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  1. Granted. You fund others for free. I wish that underscore was not looking so misplaced
  2. Banned for banning mods in the highly moddable game.
  3. Because there is the "Dres Appreciation Society" in another thread, and its cultists make everyone to be Dressed. Why nobody (except me) exploits the "Eeloo" - "eel" association? It's so obvious! (I even have never seen an eel irl)
  4. They should add a swappable propulsioon unit to swap the whole engine assembly between flights.
  5. Yes. They call it "Extraterrestrial Expansion". These forums are belong to that. Rembrandt, Still Life with Eggs, Sand, and Ostrich. (1610, Oil on canvas). (No witch because 1610. Too dangerous.) It's probably to distinguish it from "llokk teh thread" which will happen if stop filling this page with random wwords.
  6. Jeb Sue Kerman The Marvellous (immortal like Marvel characters)
  7. You're too kind. I yet haven't started to define the term "mountains".
  8. Banned because it would cause an endless loop of recursion.
  9. Have you pierced it in several places to leak? The solar panels are Western, so unlikely they are equipped with grappling fixtures for Soviet/Russian "Aist", used, afaik, by the European Arm.
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