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  1. CVX is working just fine in 1.12.3 so the only update it needs is MOAR carriers and parts
  2. I think it would be better with MAS because it has things that RPM will never get since it's development is stopped. Such things as touchscreen MFDs, ability to have multiple subpages on a single page, more flexibility in prop configs and optimization. Just imagine this large central configurable MAS MFD filled with BDA data: radar in the center, minimap underneath, RWR and weapon selection menu on the sides.
  3. Yes, it's this simple. (the example uses IntakeAtm because I have CRP installed)
  4. You forgot to remove ignoreForIsp = True for IntakeAtm I guess So the engine is trying to consume infinite amount of massless resource ElecticCharge to produce thrust using only EC as a propellant instead of using a real thing that has mass. Stock engines for some reason just ignore the fact that more than 90% of their exhaust mass is IntakeAir not LiquidFuel. Instead they have ridiculously high ISP (10+ times higher than it should be) to reduce fuel consumption.
  5. But you already have electroprops in Heisenberg Airships and they work just fine.
  6. Manul


    Now we need a mod SACDD: Stockalike Aircraft Carrier Deck Decals to eliminate the need of covering the whole deck with stock decals to make runway markings. P.S. I should combine this with Heisenberg airships to make a huge sky pirates base.
  7. What exactly is wrong with Firespitter? Version 7.17 seems to work well in KSP v12.3 Sometimes rotors begin to spin in a vacuum for no reason but it's not a big deal. They became jumpy-wobbly after KSP v1.4 update so they had been broken for years compared to their behavior in 1.3 when I first started to use this mod. And I didn't notice that jumpy-wobbly syndrome got worse for the past few KSP updates. Of course you need to manually readjust steering, friction and brakes settings as with stock landing gear in 1.12 because all landing gear has default 50% brakes settings and is slippery as hell by default.
  8. IRL lasers have a near-zero penetration ability because evaporating target material blocks the laser beam and lazer has to stay pointing at the same spot of the target for some time to deal any significant damage to a missile not speaking of airplanes or tanks (it should take hours to pierce a solid steel armor)
  9. While shooting prograde or retrograde projectiles are spawned somewhere close to the gun's muzzle and move in a direction where it's pointing. Shooting in ortogonal directions to prograde vector gives much more interesting results
  10. Lack of gravity and drag doesn't break BDArmory ballistics, velocity does. Guns work just fine at stationary orbits or at a low orbital velocity. Looks like not all components of the shooting vessel's velocity are added to the projectile's velocity.
  11. At least it should fly out of the muzzle and travel in a direction it's pointing At orbital speeds projectiles appear about 10 meters far away from the craft and travel in a somewhat random direction.
  12. Laythe's atmosphere is half as thick as on Earth and less dense so it should absorb less light (yesss, less radiation too). Lack of seasons is also good because if the area is illuminated it stays illuminated for the whole year (not as the place where I live). And the temperature never dropping below 0 (except polar regions) eliminates the need for winter survival mechanisms.
  13. In-game measurements say that it's not cold: 27C at the equatorial region and -25 at the poles Wiki says this:
  14. I guess the answer will be no because MAS is only responsible for moving transforms not for renaming them. But if you have a Unity project for this seat, you can make as many seat props with unique transform names as required. Like commanders_seat, copilots_seat, engineers_seat and so on.
  15. There is an easy way: the SeatV2 prop already includes a transform that moves together with the seat. It's name is MK1CockpitSeat I replaced a stock seat with SeatV2 and changed the seatTransformName and it worked (tried it with RPM/ASET but it should work with MAS_SeatV2 as well) MODULE { name = InternalSeat seatTransformName = MK1CockpitSeat portraitCameraName = Camera_Left allowCrewHelmet = false kerbalEyeOffset = 0, 0.02, 0 displayseatName = #autoLoc_6002193 } But it works only for a single Kerbal and a single seat. If there are more Kerbals and more seats there is no way to define which transform each seat is assigned to. Or is there?
  16. Annihilation is much more common than you think. A green laser pointer uses annihilation of positron-electron pairs for turning red light into green. The photon passing through a non-linear crystal can create a positron-electron pair that immediately annihilates with a pair of particles from another photon emitting photons with double frequency. This is how Sum-frequency generation works and nothing exiting happens. Even a small leak of anti-protons should be much more "exciting" due to their higher mass but they will have hard times finding a proton to annihilate with because of these nasty electrons that usually surround protons and repulse negatively charged particles (including anti-protons)
  17. See the F/A-18 cockpit from this mod, there are 3 mirrors (including right and left vertical mirrors) that are actually RPM MFDs. I only wrote a MAS config for the horizontal one and used it for my purpose. The HUD is also unique, I tried make it work with MAS but failed.
  18. This is what came into my mind while I was thinking what to put on the central panel instead of the propellant monitor. I'm not good at creating MFD pages so it may be just a set of buttons and digital indicators indicating the biome name and available experiments. Ideally it should be another MFD with a custom page that has a biome map and some basic science control, but I'm not sure I can make a fully functional MFD page and Jeb has already ran out of fuel scanning all these planets for me.
  19. MFD2 also proved to be extremely useful for aircraft. Since I first saw it in one of PrakasaAeroworks cockpits it entirely changed my ideas about cockpit design from "place as many instruments as possible" to "all fight data on a single MFD". It allows to move comfortably across the planet without using map view including scramjet-powered intercontinental ballistic travel (if something doesn't overheat and ruin the day with a series of explosions).
  20. Definitely. I guess it was not easy to fix due to the multimode functionality being split into several modules.
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