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  1. First of all, the electrons should be stored somehow. And the only realistic way to store the mass of the electrons compared to the ship mass, is to keep them in atoms. I.e. 1 proton per 1 electron, plus additional neutrons. But as a proton is ~2000 times heavier than the electron, so this means that by using just electrons you can't use more than 1/2000 of the ship mass as propellant If accelerate the protons, you don't need the electrons, or you can use them as an electronic beam to heat the reaction mass.
  2. Because they have to do something with those rubber masks from the kindergarten talent show.
  3. I know, and I believe they were crying to me: "We are not Indiana Jones fridge! Move this thing away!"
  4. Bimbows are bimbos, while penguinux are a poor student's fake OS created with only purpose to not pay to the hardly working professor. I'm not a pad, I'm not a pod, I'm not a phone, so I don't use iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Also I'm even not a McIntosh apple, so I don't use iMac, too.
  5. When I was using North Kerbal Dynamics nukes in previous versions of KSP, and was looking at the explosion from close distance, my coolers were terribly roaring during the slideshow, due to enormous amount of generated particles. I guess if I hadn't aborted the mission, something would be damaged irl by the virtual nuclear explosion.
  6. Then what to do with the protons from those electrons?
  7. If the Venusian life exists and is a descendant of the Earth one, they can make us to adopt them and take care, or pay. Do we really need to force the events?
  8. CO2 molar mass = 44, O2 & N2 ~ 30. So, what hasn't oxidized something to stay, has escaped long ago.
  9. That's exactly what the AI tells when it doesn't want to be recognized.
  10. When one doesn't want to clean the nails before photing.
  11. Kerbanksy. Stain Decorate the KSC and Mun arcs with graffiti.
  12. *** ——— *** = SOS *** *—** *** = SLS
  13. Road lights arre anyway remotely AI'ed (at least here), so why have these sticks instead of ASET Props indication in the cabin.