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  1. Hey guys. I have been gone for a long time, like 4 months since I last checked the forums. I feel it has been caused by me playing other games and KSP2 being 6+ months away. I hate that I have been gone, but I have found myself with such little time because of my new favorite game, Rust. I've found it takes a lot of my free time back up, similar to how KSP used to. I got kinda bored with KSP, cause I had gone as far as Eeloo and had maxed out my tech tree. Regardless I felt that I had gone as far as I could. It has been a good run on the forums, and I'm sure I'll be back occasionally, but I feel that unless something happens big (aside from KSP1 development being halted after the next update) then I will most likely be off an on, checking back every once in a while. I will see you guys when I return, my full hiatus has only just begun. God speed and Happy Landings!!!!!

    1. Mikenike


      It has been a tough decision to go, but I'll see ya!

    2. Dirkidirk
    3. Lewie


      Cya ‘round buddy!

  2. I agree here. It has one exception though, that window in the rear. And the 5 windows on the cockpit. Maybe its a modded part.... I forgot the name of the mod, but it added a P-3 esque nosecone.
  3. It's been a wild journey. MH370 incident was 7 years ago, and it felt like it happened in '16
  4. @Lewie I'm a long way off....I wonder if we will ever have a 2021 edition of this.........
  5. You've been on here for about 3 years now and have posted well over a thousand times, and you never once noticed that??? I just want to know because that's kinda astounding....
  6. @Intercept Games, nice to see you around, and nice to hear Nate is actually going to give us road maps, updates on how the game is going.
  7. Granted. But the crickets were not of this earth and ate him while he slept. I wish for @RattlerMike to respond.
  8. @xendelaar, with enough fuel and time, you can force a transfer that is faster than usual with any planet, the big question is do you have the guts to throw 10mil away in fuel costs. If the answer is yeah, then throw as much fuel as possible into HKO, and use it all to get there as fast as possible. Once out of an SOI, you can use the fuel to its maximum. Burn most of it, and use the rest to decelerate when around Duna. Optimimally, you packed enough shielding to aerobrake into the atmosphere in one pass, using the engines around to assist in slowing you down. After fuel ha been burned, ditch the engines, and land the pod with a set of small thrusters and parachutes. Only downside, you have no way of returning the intrepid crew home.
  9. As @OrdinaryKerman said, it came out a long time ago. So long ago in fact that I forgot what that update contained. I remember 1.8.1 and 1.10/11.1 and what they had within them.
  10. Because they have very restrictive play tests because of how the system operates, as they have closed off all the game files and coding side to the console. This makes it harder on smaller games like KSP, while for other titles, namely, GTA, COD, Halo, Battlefield, etc. have no problems because of the amount of resources they can throw at the testing phase.
  11. I enjoy the originals... But I'll get used to it.
  12. I'm not tired of that, I'm tired of the companies forcing these tests on the game, because it makes the porting company take time away from fixing bugs and such, and this would help with the lack thereof of updates, and the 6 months it takes to get one. Less testing, means more time to fix bugs, and a faster update patch time.
  13. As the title says, I will be creating a petition that I plan to send to Sony and Microsoft to make the console game updates testing less restrictive and more attainable. I understand that this will not be taken very seriously, especially because most games have little to no problems with it, (mostly AA and AAA games). I hope to gain at least 5k signatures in this petition. I am doing this as a response to all the threads that I have read about complaining about how horrible the game is..... Its only bad because of your favorite console devs. I will edit the link into the title and into this. I hope I am not breaking the forum rules here. I re-read the rules, and I don't believe that I have, but if I am, call me out, report it.
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