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  1. Granted. Now you want an Unstock mod. I wish to stock the stock.
  2. Perseverance-2 with four extendable trusses with propellers. The Persicopter.
  3. The famous Shield-2! Upd, Does that "Spin Stabilisation System" screw into the space vacuum???
  4. Wiki and the neftegaz article tell about 64.8, so idk.
  5. If I started answering these points, they would say I repeat again, so I better will refrain from that, cause it's scepticism vs believes, and religious discussions are against forum rules.
  6. Afaik, the transfer chamber is the cone between the cyilnder and the sphere, but can't promise I get it right. The narrowest part of the module, with heavy weights attached to it. They always mention "transfer chamber", so I believe that's it. If it separates the sphere from the cylinder, all modules attached to the sphere, get isolated from the rest of ISS but stay connected together. Or at least those of them who are attached to the Nauka's sphere, *** Interesting. As, according to the article, they plan to supply it from Plesetsk, then probably the crew should
  7. Are connected and attached to ISS, and they say, will stay there. Zarya is owned by NASA, Zvezda will be a gift. Zvezda isn't unpressurized, only its transfer chamber is.
  8. And if somebody pays attention, that's not kerbiloid repeats the same argument, but kerbiloid is repeatedly quoted with no argument but "In Musk we trust". Of course, absence of billions should not make anyone do things he is not used to. I hope, SpaceX succeeds with cylindric Starship, so I will be able to treat this as a viable design for KSP, because it would simplify a lot.
  9. Are you a kid to think that the Kerbals are real?
  10. And pulsars. We can make a pulsar and mine antimatter and various strange things.
  11. What puzzles me on those pictures, look at the outer end of Nauka (the leftmost one) It's active docking port, the probe one. Nothing will dock to it. Why is it here? Why the module is not arrached to the spherical node module with it? Strange... It looks like actually they are going to dock Nauka to ISS, then dock everything painted to its spherical section, then undock the whole assembly. 1. Nauka docks to ISS with sharp end. 2. The spherical Node Module (in the middle) dock to Nauka with its only active adaptor. 3. The airlock module (with axial docking port
  12. An energetic channel from Sun to a planetary core can provide you with gold, platinum, any many other rare metals, when the core explodes.
  13. Looking at this photo. Interesting, can there be phoens on Mars.
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