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  1. @Gargamel or @adsii1970, can we git this merged with the thread @kerbiloid mentions above.
  2. Yes!!! It depends on what you mean. First off, are you on PC or Console?? And you need to be specific, terminology isn't a big deal right now, but we need to know what you need help with. We can't help with something we know nothing about.
  3. With command sections??? Never heard of a relat with one, but ok, I guess. Be careful, solar panels have one of the lowers impact tolerences in the game. One of my Kerbals ran into one, at full speed, so 2m/s and it evaporated in thin air, with a small explosive puff.
  4. Train Hype. Since when has trains been hyped about anything. Trains in Murica are slow, boring, and quite frankly, ugly.
  5. @chd, whats with the massive relay section??
  6. 10/22 Thurs Thursday was much more eventful. To start it off, my Civics teacher gave us an assignment on the presidential election, and issues each candidate was covering. She hadn't touched one of the biggest elections in our history (2020's) until yesterday. No discussion whatsoever about it, then she wants us to do a 3 page assignment on it. At the end, it asks which candidate we would vote for, and I knew my answer would be the current one, because of what he's done for the country. I left out names and such as a forum rule is not to get too deep in the rabit hole of politics. So I ke
  7. I thought I put it in the main, but doesn't kill me. I would love to be in ROTC. I just need to figure out the local ROTC boss and ask some questions before I jump headlong into ROTC. What level algebra, 1 or 2??
  8. Are you in sandbox or in career?? Cause career you need LVL2 astronaut complex
  9. Sees Community rep 256, follower count 9. And finally the profile views 2,123. It just ain't adden up man

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