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  1. KSP was on my watchlist for a long time also. Making History DLC release convinced me to jump on board.
  2. Space music needs to be done just right to set the mood. Hopes that whoever does music for KSP2 can live up to Kevin Macleod space work. The tracks for KSP1 are superb mood setting.
  3. I built a new PC few months back with X2 NVMe M.2 . I noticed a huge improvement in KSP 1 loading times and VAB performance when large number of parts. Whether the performance gain was solely related to NVMe M.2 is debatable because also upgraded from 16GB RM to 32GB higher performance RAM + better CPU cores via AMD.
  4. Now if Squad would only make the planet orbit lines filterable. Annoying trying to do interplanetary planning and having to visually fight through the planet orbit lines not part of the current mission planning. Please squad, add QOL improvement: Planet orbit lines should be a filterable selection. Not only at the solar level SOI orbits, but the moon level orbits with in a planet SOI.
  5. Contract was to put a heat radiator part on a satellite. Heat radiator part mass is to much for a kerbal. Figured could use the grabber to temp connect the spaceship and the satellite together. Then the Kerbal could attach the part using the spaceship cargo. However, every time trying to use the grabber at 0 m/s and the lowest values for the grabber, the satellite would either go flying off into space or there would be there this really weird connection between the spacecraft and the satellite where they would be too far apart and spinning. I was finally able to complete the contract by havi
  6. I was and still excited for this release. After experiencing a contract to add a part to a satellite decided to hold off playing this. Lots of bugs still.
  7. IRL, Venus is way hotter then Mercury even though further from the Sun. Thick atmosphere traps heat in. https://www.nasa.gov/venus So Eve with the super thick atmosphere like Venus should be very hot. Hotter than Moho. https://www.scienceabc.com/nature/universe/surface-of-venus-why-is-venus-the-hottest-planet.html
  8. Better heat and cold handling, Eve should require massive tech to be able to land a Kerbal there due to heat. Re-entry to atmospheres should be less forgiving. Life support( duh)
  9. Ah, that makes total sense now. Thanks. This doesn't quite seem a bug, more of a questionable design decision. Want to raise this item in hopes of fixing this design decision to be consist with Kerbal history and also educate community who may wonder about this contract: Accepted a career mode stock contract to "Attach a new part(Small radiator) to a satellite in orbit of Kerbin". The contract details specified the satellite name. So go into Tracking Station to look for the satellite and there is zero satellites (other then my own found). Well digging a
  10. Oh this fix was so needed. Thank you! Fix Fuel tanks could get stuck with no references to transfer resources when opening and closing PAWs while a transfer was being done.
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