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  1. Does this reveal the hidden ones? I remember you have to be right on top of Kermundson for it to turn up.
  2. Nice to see that I am not the only 1 who has done that
  3. Great Minds! I have now. I found it when checking to see how well my mod would turn up in searches. Thankfully my ballast tanks seem to be more comprehensive and don't require any new meshes, so I am crossing finger.
  4. Hi. So that players would not require patches done by module manager. I purposely did not put them in as *.cfg but put them in 2 folders as *.txt files. There are instructions in the Read Me.txt for the player so that they can safely backup the originals before putting mine in and changing the suffix. This way it is up to the player as to if or when they upgrade the Kerbals. I respect the power of Module Manager but have had way too many instances of an installed mod using a patch to change things subtly, and by the time you realise your craft are altered on a fundamental level it is too late,
  5. Pics littered all through out my Working Underwater thread and the Spacedock Page now has some.
  6. As I said up earlier. An option to choose whether to receive the notification would be good. Question: Is there a poll to get "Outdated Mod" on mod pages changed to "Not For Latest" ? To have a new release immediately called Outdated feels wrong. Also, many players do not rush to the very latest releases because the mods they have already, play well together in older releases. The new changes break a lot of mods and it takes time for the Authors to find fixes to make them compatible.
  7. I think only mods have the power to shift the whole thing. The moderator Val oversees Spacecraft exchange, so could just ask nicely in a PM. Though any moderator will do. Or just wait until 1 of them notices.
  8. Contract. Take tourists down under -1200 meters? Explore: Find the deep sea Kraken?
  9. Oh, all the working out things that might have been easier if I had realised someone had preceded me 4 years previously. Appears to be a dead thread now, but I am sure their configs could have proved insightful.
  10. Apologies. I started basically the same sort of page in discussions, that got moved to exchange, so I hadn't realised this existed. No wonder I wasn't getting a lot of interest. Good work. some great stuff here.
  11. I started my, post nice plane pictures on this forum and got moved by moderator to spacecraft exchange. So it won't be long.
  12. No worries. I will go change it now. @HebaruSan I have changed it. Sorry. Was the first time for me and I had followed a link in another license. Thought I had the right place.
  13. Ok, so what do I amend it to? I had followed a license from a mod tat said it was gplv3
  14. Yep got it from the source. one sec I will look at my License.txt It has the link. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License: Online version available here. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode
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