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  1. For the How to get Support post, on Macs the player log is now being written to ~/Library/Logs>Squad>KSP>Player.log instead of ~/Library/Logs>Unity>Player.log.

  2. So I found something odd. When PatchManager has "Add Proximity Sensor" turned on, the three stock reentry modules, KV-1, KV-2, and KV-3, the separator has been triggered when the ship loads on the pad. This is being triggered on the modules themselves, as setting to disable staging for the built in decoupler prevents it from being decoupled on loading. I have also put three side decouplers on a test vehicle and put each one in a different stage, so that there is before the module's decoupling stage, one with, and one after. None of the three stock side decouplers are triggered. If you work on this on Twitch, let me know I would love to watch!
  3. This would also help me right now where some keys are not working in the editor.
  4. I too am having this issue of being stuck on the launch pad but with my rocket. Toggling the weather sent my rocket tumbling like crazy. I have uninstalled the mod for now.
  5. How do you install the libSDL2-2.0.0.dylib on a mac? Using CKAN to install the mod. I have the same issue on my mac. Is your console also flooded with missing libsdl2-2.0-0 errors too?
  6. I am having the same issue. Not even sure what mod installs BDAnimationModules.dll. CKAN, at least on a mac, does not show what mods depend on a given mod.
  7. Sometimes when you have a lot of mods and you do some updating, a mod will throw an error on startup. Sometimes these errors are not due to said mod but a different one. While @linuxgurugameris great at always helping people, I feel bad taking their time. So I am wondering, could we get an explainer on how to find what is actually causing a problem so we can try and fix it ourselves and let @linuxgurugamer be a gamer?
  8. Should be. I included an image of where I was looking. For some reason the "Insert image from URL" didn't work...oh I know why... When does/should the game make the Player.log file?
  9. Umm...what if, and I kid you not, there is no Player.log. https://imgur.com/a/MIdMm67
  10. I have both of those installed...ZeroMiniAVC, and SpaceTuxLibrary.
  11. Is there any known mod that causes Janitor Closet to not work? All logs are https://github.com/traisjames/Logfiles/blob/master/4-13-21 logs.zip
  12. I was trying that last night, and the only line of all the logs that came back was this: [LOG 01:53:08.457] Load(Texture): Squad/Parts/@thumbs/probeCoreOcto2.v2_icon Edit: Gosh darn file names! I should have been looking for probeCoreOcto2_v2, not .v2!
  13. I have maybe too many mods installed, and after a major round of updating, I am finding all command modules have been disabled. Is there a way to see what has patched command modules that would have disabled them, or am I stuck disabling mods until something changes?
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