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  1. *cough A wrinkle in time cough* *cough most book to movie adaptations cough*
  2. @Oraldo revak, okay, good, cause I don't want it to be like some movie adaptations of the book where it has events not shown/cut out of the movie.
  3. It is called "KERBAL" space program, not "EARTH" space program. If you did that, then kerbals wouldn't exist, and it would be humans, and that's not as fun as a green alien that is small, and hilarious.
  4. @Just Jim, I know that, great job on the selection of the maker (his videos are amazing) and on actually getting the chance to make this great story into a movie.
  5. @Oraldo revak, did you base the dialogue on the actual story? And, did you use the actual craft from the story, or have they been modified or changed? Emiko Station July 1st 2020 (Normally)
  6. I know that... it was a point I was tryna make. Wait, what trailer?? Full length movie??? From where?? WHEN?? Tell me MORE???????
  7. I would like to see living 'aliens'.
  8. Do it as a non-rover challenge, it is honestly to easy of a rover challenge. If you did it Like @Matt Lowne, and had to use a plane, it would be harder, and maybe more rewarding.
  9. Yes, but that would make me sound like a nerd, and besides, regular people won't know what that is.
  10. No, that is an F-15 engine on a mount............. *Inner Aircraft Enthusiast Is Dying Inside*
  11. Eventually, like 3 to 6 months after (porting process takes a long time)
  12. With enough boosters, and planning, moar boosters are needed. So pack moar boosters than you need, and try it!!!
  13. Honestly, the poll is kinda saying what KSP2 has been showing us, more launchpads, more planets etc. So, there is honestly little to no point in these DLCs with KSP coming in late 2020 early 2021 (Hopefully sooner). I love KSP and I would like to see another, but as I said, it is highly unlikely with KSP2 around the corner.