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  1. No, sorry, I will notify SQAUD and their staff in a few minutes here, thank you.
  2. Welcome to the forums @BradJJ, @Peri, and @jordan drake! I play Xbox version, and haven’t played those missions, but I know that there are a lot of bugs in Enhanced Edition, partly because Sony and Microsoft regulate things that are added very strictly, and thus, many bugs don’t get fixed for a longer time than PC, so, my advice is to raise as much hell about it, and hopefully catch the attention of @SQUAD and their dev’s and they get a patch for the next update that is supposed to happen with the Breaking Ground DLC. Good Luck guys! I tagged @SQUAD in this post, so they can take a look at this, I will also tag a dev or two later. @Just Jim @JPLRepo
  3. @Kickasserson, there is a tutorial mission that helps you learn the Manouver Node and get used to it. In short, play the tutorials.
  4. Also, the more I thought about it, I think that SQAUD might have even left it out on purpose, because Sony and Microsoft have to approve all games and all DLCs and updates and that part was cut by accident or because the coding required was too much for the systems to handle. Just my thoughts though, probably wrong to begin with however....
  5. 137? Guys? I am late, aren’t I? Hello? Anybody home? *Silence*
  6. If you're here to crit me, go ahead. If you're here to support me, go ahead Do whatever you want, I don't really care - @The_Cat_In_Space True dat man, true dat
  7. Same here bros, no solution I found. Let @SQUAD know, and maybe we can have it fixed at 1.3.2 or the next DLC. Or put this in the bug tracker. Yep, I need the small money and science from it, but can’t have it.
  8. Yes, I haven’t gone anywhere yet... all types of help needed. Thank you.
  9. Darn good Rus....... Needs a more original plot, and definitely worthy of a sequel. Good job man!
  10. What do you guys use for Mun capable ships? I need to get more science points, and I need contract money, so I need ideas. Stock KSP, no mods, console edition. Please help
  11. I just found out that KSP EE (Console) is at 1.3.1 currently, and  PC is at like 1.8.1. Why is console lagging so far behind, I love KSP, but this is kinda absurd, if SQAUD or K2 or whoever has the rights to KSP doesn’t start work on the console edition earlier, people are going to be super mad, 0.5.0 behind is pretty unacceptable, especially for a good game......

    1. The_Cat_In_Space


      It was ported at 1.2, unfortunately this is whats been happening since it was released last year :/ 

    2. Mikenike
  12. Same here bro, I don’t care who likes me and who hates me. That ship sailed long ago, never came back. “Whatever makes you happy. Even if it kills me.”
  13. Thank you, it will be continued now... Thank you, it means a lot to think that you like it!