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  1. No, It's simply taking forever to ascend-- It sometimes goes almost horizontal before it even gets out of the atmosphere. Maybe I'm having it start too early? And then it runs out of fuel.
  2. How many launches does it usually take for a small to medium sized early career rocket to reliably make orbit? 5 doesn't seem to be enough.
  3. Is there any way to temporarily disable KCT w/o mucking around with the mod files in the Gamedata folder? There are some saves that I do want to use KCT on, and some that I don’t, but I don’t want to have to repeatedly uninstall and reinstall KCT.
  4. What is the orbital velocity? I would think 600m/s sounds about right for a more-or-less vertical drop: atmosphere doesn’t slow you down that much. Scratch that, I usually (w/ stock) decel to ~=200m/s w/o chutes IIRC. The parachute does most of the work below a certain speed (though I don’t remember for sure being AFKSP at the moment.
  5. Thank you, and I wish you best of luck on your PECS project. If I had more free time and more experience, I would offer to help, but alas, I have neither in appreciable quantities.
  6. Agreed! (just getting back to KSP now that school is winding down.)
  7. I don't follow the last part? Also, how would you create a patch for this? I don't have any modding experience in KSP or otherwise, and only minimal coding experience.