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  1. it's not a crater, it's an anti-hill, with negative height. Every time when a meteorite hits the planet surface, such anti-hills grow up.
  2. It wasn't an asteroid. It was an extraterrestrial spaceship sent to us to evacuate the Earth before a catastrophic Sun plasma eruption. They consider your laser shot as an attack and retire. A cloud of hot plasma starts moving towards the Earth.
  3. They can prepare kids to be furure Martian colonists right now, All what they need: shovels, buckets, a water crane and potatos.
  4. So, two kinds of kids look appropriate candidates for a spaceflight: bad and clever. We have to define Courage and Stupidity filters.
  5. Not sure, does it write the music from scratch or combines samples. Punk-O-Matic flash game has a random button to generate punk music for you.
  6. Ten years later you've realized that Minmas is a moon in another star system, and you should input Minmus calculating your flightplan. So, you had done a wrong turn and now need 30 years more to return back with ion engines. Sending a rescue mission to you. They are powered with a solar sail.
  7. And Minotaurs are also Orbital Sciences'. Well, of course, "commercial Minuteman" & "civil Peacekeeper" would sound great, but one could name this somewhat like "a civil company employed to perform conversion and development tasks for military department". So, the Scout's replacement, Pegasus, with its maiden flight from B-52 with DARPA's emergency relay sat on board, looks appearing between them not just coincidentally. It's just a military project (emergency sats launch) being kept alive not for its commercial skills, but exactly for its military application. Otherwise why not just launch those 43 mini-sats between other "20 sats on one rocket".
  8. K? (Que? <-> Euq) P.S. It's hard to write something true Kerbal, as Kerbal is reversed Spanish, while Spanish dislikes K.
  9. (From "Foreign Military Review", 1990.) More or less translated: As I can understand, "Glomar" here is in fact GLOMR Low Orbiting Message Relay Satellite&f=false (though sometimes it's mentioned as GLOMAR, too ) and anyway, it's DARPA's. This was a hot theme in 1970s-1980s when all were trying different ways to restore military sats using unusual ways: ICBM, SLBM, air launch. In case launchpads are gone, but you still have a plane, a runway, and a storehouse of sats and pegasuses. More recent continuation of the Pegasus' native purpose :
  10. I remember this since late 1980s magazines, when B-52 was being mentioned as Pegasus' native carrier.
  11. ??? ITS, so on... Say, Martian orbital speed is just 3.6 km/s.
  12. It's more accurate to say "with higher exhaust / orbital velocity ratios". Say, on Kerbin (ISP/orbital ~1) this works just fine. P.S. Multistage is a wheelchair until you get enough high ISP/orbit. it has no advantages itself.
  13. Granted. They do. As well s your computers janitors, porters, guards, (Your mobile data center is a thing!) I wish I hadn't limited my yesterday download speed and forgotten to release it