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  1. Trying this! Removed the configs for NFeX, and replaced with my own mm patch to add missing reflector, and add transmit/receive functions to a few other antennas (both stock and NFeX).
  2. Waiting for a solution for a problem* I have with Principia, I've been continuing the career without it for now. First, a random vid recommendation on youtube reminded me of the Netherdyne Mass Driver mod, which I thought could pair very nicely with Extraplanetary Launchpads. Some testing in sandbox showed it can be useful (i.e. no need to have SRBs for the initial liftoff to keep the installations from getting charred by atomic and other exotic engines). The specifics of those tests, however, are a reminder that quicksaving is ALWAYS a good idea. But, since I'm not there yet technologically speaking, I've been doing contracts and progressing. I also decided to not abuse research labs this time too. Previous career I effectively completed the tech tree (CTT) after only vising four worlds, Kerbin included. Will obviously bring a lab along if I go interstellar, but that's still far off in the future. Scatterer gave me an orange Mun, which is nice.
  3. Neat! I wonder how well this will mesh with Extraplanetary Launchepads/Keridian Dynamics. This could make a Mun-to-Kerbin Helium3 package delivery system cheap!
  4. Asteroids can be big enough that physic 'steps' in-game shouldn't let you skip through.
  5. Any reason why parts on a craft become so jittery with Principia? https://youtu.be/5T6wiwzoe38 I thought this was due, at first, to planet packs with very distant objects to the focus, but even testing with only Principia resulted in the same jank.
  6. Turning the gravity ridiculously low wasn't enough to just RCS-pack your way to the hatch?
  7. When you have issues like that, I think it's perfectly acceptable to 'cheat' your way through whatever nonsensical issue KSP is throwing at you. Ladders is one of the things the game handle very poorly as it is.
  8. Still crawling up the tech ladder from the very bottom, but I got some progress done! Planned, and executed a fly-by of the Mun followed by a simple 34km AP aerobrake recapture to land on Kerbin safely. Still trying to fine tune the dV requirements. Not only am I running Principia now, but also FAR now. I had over 2000m/s extra (a WHOLE stage!) that I ditched upon hitting Kerbin's atmosphere. I could have easily landed on the Mun and come back with room to spare, but I'm still low tech enough that it's kind of a waste. Also didn't have a contract for orbiting the Mun (let alone land on it) so I let it do with a quickie and a slippie. EDIT: Also, first rendez-vous, which was both a rescue contract and a milestone 'Explore Kerbin' contract.
  9. First orbit in new career running principia. Still feel like a monkey smashing at a keyboard.
  10. I have FINALLY gotten a new instance of KSP with all my previous mods AND Principia to be stable. Now, to climb back the career ladder once more.
  11. Why not have a long, multi-jointed, articulated, extendable robotic arm with claws at both ends? It could 'inchworm' its way around space structures. Or does the game still won't play ball with looped craft lineage? I remember trying something like this way back then, but KSP didn't like it one bit.
  12. Yeah yeah, we get it. Anyway, the Alcubierre warp drive will probably always be and stay in the realm of mods. Part of the point of KSP is as a teaching/integration tool. While far future technologies can be included with a little bit of handwavium, warp drives just don't mesh in well.
  13. Cheers! I started building a new KSP instance this week to ease into Principia and I was wondering if there was some progress. Turns out, yes! Many thanks for the hard, wizardly work.
  14. I'm LOVING this. I've personally had to timewarp to get out of a Kerbin eclipse while on the Mun, and Munar nights are only barely tolerable if you bring lotsa lights with you. P.S. In case anyone has the same smoothbrain problem I had when trying to learn this, if you don't want some effect to toggle back on, just unbind them from N (or I, if you want to permakill the infrared, but why would you do that?). Personally I don't like bloom and autofocus so I do without.
  15. Oh dang, thanks for reminding me about the night-vision mod! Totally forgot about it.
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