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  1. I spent hours last night trying to build a chassis for a rover out of girders and structural pieces. None of the "snap" points seem to make any sense. The structural pieces only have snap points on the end of them. It would be a simply dev change to put them on all three sides of the end so that we can easily do right angle snaps and make a rectangle. Something that should be so easy is so hard. Also trying to layer the flat square plates over the top of a structure like that is nearly impossible. It all seems to come from a lack of sensibly placed snap points. I took apart one of the sto
  2. I will try the cache setting but the mod has been lagging my launches really really badly in 1.7.2. It improves out of the atmosphere but still. Don't want to sound like a whiner. I appreciate mods and the developers that give their time
  3. I'm getting some errors at startup in 1.7.2 that part of this mod is not supported. Any clues or ideas if we can get a 1.7 update?
  4. Thanks Tonka.. Appreciate the help.. A dumb question if I may.. if I have two unattached components within local logistics range - lets say I have a component with a drill attached, and a second component within local range that uses what that drill digs up (lets say we're drilling gypsum on one component and we're using it to make fertilizer on the second component) Do we need to have a storage container on BOTH components?? one on the drill to store the gypsum initially, and one on the processor component that the local logistics sends to? I did some tests and it seems
  5. I'm running into this very same issue .... can you let me know what version of ksp you're running and what version of KAS you got installed to fix this ?
  6. honestly it's boring doing the same biome hopping missions with every different save game .. doing something different is what keeps gaming fresh...
  7. I just wanted to say thank you for this mod and for those maintaining it .. it really does add a new exciting and interesting element to kerbal and I enjoy that there's so much to do now in the kerbal SOI.. This in combination with MKS and USI is really proving to be a challenging and rewarding playthrough.
  8. might have something to do with the inbuilt de-coupler on these soviet pods not registering as an attachment point .. or something ..
  9. I am having this exaxct same issue... With this mod installed, my Pea pod just falls off of my rockets on the launch pad. I too have the Making History DLC installed.
  10. This can be such a beautiful game at times... amazing Time to "thread the needle"... ok not really but it looks cool
  11. I'm still new to the game.. Only been playing for a couple of months... but today I finally got a probe to Jool system.. Not a big deal, but the big deal for me was plotting a gravity assist to cut my Jool Insertion Burn to only 400m/s Plus it puts me a a good trajectory for a tour of the system.. Thanks Tylo. You're the MVP. I did some testing and it cut my insertion burn down from 950 m/s to around 450m/s
  12. for the price of three cups of coffee.. no brainer.. I'm excited to help support the development of the game - and ongoing science missions and providing us with reasons to deploy probes and rovers is one of the biggest things I've been looking for in KSP!..
  13. Thank you for the tips... aiming with the mouse cursor helps. but I still maintain that it's harder than it needs to be..
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