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  1. Once the Sun had become a red giant, everyone will be happy that there is Korona to fly away. *** If combine with Sarmat, it can be a reusable ICBM.
  2. Banned for presuming that I know the grammar rather than ignore it.
  3. Wrong thread? All bans are there: Waiter! Why is this soup glowing blue?
  4. Because it's built according to the drawings by Thor Heyerdahl, which were drawn to check the theory that vikings could into space.
  5. Banned for making relevant cuses, without "ex-".
  6. Banned for trying to ban the KSP mod code repository.
  7. It does, because everyone else thinks that Fleming used only standard alphabet characters.
  8. No, because a nerd would specify, which petunia exactly. Why did they make so many different petunias?
  9. Granted. You get a total recall. I wish to know all physical experiments of XIX century.
  10. Call police. Waiter! When I ordered Scotch, I meant a scotch tape, not a bottle of smelly liquid.
  11. Any pizza is much better without cheese, with its filling lying on a plate, and its flatbread lying out of the plate.
  12. International cats on the world map, literally.
  13. Spelled in Balinese with https://github.com/raphaelmerx/ban-spellcheck.
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