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  1. I'm using version of EvaFollower. That is the one currently up on CKAN, April 7th of 2021 for release date. I'll take a look for the update
  2. I'm back up to 190 mods and EvaFollower is still working fine. I'm starting to believe the save file was messed up which lead to EvaFollower just not working on that save. So, sorry for thinking that something was wrong with the mod! The only information I can give is irrelevant to EvaFollower and has to do with WalkAbout, since I can get it to routinely throw nullrefs just by itself without any other mod installed except whatever dependencies WalkAbout comes with on CKAN. Not sure why that is, might be missing a dependency? When downloading WalkAbout from CKAN, it downloads SpaceTux Li
  3. Okay, here is the explanation of the scenario in that specific log file: Loaded into KSC, went into the Tracking Station, went to one of the workshop bases on the Mun (doesn't matter which base on the Mun, it happens at any of them) where the kerbals already were, took one engineer out of the base into EVA (call it engineer 1), took second engineer out of the base (engineer 2). Attempted to click "Follow me" on engineer 1 from engineer 2, but it doesn't show up as a menu option. Switched to engineer 1 and attempted to click "Follow me" on engineer 2 from engineer 1, the option is availabl
  4. Alright, yeah, the place where I uploaded the file to stated it can only be downloaded once which worried me. Try this one? https://filebin.net/h4vlxkc3vi3i421w
  5. Alright, here is the log: https://file.io/Rlmc7nVuQZJW Hope it downloads okay. Also, think this may be the issue? [EFX] [EFX] EvaLogic: Object reference not set to an instance of an object:System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at MSD.EvaFollower.EvaContainer.CheckDistance (Vector3d move, System.Single speed, System.Double sqrDist) [0x0005d] in <6c04c83e692c4b05901bd47e492afbf8>:0 at MSD.EvaFollower.EvaLogic.Update () [0x0022e] in <6c04c83e692c4b05901bd47e492afbf8>:0
  6. Okay, give me a bit, I'm going to have to reinstall EvaFollower and reload KSP so the log file isn't with random stuff that I'm doing now.
  7. Newest release does not seem to work in 1.11.2. You get the "Follow me" option on Kerbals, but when clicked, throws a nullref, and the Kerbal will not actually follow. I don't think it is any compatibility issue with another mod or missing dependencies (at least, whichever dependencies the mod requires and downloads in CKAN). I think the issue may be similar to the issue had with WalkAbout.
  8. Hey, I do notice that the first one which says that it's indefinite for all three crew, it also says that the hab is 49 years and 379 days. Where it says 119 supplies (6.8/day) hab for 49y:379d at the top. It may be some sort of rounding problem. If you bump that number up above 50 years it may work?
  9. Hi, I'm a little confused about crew transfers with WOLF. Is it possible to transfer by route the crew? If so, how? I'm using the pre-release versions of the whole constellation. I do notice that there is another sort of flight recorder (posted image) that may be for crew transfers but the part does not seem to have any functionality.
  10. I'll try that, basically just do a crew transfer at the KSC with Jeb and Bill first, then try the investor contract. However, I did try last night to just run the investor around KSC without a rover or any assistance from other kerbals and it still happened.
  11. I also ran into this. Bummer, cause I'd like to build a hotel or a casino with a contract. Whenever launching a craft after doing the investor tour, the camera is flipped on its side and there is no ability to control the vehicle. Not sure if it's a compatibility issue with some other mod or if it's with the newest version of KSP and Tourism Plus. Might try to do a fresh save with just contract configurator and tourism plus installed (whatever other dependencies) and see if it happens still.
  12. Practically Research Bodies is broken on KSP 1.11.2. There is a fix to it, but it's annoying. Go to your save file, find "isResearched" without the quotes, then scroll down to VESSELSINSOI { } and delete that section. So if it looks like this: VESSELSINSOI { CELESTIALBODY { body = Neidon VESSELINFO { vesselId = 1275415811 timeEnteredSOI = 8391677.239838738 } }
  13. Yes, I know it's just for if you have AdvancedTextures installed, so the :NEEDS for it. Take a look at the part config for TitanIIClamp, it is a part within a part.. ie something like PART:NEEDS[AdvancedTextures] { PART { } }. It only shows up in OSE Workshop because it produces part recipes and will (with the current part config for TitanIIClamp) freeze the game up in loading part recipes. Removing the additional part { } fixed the issue and it still is only seen with AdvancedTextures installed (still has the :NEEDS for it).
  14. Hi, there seems to be an interesting conflict with OSE Workshop, AdvancedTextures, and Tundra's Space Center. It only happens with OSE Workshop installed, the latest one from Angel125, along with the dependencies for it. If I remove the TITANII_CLAMP as a part from this mod then it's fine, so I'm guessing it has something to do with either that part config or OSE Workshop. AdvancedTextures works fine and I can load up Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles with it, so I don't think it is AdvancedTextures. To replicate, install TSC (and KK), OSE Workshop (and the dependencies for it), Advan
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