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  1. No. As in showing the image in the post. Not sure if I am clear?
  2. Congratulations @Pthigrivi for earning your 5th dot!!!!
  3. How do I insert Imgur images into my post? I have tried almost everything but no luck...
  4. Hi!! This is my first jet I have made (which flies)... I hope you enjoy it!! Please give me suggestions. Download: It's 100% stock . Images:
  5. Its good. Not bad. Hahahahahahaha.... @Lisias you are right!!!!
  6. Ok... I will see what happens. I Didn't play with breaking ground yet. So I will wait for a day to play it.
  7. But All Tweak should work till the robotic patches come out right? Or doesn't it?
  8. Version 0.6 released!!! Changes: Added KSP 1.7.1 support Enjoy!!! Note: it works with the new DLC Breaking Ground (Robotics)
  9. None...... I fell everyone is helpful on this forum....