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  1. I've been playing this save on this version of ksp for several hours with no issues, but now it's suddenly starting crashing to desktop a few minutes after the save is loaded. I've double-checked that I have no mods installed. I tried adding --force-opengl to the argument list just as a shot in the dark, but it didn't seem to help. As far as I can tell the log doesn't contain any errors, it just sort of ends Specs: OS: Windows 10 64-bit CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: GTX 1080ti RAM: 16GB Log:
  2. I'm really liking the idea of more shapes and sizes for labs! The stock models are sort of putting me off from actually using these parts atm, but I'll definitely try to keep an eye on this one!
  3. @FinalFan I can confirm that the engines themselves work just fine! (Though I did nearly forget to reactivate the second engine again after fiddling with them ) The timer's behavior during the burn is a little amusing:
  4. lol, yes I double-checked the engines! In fact something interesting happens when I shutdown just one of the engines (I just updated the OP to mention it), but the problem returns when I reactivate it again.
  5. The new burn time feature is doing something kooky with this vessel - the tanks are still half full, and according to KE it has 11 min of burn and over 4000dv, but the burn timer indicates that it has 0dv and that a 66dv burn would take over 10 minutes. I'm pretty sure this is some kind of bug, but I don't know what's screwing it up; the nuclear engines maybe? The craft only has stock parts. Mod list: Update: Quitting the game and reloading didn't fix the issue, but it gets kookier: when I deactivate one of the nukes, the burn time suddenly changes to something reasonable (see
  6. After unlocking more parts, I'm realizing that the feature I suggested may not have much gameplay effect when greenhouses are used, so I guess it's really not a big deal in the scheme of things. (Back on default settings now btw, unless I screwed up somewhere) This nuclear explorer should support a single pilot indefinitely as long as it gets resupplied with fertilizer between trips - About 4m^3 of farming will (continually!) produce enough food/oxygen (and water!) to keep a kerbal alive indefinitely, which I think is actually great from a gameplay perspective - if volume, weight, an
  7. With that in mind, I just took a second look at my screen cap, and that vessel actually does look like a junkheap cobbled together from found parts... I'm starting to get a little worried about Bob and Jeb.
  8. Yeah, I've been playing around with configuring supply consumption, and I'm explicitly not asking the value to be changed for everyone: In reality, supply consumption varies drastically depending on the nature of the mission; I think it would be interesting if supply consumption were vessel, mission, or colony-dependent in some way, rather than being a fixed rate for all situations. Not to replace recycling or farming systems, but as an additional factor to consider - basically, a kerbal's life-style determines their base rate of supply consumption/unit-time (how often do they shower,
  9. btw, I want to be clear that I don't mean to suggest that the mod should be made easier - actually, for some missions (especially long-term bases), it would make sense if Kerbals consumed more supplies per capita. Mission- or vessel-dependent supply consumption would give a player some interesting design choices to make, both early on when available LS tech is limited, and later on when dealing with entitled kolonists who insist on twice-a-day showers and brushing after every meal, and could result in unforeseen mission complications. (Jeb and Vall go down in the lander for a week of the scien
  10. Yeah, three of the radial recyclers reduces the supplies for a 3-man orbit-and-return mission to Duna from 45t to 18t; the big recycler takes it down to 9t, but the level of efficiency it generates (and the power requirement) seems like it should be a bit overkill for a Duna transit. I just think it would be nice if the consumption rate could alter to fit the nature of the mission; 10.8kg a day is a good number for a small base! But on the one hand, it's over twice as much as a crew would need during transit, and on the other hand, it's less than a third of what a fledgling colony would consum
  11. That's an excellent point! Last night as I dug around a little for more specific info, I happened across NASA's Life Support: Baseline Values and Assumptions Document, which gives a set of starting-point estimates for pretty much every life-support-related thing you can think of, focusing on hypothetical Mars and Moon missions, for the benefit of their engineers and of random nerds on the internet (on account of it being publicly posted online). It's surprisingly easy to read considering the subject matter, and organized into neat sections and tables that make it easy to find and contextualize
  12. This little ship will keep three little kerbals entertained for a little over three years. And these are the supplies required to feed them: (The supply load becomes more sane-looking with a big 'ol recycler, but 18+ ec/sec...? Not really practical for my basic first Duna-orbit-return mission in career mode.) Something about these proportions had me feeling a little skeptical, so I decided to get my Google on and crunch some numbers. According to an educational document from NASA (see pg. 5), an astronaut requires about 5.03 kg of supplies a day in the form of fo
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