple here. So, they could allow on an exceptional basis.
  11. (Back to the idea of the Google Earth tourism). "Our touristic agency presents you a virtual Google Earth tour. This sequence of specially prepared kml files will bring you to the most wonderful places, where you can enjoy the most interesting sights under proper angle of view. Install our application, and our online advisor will provide you with a travel you could never get for this money in the flesh,"
  12. I don't like floppies very much. Punchcards are more useful: you can write on it with a pen, use as a bookmark, or scratch something from the floor.
  13. Also the tutorial by @Beale, using Wings3d instead of Blender.
  14. Slogan of the moment: "NOLI ME TANGERE, CIVIS ROMANVS SVM."