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  1. Yes! No more requirement for the maneuver node evolved mod!
  2. Oh, this mod is reborn! I remember using it a long time ago! Nice
  3. I like the idea of adding short grass or paved runways, which can be installed at small research stations on hills and other kinds of small bases like that.
  4. Are there any chances for you to make an IVA pack for the MH Gemini pod as well? Really want to see this mod expanding in the future!
  5. Thanks for providing instructions on how to make the contract pack save-compatible! Was about to ask this, but now it looks like the problem is solved!
  6. 现在才发现有中文区。。。 你的那个Universal Fleet Solutions很骚啊(群星模组) (滑稽)
  7. Nice development news!! By the way, are those parts in your Nov. 26 update from B9? Are you going to add some structural parts later?
  8. Thanks! Really looking forward to your statics mod as well!
  9. That is a FAST update! EDIT: When I was testing the new version, it seems like the textures of parts in the part selection menu are missing, but when they are placed in the VAB or SPH they seem to have the correct textures.
  10. I like the acronyms of parts Can't wait to see further developments of this mod!