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  1. Seeing the great potential for shenanigans, Bill challenged Jeb and Val to try and "fly like a bird" using new hinges currently under R&D at KSC. Never ones to back down from a challenge, they decided to take him literally. The end result - the Kerbithopter Mk0. This extremely unsafe contraption uses 2 G-11 hinges per wing to flap like a bird, at the speed of a butterfly, around KSC in a barely controlled but highly entertaining fashion. Build by @Yargnit
  2. OP-E Large Scanning The Experimental Engineering Group's marketing department claims this is another once in a lifetime achievement. We're starting to get suspicious! Nonetheless, this even larger rover arm has four separate instruments, and we can't think of what else they might add, so this is probably the top of the line model from them.
  3. Yes. The IVA always moves with the pod. Moving it with a robotic hinge isn't any different in this regard than moving it some other way.
  4. With the new Square Hinges, you'll be able to create jointed contraptions. What sort of machines will you build with these? #KSP #BreakingGroundExpansion
  5. @Snark wanted to explore the creative boundaries of robotically enhanced transportation, so h e built the H.B.K.T., or Happy Ballistic Kerbal Transporter. This electric catapult is a simple contraption with two large Square Hinges, plus one Small Square Hinge. The two big hinges are motorized, the little one is not (it's a free pivot). After slapping it toget her in the VAB, he just used some slider controls on the hing es' Part Action Window to set up their properties. To activate the fling, he just added the hinges' "toggle" action to an action gro up. (You can do more complicated stuff with them, too, but a simple toggle was all he needed for the catapult.) Launching Val on a journey of discovery is simple: 1. Launch to the pad with Val in the command seat 2. Press the action-group key to initiate the fling 3. Click "Leave Seat" at just the strategic moment. It was every bit as fun as it looked, and Snark set himself a challenge to see what's the greatest distance he can fling her downrange. His best record, shown here, was 1.9 km. The tricky bit is getting the timing on "Leave Seat" just right. Get it wrong, and Val doesn't go so fa r. If you get it just a little worse wrong, then Val is having a b ad problem and she will not go to the beach today.
  6. Thank you! We appreciated your kind words.
  7. This sturdy unit keeps the expensive and delicate equipment our astronauts need to bring with them safely stored. Rigorous engineering studies have shown it to be 20% more effective than 'a picnic cooler and some duct tape' at making sure these items arrive intact at their destination.
  8. Now you won't lose Kerbals if they're coasting behind a planet. Do you like the glowing seams of the new suit coming to #BreakingGroundExpansion?
  9. Breaking Ground: Robotic Parts. Brand new robotics parts will add a whole new level of creativity to your craft. What do you have in mind? Craft by @Lupi
  10. This multi-functional experiment gathers data on wind, pressure, temperature, and humidity to generate a picture of the planets climate model over time. Note: Please allow trained Scientists to deploy for best results. Needs a deployed power unit & central station to operate.
  11. Now cooled, this wonderful magma flow has an almost organic look to it.