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  1. Your Kerbal is missing it cause they are looking at you. You should say "Hey, look behind you, your missing it. "
  2. And now it is too late for @Souptime
  3. Not sure, but the beep lanes are noisy and the tree planes are very flat. If you mushed the asteroid belt together how would it compare size wise to the Moon?
  4. Hi, I have tagged all the configs, pic below shows most of the ways you type in to get what you want, ran out of room on the pic. It is all pretty logical. Will send you a personal message with a one time download link that contains just the Parts folder, the only things changed being all the configs now have tags.
  5. @SuicidalInsanity Hi. sorry, I know you are busy, but just wondering if you would be willing to release your MK3 parts in MK3 Size1.5 pack that just changes the config files to halve everything, scale, mass etc. I like the size because it fits well with Kerbal sized cargo and I make configs to use your parts in my game at that size, but I can't release anything on KerbalX because they are your parts. It would be nice if there was an official parts pack so I could make and release things legitmately. Just the structural /fuselage/adapters MK3 not the engines etc. Thank you for your time. Here it shows one of your ramps combined with Airplane Plus Mk3S1.5 formfactor.
  6. Hi. I don't know if you have ever done any 3d modeling but there are precise collision meshes and the docking point in the model to work out that make this impractical. Also you can only make 1 redockable docking port per part. Believe me I have tried to make it more but the program won't let me. You can have all the undocking you want but not redocking. You want the part fully docked or else it will get ripped apart from G stresses. Some things work in the real world that don't in KSP and some things work in KSP that don't in the real world. I have now done arragements with no clipping that work well. You just have to think through your placement. The microports are surface attachable, so you don't have to stick with node attach if you don't want to. I found out the hard way not to have 2 that can dock to each other on opposite bulkheads, because when you undock 1 from the bulkhead it jumps to the other and the whole craft goes flipping. I am sorry I can't help you with this, but I am sure you can come up with something imaginative. If you do do 3d modeling and think you can make it work, feel free, and if you can I will include it in an update and give you full credit for your part. Oh and what looks like the wheels into the floor up to the rim when building, sits right once loaded into the word.
  7. Thou shalt not not test launch escape systems.
  8. Quick question. You have talked about resizing Cockpits, I haven't tested yet, but do the Props in the IVA file auto adjust their positions when you resize?
  9. Because it would be strange to call the dog a cow. Why do we travel the world to see what other people built?
  10. Too early for soup. Maybe a nice sandwich. Hello @lemon cup
  11. You sit for Eons, long forgotten and boored out of your brain because nothing ever happens where you went. Meanwhile the rest of our universe moves on, cleans up after the Tsar Bomba, builds and squabbles over new hills and gets Ninja'd by @Admiral Fluffy Our new hills.
  12. A micro docking port is already included so you can do that. The set up in your cargo bay is up to your imagination. Just remember to reset the control point to the bike or Kerbal after undocking. The sensitivity I have experienced sometimes after undocking seems to be down to the way the game handles control points after you undock a vessel. Example pics. Sorry but I am not co-ordinated enough to get the action shot as the bike reverses out of the cargo bay mid air. Maybe @Stormpilot could do some action shots for me? The base Knook23 that I just added 2 pieces to is available here. https://kerbalx.com/ColdJ/Knook23
  13. Go straight to Spacedock version. Much was upgraded since then.
  14. Good Morning, Good Evening and Goodnight. @AtomicTech Have a great day. ( And go dirt biking on Duna for me )
  15. Don't put Blender/ BforArtist2 2.7 in Program Files. Windows mucks up it's pathway permissions. Install it in a folder directly on your C:\ drive.
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