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  1. A short-hand shortcut system could be nice, especially if you can repath actions to it at will. By that I mean what Tribes(&nt) have been using for dialogue. You relegate one key to an action three, with branching options. For anything bigger than a rover, I tend to run into a wall with action groups already, and this would allow you to map more than ten actions. I prefer keypaths over a visual action wheel. VGS VGS VGS
  2. You know, I'd probably make/buy a custom control-station board if interfacing with KSP2 ends up not being too complicated.
  3. Probably the one planet pack I'll be waiting for out of the gate is the continuation of Outer Planets Mod. I expect more work will be done to 'tweak up' the Kerbol system over adding new interstellar destinations. Likewise, a MechJeb2 will come out relatively quickly, I think. The Smart A.S.S. function is definitely a must for me in KSP1, as the vanilla attitude controls are simply lacking.
  4. Forest are generally intensive things to render. Finding something that add trees would probably not be too hard, but to the point that it becomes an actual forest? A mod that add a particular type of ground scatter under certain biomes would probably be the most expedient and easy to fine tune, but they wouldn't have colliders and you'd start eating up VRAM fast.
  5. If the fact that it's 'stock' is important, then the game should be completely stock in presentation (you could allow QoL mods for building, for example).
  6. It's why I think the 'roadmap' of mods for KSP2 will follow a vastly different path altogether. Though, I'm iffy about giving KSP2 too much leeway until I've seen it for myself. It promises a lot, and I've long since learned to take those kind of things with a hefty grain of salt. I think standalone tweaks, QoL and Utility mods will play a bigger role in KSP2, and only later will 'modpacks' become more commonplace and various playstyles solidify.
  7. It very much is a visual mod. What matter is why the distinction is important. What's it for?
  8. Wouldn't call it pre-ordering. No more than calling and paying in advance and for take-out food is. The topic is about a very specific marketing scheme after all.
  9. I've been thinking lately about KSP1's mod scene and how it evolved through the years to become what it is, now, on the 'eve' of KSP2's release. More specifically, I've been thinking about what mods came first, what mods became immediately popular, what mods created offshoots and whole dependency subgenres, what mod endured and were refined, what mods faded to obscurity, what mod came and were either supplanted, incorporated, or made defunct by being rolled into the actual base game. As time went on, mods were less and less about making an idea possible, but to work in conjunction as a part of a mod suite with mods made by other people. The RO/RSS scene is a good example of this crystallization in time, as a complete sub-community ultimately congealed around a very, very specific goal. Many may know, but few remember that it effectively all started when someone supersized Kerbin to be earth-sized. Everything else was natural, predictable progression. I daresay modders haven't forgotten the 'good old days.' I expect the modscene to just about explode immediately, just as soon as people take stock of what is, well, stock in KSP2. In a meta sort of way, I'm almost more interested in seeing what modders will prioritize than to see what KSP2 is in and of itself. We can only speculate, of course, but it's kind of a recurring daydream for me at this point. Whatever the sequel brings into the fold as being part of the stock gameplay, we can be certain that it will not be as deep and as complex as what some people want it to be. Life-Support is perhaps the subgenre I expect to see the greatest amount of man-hours poured into right off the bat, no matter how much of it was rolled into stock KSP2 gameplay. Then, as the more casual players come to grip with what exactly the stock game can offer, and what it can't do, we'll see QoL and Utility mods being pushed in a second wave following growing demand. If nothing goes wrong, and I'm usually the pessimistic sort, I think KSP2's initial market grasp will be considerable. When the first game came out, space was not even close to be as popular a topic as it is today. The world has changed a lot since June 2011 (I think some of that change can safely be attributed back to KSP1). Even just the accessibility to videogames in general has made great leaps in the intervening years. KSP1's ongoing development since does help in figuring out how it will work out, but nothing is certain. As long as the launch isn't a total botch job, I expect things to get very interesting in 2023. There's a really good thread up already about what mods people want to see be part of the base game, but since there's no way to please everyone, I imaging a lot of people will be let down, however gently. Whatever is and isn't, I'm looking forward to see how things will progress in the coming years. In my case, I could easily wonder who will be the next Scott Manley, or if the man will reprise his instrumental role? Could he even still be as major a role as he was early on even if he wanted? Like I said, the scene has changed so much since it all started. It's all so wonderful to think about. EDIT: Just in case, I'll clarify this much. I don't consider stock KSP1 to be 'feature-complete' and a modded game only inches closer to an impossible ideal. I consider modded gameplay to be integral to the experience. When I speak of the modscene and modders in general, I understand their existence to be inseparable from the game itself. They are, as far as I am concerned, part of the development process just as much as the actual development team. I don't expect this to change with the sequel. Vanilla is just a flavour.
  10. Considering KSP1 already 'reuse' some engines with different configurations and bells, I think quasi-B9-Switch sort of system would do good in KSP2. If only to keep part count in the VAB lower. While were at it, a sort of 'Janitor' to have more control over part being shown or hidden in the VAB/SPH/OAB would be useful. If not I'm pretty sure a mod for that functionality will come soon enough. Not all engines, of course, and certainly not early on in the progression. Engine optimization is a real thing.
  11. Bit of a gauntlet. IS3 has arrived. A rover was sent down unto Alva to find a good spot, which ended up being on top of a mountain. The 'Tylo Special' lander then followed next. Some issues with the landing due to max acceleration being capped by MJ at 20m/s. Still managed to land on target, though I had to burn roughly four times the dV I was expecting to expend. An autofactory was set up, the lander was refueled and then rose up back to orbit to dock again with the NSW-E stage. At this point, I have decided that Alva is unsuitable for long term colonization. Blalo is, thus, my true target. The problem is that Blalo has higher gravity and ASL pressure than Kerbin. Not by much, but enough to matter when you have to build rockets by hand on the ground. Without a KSC and launchpad, it would be very difficult to reach orbit again with any good payload mass. Decided to make a seabase-colony. Haven't done sea launches in ages, since before the water physics were upgraded I think. I did design a boat to carry kerbals around just for fun. It might come in handy. Not pictured: How I went from 4 engines to 2, and put them on swivels to give it the ability to translate and even reverse. In any case, the first task was to find a suitable spot with high-enough concentrations of metal ore. The concentrations of Ore on Blalo are pretty typical, but Metal Ore is very rarely found directly by the sea. Usually there's a band of a few hundred meters between high concentrations and water, but not always. The seaplane drone was thus tasked with finding a good spot. Even in places where Metal Ore reached into the water, it was also usually way too steep to do anything there anyway. Took me a few hours flying around to finally hit the jackpot.
  12. Well this one's a doozy. The IS Relay arrived at KirbaniA and did a general tour of the most promising colony prospects before transferring to KirbaniB and doing the same. That done, it started to transfer back toward KirbaniA. Before it could get back, however, the Drone Factory arrived at KirbaniA, where it entered into an orbit around Blalo, on which the first surface exploring rover will be dropped. Blalo ranks pretty low for me. It's effectively an ideal world to colonize, but it's also kinda hard to use as a primary world because it's a slightly beefed up Kerbin in practice (1.1g, 1.05ASL). Might still make a base there, but getting back up from the surface would be too much of a challenge to do regularly. Unless I can wrap my head around Kerbal Konstructs, Blalo will remain mostly untouched. It has a nice set of satellites, though. Next target would be Alva at this point. It's basically a hot Duna, which is nice. edit: @Admiral Fluffy convinced me to give seafaring another chance. I hope KSP2's water physics is better than KSP1, because this was honestly fun. Initial tests on Kerbin went well, for the most part. In fact I had not intended for this to fly at all, and initially set out to make a boat, but as soon as I tested the bare thrust on the runway I knew it could get lift. An aileron or two, an extra set of reaction wheels in case it flipped over in the water, adjusting the gear a bit, and boom! Top speed is around 230m/s, and it could probable be tuned for more, but the real operational speed (i.e. the not-scared-it-won't-spontaneously-explode speed) is around 175m/s. It doesn't have a name yet, but it has worked really well so far. It kinda look like a Klingon bird of prey? IF I ever do colonize Blalo, maybe I could make a floating base? Sea launches could be fun.
  13. That's just backward logic. There will either be a way to stretch out of the VAB whilst in it or there will be another, superior tier to the VAB that doesn't care about volume (whether or not it will be only be accessible for space construction is another matter). We already know some parts in KSP2 will be too big in and of themselves to fit in the VAB as we know it. So you know, that torch drive is bigger than the Sea Dragon main stage engine bell. There's obviously a solution for this. Hangar Extender (or any equivalent part of an overhaul mod, etc.) is a de-facto necessity for KSP1 as soon as you start looking at bigger crafts, and I'm willing to bet KSP2 will have something like that out of the gate. Size is also of no issue when you simply need to strap on more boosters. I wonder how close the finished product will be to Extraplanetary Launchpads, or if it'll use a completely different approach. I kinda like building stuff in space, or on other worlds. While boosters are one of the solutions, sending stuff in bits and pieces is another. Launching containers of raw and processed materials up to LKO is how I built my latest station, which in turn built the last (of four) interstellar ships in my current KSP1 playthrough. Once you get an operation stable on the Mun or Minmus, and as soon as it can start producing materials, then you're golden. The initial installation cost is prohibitive, but it very quickly becomes viable. Heck, I sometime boost my funds by returning highly valuable materials to Kerbin to cash in. I don't feel like this is cheap or cheat-y because this is literally on the books in real life. It's one of the major driving force behind the current space boom.
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