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  1. The U-wing in the movie Rogue One, literally has an impossible sliding door. It slides back into a space that is only a third of it's length.
  2. Hi @Admiral Fluffy I literally am cold right now.
  3. I responded to your post. The post before the post of yours that I responded to was a post by me showing our only option to continue the number wars with the updated rules. Editing is when you go in and change something that already exists. In this case the original post of this thread that states the rules.
  4. @Space Scumbag Still got a few touches to go and have to make an internal (can be annoying trying to get the working props positioned right) but here is my take on a Y-wing. Will see about making a Tie Bomber to even out.
  5. Time is sucked into a quantum singularity.
  6. Electroplating rather than Anodising is cheating. Cheater!
  7. Need to update rules, can't edit this, can't lock this one without Atomic, can't start new one with this one opened or it will get locked. Can't have a map or anything that resembles role play. Post above yours is best option.
  8. Once everybody is aware of our current situation and option, we will put up a post with the new rules and it will be up to the core players to link new players to it. Every time a victory happens, someone can copy the contents in to a new post and update the score so that it is at the beginning of the next battle to be linked to. @[email protected]@Admiral [email protected]@Zozaf [email protected]@[email protected] Joseph [email protected]@Aerodynamic [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] J. [email protected] @Space Kerbalisation Tech @OrdinaryKerman @[email protected]@SSTO Crasher For those not in the discussion PM. This thread can't be locked unless Atomictech asks for it, and Atomictech will not be around to ask, so this thread cannot be locked. A new thread for anything resembling this type of game can not be started while this one is unlocked and will get locked if people try to start one. So our option is as above.
  9. Banned for missing a chance to ping @AlamoVampire
  10. So close. The rest enjoyed muchly by this forum member, your eloquence exceeded known limits.
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