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  1. Can I make a feature request for the next MechJeb update? Can we make it so we can exclude engines from differential throttle changing their thrust limit? That way we can have high vectoring engines stay at full power to help steer. Could also add options to, when reducing an engine's throttle, it prioritizes reducing lower thrust engines or lower ISP engines.
  2. I already tried changing weither its on or not but that doesnt answer my question of the difference between climb and turn.
  3. What is the difference in the accent autopilot between ° climb and ° turn? I am having trouble launching a Space Shuttle. The accent autopilot keeps rolling my ship and its driving me nuts.
  4. Agreed. It works but I can't use the drop down buttons to change maps or settings.
  5. Kerbal 1.8 just released. The Katz toolbar group is not visible. FPS viewer still works, which was on during 1.7.
  6. I got a wildly floppy one. It is supposed to be a deployable crane. Works with Vanilla but AGExt has a lock/unlock motor on/off grouping for the drives and for the arms. Use the dock to separate the fuel tank that the crane is suppose to place it straight up instead of on it's side. Good luck. Make sure no crash damage and unbreakable parts is turnned on. Mover Mk I.craft?dl=0
  7. I have seen some light mentions but nothing concrete or official, but does anyone know if the new experiment sensors are biome specific or if one set covers the entire planet/moon?
  8. Ok, posted a bug at There are two craft that reliably show the problem...especially the first one.
  9. Yea I am still having trouble with it...even going vanilla...I thought this was how you let SQUAD know
  10. Can't be too dead...they released an update just weeks ago.
  11. While in flight I made some changes to some parachutes, but it only changed one of the chutes. Both chutes were installed symmetrically. This isn't the first time, I have had trouble in the past...trying to adjust one item, and it sometimes not being synced with its clones.
  12. Sorry about that...I have been jumping between Vanilla and Modded versions with Rover Test F. I knew the others have mod parts...though I also had problems where I stripped Science Rover Mk I of all Modded parts but when I would load it in Vanilla KSP the "mediumstoragecontainer " threw a part not loaded issue, and would not show in the Debug parts list. Yes, my version matches what you have listed.
  13. Tug Probe Mk 1 is the one shown in the image. For the hinge issues I mention: Rover Test F is a vanilla rover. Science Rover Mk I and Mk II use mod parts.
  14. I have a similar problem with hinges not moving when they should. Autostruts turned off on all parts.