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  1. Also, the Corvus Command Pod system. Also, the Corvus Command Pod system.
  2. As much as I want to know when this update will hit, I also know you can't rush perfection. Keep going! You're doing great!
  3. Has @Sir Mortimer said anything about changing this so that each habitat has it's own level of protection based on their own shielding? I was hoping to be able to get away with just having a 'storm cellar', but I can't do that the way this is set up right now.
  4. Maybe have switchable meshes for 1.25m vs Mk2, etc.?
  5. Thanks for the update! It was a great birthday present (It was released on my birthday)!
  6. No, It's simply taking forever to ascend-- It sometimes goes almost horizontal before it even gets out of the atmosphere. Maybe I'm having it start too early? And then it runs out of fuel.
  7. How many launches does it usually take for a small to medium sized early career rocket to reliably make orbit? 5 doesn't seem to be enough.
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