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  1. Honestly, I'd rather have non-existent civilization than allotting memory to stuff that doesn't impact gameplay. Extra launchpads and facilities are a-ok, though. headcannon? It's a videogame and there are no such thing as kerbals out of missions.
  2. Q: I want to know how to do a precise landing on a body with atmosphere WITHOUT trajectories or mechjeb Short answer: You can't. Long answer: Any model you can come up with will be dependent on the ship's mass, angular cross sections, shape and orientation. With trial and error, you might end up with something akin to a 5km radius precision on a craft with minimal lift ratio/attitude control.
  3. Bit less cartoonish kerbals (huge heads and small bodies are good for space softball, not good IVA). Closer to reality scale. New system, more objects. Inclined orbits and axis for planets and moons. n-body physics (oh boy) Things like better aerodynamic and a WORKING thermal system would also be nice. I like to play with RemoteTech and we're basically getting RT Lite in a coming update so lets assume something like that would also happen in 2.0.
  4. Those still don't fix the original problem. Some part will still flicker and gather immense amount of heat which will blow up regardless of settings unless I just tick overheating explosions but then I still have a sore white-hot part somewhere on my vessel. Even with all the options tuned for maximum radiation and least conduction, some part will still reach infinite temperature. I'd rather just ditch the thermal system altogether if I could. Like I said, never had any overheating explosions, at any point, caused by my actions or bad design and it's just a bother if three hours into a mission
  5. ESLD Jump Beacons already pretty much all of that. What you've come up with so far is mostly balance (and not functionality) and aesthetics. Not saying that's bad but not really enough at this point to warrant a full mod branch when alternatives are already up and running and this is not distinctively different from them.
  6. The big problem is how KSP (unity) handle load and memory. My PC can already barely not melt when playing Space Engine so I can't think KSP would be smoother in any way.
  7. StageRecovery for me. I've done enough manual recovery to know I am pretty darn reliable so automating the process just saves me time and let me focus on more important stuff without affecting the funds/rep/science side of things.
  8. I play with the amount of mods I need. Which is something around 20-25. Essentials being RemoteTech and FAR. NearFuture(all) is the only mod I use which is part intensive. You can turn off game updating on steam so it doesn't auto-update and break mods (still a good idea to backup every other play sessions).
  9. Otherwise, if you haven't already tried it I HIGHLY recommend RealChute. StageRecovery plays nice with RealChute too so you don't even need to be focused on the ditched stage to recover it (with the help of the parachutes).
  10. Random killing bugs. Spontaneous destruction a while back (never figured that one out) and I've been losing kerbals like mad recently because of runaway overheating bugs.
  11. Someone from Squad was relentlessly shilling KSP on /v/ back in July 2011. Played pretty intensively for maybe a bit less than a year (until June 2012) and then I burned out. I played for maybe a week or two in 2013 but I let it go pretty quickly. I think because not enough had changed even though by that time mods were starting to pour out for KSP. In early september 2014, I came back on board and I've been playing pretty consistently since. Now, I'm playing the waiting game because of how much grief the thermal system is bringing me. Spent a week trying to fix/workaround a nasty overheating
  12. Maybe so but in the meantime, you go from a playable buggy game to an unplayable buggy game. One problem with that is that solar panels power output is affected by their temperature. The whole ship gets sun-core hot and is a pain to look at.
  13. So, I am plagued by runaway overheating issues at seemingly random times and originating from semi-random parts. I've had ships turn white hot out of nowhere and the Stock Bug Fix Modules only alleviated the problem slightly. Some of the mod parts I use seem to be really keen on doing that but even on stock install it still occurs from time to time. Turning on the thermal info on the responsible parts, I can see the temperature and skin temperature jump up and down wildly by a maybe a hundred kelvins at first but quickly build up heat faster than it sheds again. It quickly climbs to infinite t
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