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  1. Based on the sheer number of posts in this thread, I would hope Private Division takes the community concerns in this thread to heart.
  2. I agree, KSP1 career game play loop design is way better. I preferred the KSP1 implementations of science, where player needs to manually trigger each science action, not just a magic button that does all science automatically. That auto-magic perform all science button in KSP2 is lame. In addition, there is no constraints (money) on ship building or new parts. Maybe in next release these constraints will come, but seems doubtful because what I remember hearing is that resources are for "colonizing" and not normal ship building/fuels. Hope I am wrong. The missions and mission storyline in KSP2 are better then KSP1, but the actual exploration game play loop is quite lacking and JoeS hit the nail on the head, except no mention of missing building/fuel constraints. Maybe it would help if KSP2 team would clarify that: 1. Exploration Mode will continue to see polish and refinements. 2. Directly address the concerns with lack ship building/fuel constraints. (There is many complaints about this on Steam forums and Redit) Also, JoeS. makes good point about "The people who hated science in KSP1". Unfortunately it seems, those science haters are designing KSP2 now.
  3. Spent a few hours playing with this same question yesterday. Yes, this is possible. You need to return the rover to the mothership that landed. When they get close to each other, the science reports data will become "Combined" is the word at the top of the science report list. Then you can fly the mothership back to Kerbin and leave the Rover on Duna.
  4. This is a video game. This video game is mostly modeled after human behaviors, human civilization methods and human understanding of physics. Money allows civilizations to abstract labor/resources into a tradeable value system. What makes video games fun is presenting challenges to the player and then the player can overcome those challenges and feel accomplished. By removing money from any consideration of a space program and building rockets, that removes a challenge to overcome. I for one do not want an easy "I WIN BUTTON" in KSP. Fact is that the #1 thing preventing humans from currently colonizing moon/mars in real life is money. Humans could do it, but the cost$ are just too huge for humankind to accept at this time. Just allowing anything to be built with NO constraints or care about labor/resources consumed makes this game less fun in a career mode type of play. Making small tiny satellites are going to be pointless in this game. Making fuel efficient rockets will also be pointless. Just build the biggest most inefficient rocket for every small mission because labor costs are 0, resource costs are 0, there is absolutely zero incentive for building efficient rockets in KSP2 at the present time. This removal from accounting of labor/resource costs in "exploration mode" is just bad logic on the part of KSP2 design team imho.
  5. Comparing KSP2 Exploration mode to KSP1 Career mode: In KSP1, I enjoyed creating rockets that were fit for purpose to save costs. If a small payload and low kerbin orbit, use smaller engines and less fuel. In addition, the game of needing to upgrade buildings/pads/runways with fund$ was always another challenge to over come thus further incentivizing building rockets economically. The need to purchase new designs besides the research. All these budget issues were logical. Besides these game play coolness of KSP1 $$ budget challenges, in real life solid rocket boosters primary purpose is to save cost$ on the rocket. In KSP2 exploration mode, the The lack of $ budgetary structure is a big miss for me. In KSP2 exploration mode, I am finding zero incentives to not just the same giant launch stage 1/2 regardless of the payload/destination/mission. KSP2 team , please reconsider and add budget$ issues/challenges into ksp2 exploration mode.
  6. Good to hear CommNet is on the way!
  7. Agree with others, the Mun landing is rushed in Exploration Mode KSP2. Hopefully they will add more fluffy filler secondary missions.
  8. The music and sound effects are top notch in KSP2. The sound dudes are raising the bar.
  9. This is a bug. I finally restored abilities by totally restarting the game, not just reloading a previous save.
  10. Not sure if this is a bug or I toggled something wrong. All ship controls stopped working: Pitch/Yaw/Roll (WASDQE). Throttle and staging still works. Engine is LVT-Swivel. I even reverted to an earlier save and restarted the game, to no avail. All inputs are default. SAS is on. RCS is off. If turn RCS on, I can use RCS controls to yaw/pitch. Any ideas on what is wrong?
  11. Just orbited Kerbin. Heating mechanics are in (still needs polish), but at least working! In flight maneuver planner is improved! Check and check. OMG, KSP2 is playable now. Changing review to positive.
  12. The video shows atmospheric re-entry heating. Is that a thing now in KSP2?
  13. Sputnik was an amazing and monumental achievement for man kind. Without Sputnik, seems doubtful the USA would have been inspired to land on the moon. Salute Sputnik ~
  14. That StarF**** game makes me think of KSP2 every day. Rooting for the KSP2 dev team.
  15. My understanding of subtle hints is that there is easter eggs hidden in this early access. Please share your egg find here.
  16. Totally felt exactly the same. Think I was more impressed with the sound and music at first before appreciated the graphics/art.
  17. +1 to delete thread, or move the OP post to one of the other threads.
  18. IMHO, Private Division took KSP2 to public early access about 6 months too early. I am still a fan and rooting for the dev team to get this train on the rails.
  19. Oh no, sad to see layoffs. I want them to make KSP2 a great game. I went and read more details on, sounds like development aspects of Private Division should not be affected. Still a bummer to see anyone lose their job, but is good to see that development should not be affected.
  20. I really hope KSP2 development continues and reaches a solid and fun product in the coming years. Yes, it will take many more years IMHO. However, I will not be changing my negative Steam review until they fix core missing features that KSP1 has: --Manuever node planner functionality. (The one item is what made me completely give up on playing KSP2) --Thermal heating mechanics (rentry) --Thrust/weight ratios per stage in VAB --VAB mission planning deltaV/thurst and weight ration allowing for stage environment differences(is this stage at surface, 50K or in zeroG?) I can live with Kraken and a lot of missing content such as : parts, science, career mode, interstellar, multiplayer... But these core basic functions I listed above are just too much for me to accept because I am not a paid employee to be a tester for extremely alpha product. In fact, I paid premium price for this extremely early alpha product is what bothers me the most about the state of KSP2 affairs.
  21. My understanding is that Minmus is pudding.
  22. Heat shields (thermal dynamics) was a thing in KSP1 as of Version 1.0 Demo released April, 2015. (according to ksp wiki) What happened to KSP2 being true to KSP1 basics? IMHO, what I and many other reviewss are primarily not happy with are the basics. The missing multiplayer/interstellar/science/etc are not the complaints. For some the basics are performance, my issues with the basics are different. I do understand early access, but this current state of early access is more like a beta/demo. As I posted in my review on steam: The dev teams needs to focus on basics and not the long term goals of interstellar, colonies, multiple systems, etc. I am a KSP fan and still hoping KSP2 can deliver in the future, but KSP2 is just missing so much basics at the present. Therefore I posted a negative steam review. Hope to change my review of KSP2 to a positive in the future.
  23. In my limited experience with life (50+years), making claims of "a lot of people" or "everyone" to prove a point immediately disqualifies the statement of logic and reason.
  24. Yes yes and YES!! So worried that KSP2 music was not going to live up to the great KSP1 music, so good to hear that KSP2 music delivers! Hat off Kudos Salute Thank you
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