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  1. https://news.lockheedmartin.com/news-releases?item=129118 Many American firms are going to build Starlab orbital station.
  2. Because the mathematicians can't learn 26 letters, it's too many for them. Why are the Telebubbies so disgusting?
  3. Unexpectedly low chances. Usually 50%, "either flies, or not". Probably, 30% is for "flies / explodes / stays and nothing happens".
  4. Air Force Train? With wings it flies? Able to run for years or decades? Somebody watched "Snowpiercer" too much.
  5. The KSP is a very peaceful game by its nature. One race. One VAB. One führ player. Nobody to fight against.
  6. While the owner is sleeping, he's ninja'd by the Shenanigan family, known for their bad habits and unpredictability, Goodningt, @ColdJ.From Shenanigan Hill.
  7. The Shenanigan family is known for its unpredictable and bad behaviour. They move you away. Shenanigan Hill (ninja'd)
  8. To the date there are effective vaccines against polio and pox.
  9. Stargate? That endless promo clip from the American draft office? P.S. Btw, did they really need hanging each other by hands in every episode, or it was a sublimation of the authors' fantasies? *** Anyway, the best part of the Stargate franchise was SG Origins. Others are worse.
  10. Depends on the what. Why do the English questions always start with "wh"? Why? Who? When? Where? What? Which? Whow is it possible?
  11. The soup plate is either half full, or half fool, or half empty, or is full of flies. Waiter! Bill! Is it you?
  12. An offtopic question: C19 vs AIDS? Both seem having no effective vaccine. Both caused global panic in their time. Currently, are they comparable in sense of modern plague?
  13. Poopular mechanics. *** A house built out of manure bricks: "shigloo". A set of them - "manure manor".
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