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  1. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Starflight One. Connecting the Space Shuttle and the spaceplane with a flexible tunnel (probably taken from a hairdryer) to evacuate passengers was not very brilliant idea itself. But how did they hermetically attach it to the door? The spaceplane is suborbital, it appeared in LEO just occasionally. Also comparing the tunnel being extended and already extended, there is no feeling that it withstands ~1 atm pressure. If a shuttle would be reentering the atmosphere right in front of the spaceplane, unlikely it would protect the latter. Probably it would just destabilize it. While the spaceplane is aerobraking there is no visible overload on the passengers' faces.
  2. Boring company

  3. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I don't mean they don't have. I mean practical experience. Just 6 reused and probably no reused twice. That's not looking like a 1000t reusable carrier.
  4. Tell about the markers to the countries where 50% of population are of the age below 18 and are going to marry and have children.
  5. King of the Hill

    The hill slope slides. Now you can keep sitting in your bunker eternally.
  6. What would happen if a kerbal was in your room?

    First I would press F5. Just for case.
  7. Ban the user above you!

    Banned both to clean the thread.
  8. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    No I mean that either a reader, basing on either known facts from real life taken as a part of setting (usually), or on accurately described laws of the written universe given to him as an exposition (but not every time at the last moment when some character needs to redefine them on purpose, can evaluate, make conclusion and get predictable reproducable results which would describe the events happening in this book (or movie, if you prefer) at least not less accurately than the characters do the same. The more there axiomatic, dogmatic, arbitrary expositions or the lesser is the part of the events which those research and predictions can describe without handwaving from the characters, the lesser is applicable "scientific". Of course, this is is about the external, "physical" part of the happening, not about psychological, emotional and other questions which will be described in exposition manner in any case, unless the author has an aim to accurately research the psychology from formal point of view, rather than use it as a tool to effect the emotional sphere of the reader. (Feel free to add "hereby" and "therefore" on you own). Say, Jules Verne described the age where steam and electricity is a miracle, and he tried to base on known facts from real life, he accurately studied geographical maps, the industrial plants and so on. From modern pov probably we could say that 50% of his books is a graphomany with walls of numbers and geographical wiki quotes (from time to time erroneus). While Chronicles of Amber introduces new facts without any background, just on author's wish. Harry Potter's magic works just on handwaving. Rather than magic, say, in Ultima 8 or several other games where you can make experiments and sometimes discover new spells basing on your knowledge (rudimentally, of course, but that's much more than in absolute majority of other settings). Quantum mechanics is a part of our rl settings. Scientific method is absolutely not limited with the physical laws of our real world, it's an abstract logical construction applicable to any structurized information. In early XIX there was no idea about quantum mechanics. But the science was. If they weren't discovereed quantum mechanics or if t were erroneus idea, nothing would happen with the science itself, just only theory less. Yes, but you can't research and predict anything. You don' have the book, that book is just mentioned when the author needs to handwave something again. They just give you new spells , possibly most stupid ones I ever met, full degradation compared to Ultima, Kniaz or so, just say two Latinized words and wave with a wand, while, say, Ultima 8 Pagan (part of Ultima setting) has a whole bunch of tables of sigils, ingredients and words, at least three intersecting pantheons with explained place of each of deities, 4 (3 available) ways of magic, looking and working absolutely diferent, and so on. Arcanum has something like that but in light version. You can even experiment with this and sometimes make spells working from very partial starting information. Compared to this Hogwartz looks like an asylum for complete morons hunting cockroaches with a hammer. So, in HP you can get dogmatically/axiomatically every new fact. That's not what we call a science.
  9. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That's certainly. Though
  10. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    If you can understand all these words and predict your experiment results, then this is a sci-fi setting for you. If you cast this like a Verbal Waterfall spell without understanding, in hope to discourage somebody, then this is a fantasy setting for you.
  11. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    How many times did SpaceX reuse not just land the Falcon stages?
  12. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Private schools. (at least I saw that in cinema)
  13. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    A thousand years later somebody will be trying to understand what is this red metallic craft with without wheels. Only shreds of a spacesuit on the front seat remain from the pilot.
  14. Boring company

    If it's a tower, it is possible to broom the storeys one per week from top to down. Then repeat.