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  1. Hello Kerbonauts it's time for a new KSP Loading 1.8 This time we want to show you a preview for the Service Bays Revamp. Image HQ here
  2. Hey, Kerbonauts! We know you’re excited about the 1.8 update, and we’ve been listening to your feedback, so here's another preview. With 1.8, you can now check assigned action groups, edit them, and even add new ones!
  3. Hey, Kerbonauts prepare your missions to return to Ike & Minmus! Continuing with the previews for the planets' revamp today we are sharing with you how Minmus and Ike will look like in the 1.8 update!
  4. You asked: "how about a few larger SRB's...?" And we listened to you. Kerbonauts keep an eye on the 1.8 update and enjoy large size solid rockets boosters and also some smaller ones. Images HQ
  5. Hey everyone, we wanted to say thanks for your care and support. We understand with the recent announcements that you may have some questions, but as we said in our original statement Squad is not going anywhere. We are currently working on updates and additional support to the original KSP, as well as assisting on KSP 2. Private Division has, and will, continue to support us – and we will continue to be involved in the growth of the Kerbal franchise.
  6. Hey, Kerbonauts get the rovers ready! The 1.8 update will include several planets' textures and shaders improvements, it's time to take a look at Duna's new look. stay tuned for more updates!
  7. Hey, Kerbonouts prepare your boosters! We've already started working on the 1.8 update! In this update, we are improving some of the planets' textures. Take a look at The Mun's new look. We have created two new shaders and now players will be able to pick between the low (legacy), medium and high-quality shader for planets.
  8. No, hahaha, we had a lot of work to do! The birthday cake is from June, slfie... we just forgot to share it. ?)
  9. Happy 8th Anniversary Kerbonauts! This past June 24th marks 8 years since our 0.7.3 version was released! Thank you for the love and support over the years! Our wish is that you all keep exploring and collecting science throughout the universe! Happy Launches Everyone! Topic unlocked!
  10. Hello, how we can help you? Are you still having issues? Let me know please.
  11. Hello there, Kerbalnauts! The payment issues with with the KSP store have been resolved, if you are still having issues, please contact us again.  thank you very much for your patience.
  12. Hello there, thank you for your patience! The payment issues have been resolved, if you are still having issues, please contact us again.
  13. KSP Loading... Preview: Improvements to PAW Sliders In 1.7.3 you will be able to input values directly into PAW Sliders. This will be available for everyone!