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  1. I'm using Unity just to place props in the IVA and perform experiments with shaders so I might not be that useful
  2. PartTools download link is still working, not sure about TextMeshPro, this thing has never been working correctly in my Unity projects no matter which version of Unity I used. Unity 2019.4.18f1 (not sure if it's the right version, but works for me) is available here in the 2019 tab https://unity.com/releases/editor/archive
  3. That's really strange. CountryDoggo's Scifi statics is still there but Random KK bits just vanished without a trace. That's a shame because I use a lot of it so that could be a problem if I want to share my KK sites like a pirates lair deep in the darkest crater on the Mun's south pole.
  4. KSP RAM management is terrible, especially the garbage collection part. Nothing is supposed to stay in the RAM as you close KSP. But sometimes it does. Some glitches are impossible to get rid of without rebooting the PC and usually these glitches appear after you restart KSP several times.
  5. Usually it's a part the internal model, just a separate mesh with it's own transparent material. It has to be a prop if you are going to mess with it using RPM/MAS configs. It's the simplest way for making the cockpit from scratch but topicstarter wants to fix the existing one so it might be more easy to change shader settings in Unity editor than to rebuild the mesh in Blender. My guess is that there was some special effect on the canopy that got broken. And IVA guys like me usually have more experience in Unity editor than in Blender. My method of doing this is to spawn an IVA in Unity editor, and randomly mess up with shader properties while looking through the canopy until I get a satisfying result. Unity editor uses KSP shaders so selecting a shader and playing with sliders is much more straightforward than weaving a spider web in Blender. But there are things that are not that straightforward, that's why I'm using mu plugin
  6. It makes the canopy invisible rather than transparent. Having a proper transparent mesh facing inside the cockpit allows to create visual effects like scratches or indium zinc oxide coating. Or make a nightvision effect like this (I used a translucent shader)
  7. Thank you! That was a crucial step for making actual lights instead of solid dark bricks emitting a 1kW beam from another dimension. And now I can make red hot glowing nozzles as well. That was a thing I could not figure out myself no matter how many models I looked through. I was looking for some checkboxes or digital inputs that enabled the emission and the actual "emission switch" was to animate the emission color from black to anything else. It shines! Finally!
  8. I tried to reverse engineer the stock taxi lights and got even more confused The whole lamp is a single mesh but only the lens gets it's light effects. UPD: meh, I get the idea, this is where the emissive texture comes into play, indicating which part of the mesh should actually be emissive
  9. Do you know what this line in the ModuleLight means? My guess is that it should point at the lens that changes color when the light does. MODULE { name = ModuleLight lightName = Wlamp lightMeshRendererName = WingLight useAnimationDim = True lightBrightenSpeed = 2.5 lightDimSpeed = 2.5 resourceAmount = 0.01 animationName = LightDeploy useResources = True }
  10. Now I'm just trying to make things work at all costs, optimization will come later.... I hope it will And I'm stuck to BDAnimationModules and B9AnimationModules anyways because they allow such things like engine/RCS deployment and intake animation. And I really really like watching things fold and unfold that's the main force driving me into KSP modding: make moar moving stuff because we already have enough boring static stuff (and wobbly robotic stuff). Maybe I'll switch to bones instead of swarming constrain modules to create parallelograms. And I still have no idea how to make an angled strut fold like this : ___ => /\ no matter the rotation issues. I can't use animation because it's involved into suspension motion so I need a virtual point to point the LookAtConstraints at it. Or match their rotation using ConstrainPosition. And now I begin to understand why there is no angled landing gear with working angled suspension in any mods using stock modules. But there is plenty of angled suspension using KSPWheel plugin, it allows multiple modules to move/rotate one object. I took a look into the centrifuge and rotary light cfg and both of them are using FSAnimateGeneric instead of the stock AnimateGeneric. Yes, the good old Firespitter, another dependency that is nearly impossible to drop. And we have the giant B9 HX reactor that spins despite having no animation modules in it's cfg... it just spins.
  11. I managed to make hydraulic cylinder that doesn't fall apart but the folding front strut is too much for me because LookAtConstraint seems to freak out when something above in the hierarchy begins to rotate and move in multiple axis. It has a problem with things that aren't cylinders BDModuleLookAtConstraint from BD animation modules handles rotation much better than the stock one, I had to use it for suspension arms because with the stock module they used to twist in the most unnatural way while being retracted. It's really hard to describe, I need a video to show the difference between stock and Bahamuto's modules, but it's still not ideal so I,m not sure about the folding strut that should look at a virtual point while folding.
  12. Here is the design I ended up with and I'm not satisfied yet That green thing under the wing is another source of pain: a retractable light.
  13. This is what I might need for landing gear because using constrain modules to handle both suspension and retraction motion is a huuuge pain. I managed to make "hydraulic cylinders" stay solid when the suspension works but they begin to fall apart during retraction. And I have no idea how to make a folding strut like this without suffering a major brain explosion. And without this strut my landing gear looks incomplete and not realistic.
  14. It's not a LookAtConstrain it's a ConstrainPosition. When the target rotates, the mover rotates to the same angle, so each Door(N)Axis rotates to the same angle as NozzleTransform. Here is my config for all this mess. This is exactly what I was aiming for because NozzleTransform and NozzleTransform.001 are actually thrust transforms, not because I'm too lazy to rename them But my assumption that control surfaces work in a similar manner as gimbal transforms was wrong. Having multiple thrust transforms with the same name and using them as gimbals works just fine. They can deflect in opposite directions for roll so the game doesn't treat them exactly the same. Originally there was no thrust vectoring, just 2 thrust transforms fore more "rectangular" exaust and these 4 parts covering the engine when it's not in use. But then I decided to repurpose them to do something useful instead of being roasted in the exhaust for no reason.
  15. @ColdJ I've found a "rotating" light from USI Exploration Pack, the lightsource itself doesn't rotate but some part of the model does. And here is a crazy hierarchy of my prototype VTOL engine I made a month ago. When the engine is activated, the shutters open (Baha AnimatedEngine handles this) and they rotate together with NozzleTransform controlled by the ModuleControlSurface. Control surface ToggleDeploy action should be assigned to the same action group as the engine toggle. Some pics in action And of course there is a problem because ModuleControlSurface didn't work with both instances of NozzleTransform. That's easy to fix by parenting NozzleTransform.001 to something like NozzleAxis and using ConstrainPosition to match it's rotation with NozzleTransform. P.S. the hierarchy is so weird because I will never ever apply animation to transforms controlled by PartModules. When I tried to rotate SuspensionTransform within the gear deployment animation, things got FUBAR pretty quickly.
  16. If you are looking for a way to make rotary warning lights, I can look through parts list in my current KSP install to see if there is something worth reverse-engineering. I remember there was a rotating scanner and and some lights that were advertised as RWLs, but I've never tested how they do in a modern KSP. I guess that happened at the Great Light Massacre when we got a bunch of new spotlights but all the old lights lost their animations. I would like to find a reliable way to fix broken lights from some good old mods.
  17. Did you try to make lights with physical animation? I made an attempt to make a deployable light and KSP seems to hate this idea: the light goes on but the deployment animation doesn't play. The retractable light from B9 aerospace doesn't work as well. I checked my LightDeploy animation with ModuleAnimateGeneric and it does work: the light gets deployed and lit: MODULE { name = ModuleAnimateGeneric animationName = LightDeploy isOneShot = true //false startEventGUIName = Open endEventGUIName = Close actionGUIName = Toggle_Light } But it doesn't move when I use it like this. MODULE { name = ModuleLight lightName = Wlamp lightMeshRendererName = WingLight useAnimationDim = True lightBrightenSpeed = 2.5 lightDimSpeed = 2.5 resourceAmount = 0.01 animationName = LightDeploy useResources = True } WingLight is a mesh the Wlamp is parented to and it has the deployment animation.
  18. Feline Utility Rovers has some hover engines with their gimbals controlled by RCS, so it's not something new. But these engines rely on a plugin to do all the hover stuff and they often end up facing the wrong direction.
  19. It's the easiest way to rotate an engine to any angle using action groups or axis using Deploy action and DeployLimit axis. OPT Legacy and Mk2/3 expansion engines use this trick to have 180 degrees of freedom, and they allow to do some crazy maneuvers when used together with the right hardware setup. Now I'm trying to make an engine with multiple nozzles rotating about 45 degrees and assign their rotation to RCS translation axis that would (in theory) allow to do some UFO-style tricks without breaking the space-time and messing with gravity
  20. I messed up with multiple transforms to rotate all parts of a VTOL engine simultaneously using only one ModuleControlSurface to bind it's deployment angle to a joystick axis. That didn't work initially but FXModuleConstrainPosition did the trick. The nozzleTransform.001 was parented to the control surface, nozzleTransform.002.... etc were parented to transforms with unique names that copied the rotation of a control surface transform using FXModuleConstrainPosition
  21. Talking about unique transform names, this is what I've learned: multiple thrust or gimbal transforms with the same name work as intended within one engine/gimbal module, no idea about intake transforms (idk how to test it, maybe by occluding one of transforms) and control surface transforms don't work at all, only the first of them is moving
  22. ALCOR seatV2 and Vulkan's fighter seat have their own seat transforms and they work just fine when I use them in a Seat Module instead of the original seat transform like this The downside is that it works for only one seat due to the lack of unique transform names, so co-pilots's or engineer's seats should be separate mu models with their transforms named differently.
  23. Giant solar panels and VASIMR or MPD would work even better with acceptable thrust and ISP of thousands s
  24. I "borrowed" a canopy and some textures from NMB F22, everything else (except for wheel mesh and texture) is made by me. It was supposed to be something like the F/A XX concept but ended up looking like a consequence of R34 between Raptor and Dassault Rafale (and maybe some random JAS 39 Gripen passing by)
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