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  1. Well, the title says it all, so what would you do? I'd fly myself to the Bahamas and listen to Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson while on a beach, then fly around, and see the wonders of the world.
  2. Mikenike

    Shower thoughts

    He was using a battering ram! [snip]
  3. Mikenike

    Shower thoughts

    <snip> Okayyyy then. Didn’t know that.
  4. Mikenike

    Shower thoughts

    Wait, so, could I make a Saturn 5 launched by four Saturn 5’s? Ok, so, where would I go with this Saturn 5 now? Other are, So if four hundred humans died now, what would the world do? <snip>
  5. I agree, but my problem is, how many wheels will it have?
  6. My computer has a picture of earth, from like 2018, and my Xbox has a screenshot of a Mun craft, and I got to see an eclipse popping out of the dark side of Kerbin, I’ll be fine.
  7. Moar boosters doesn’t mean moar wings. It means MOAR BOOSTERS Jeb, not LEASS BOOSTERS MORE WEINGS!
  8. I’m all good, I have an F-14 Tomcat fighter/interceptor from the U.S. Navy’s VF-31 Squadron. I’ll bomb ‘em back to the Stone Age. Anytime Baby! Just build a rocket, and go to Duna, problem solved. I’ll take option 2 please, at least I kill zambies
  9. Oh, no, I am up a creek. The German Tiger tank from WW2. Now it’s forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com
  10. Wow, I thought I was the only one here who plays. It isn’t that hard, you just need to learn the basics first. That would be amazing though.
  11. Would be fun, but kinda easy. All you need to do is simply throw a Saturn 5 at it, at full speed, it will move it quite well, or you can dock it to that, and do it that way.
  12. How about ORBITAL RINGS, or rather, a massive one around the sun. Or how about a set of deep space stations.
  13. I have found myself in a similar situation here, where I also cannot deploy them. I have not found a solution to this sadly. . @SQUAD @UomoCapra or @JPLRepo, can y’all work y’all’s channels and help us consoles out some. Thank y’all. Buddy, I am sorry you are having this problem, I have notified the correct people to assist us in our problems. I hope this helps, please keep me updated on the situation.