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  1. Hi, I am also having an issue with a part. I tried to create a .cfg (this is what you meant by a file?) in Tweakscale/hacks to disable tweakscale for the 1 object having an issue but it did not seem to work. logs and my failed hack are in the drive below.
  2. You were exactly right. I'd figured "more wing" was the answer but couldn't figure out why my craft seemed to look proportional and match the mass of real-world planes but didn't fly like them. I didn't think about the fact that S1 is actually only 1.25m, that does throw things pretty out of whack. Those wing loadings were 130 and 122 kg/m2, and 130 must be almost the limit of what FAR will let fly at 60 m/s. Scaled the single-engine's wings by 30% to give me 91 kg/m2, immediately improved ceiling from 2500m to 4500m, take-off speed from 50 m/s to 40 m/s, cruising speed is a hair better due to less AOA, and all handling characteristics are miles better making it much easier to fly and land. Thanks, now I'm off to find out if flaps can actually change the coefficient of lift... they only seem to function as airbrakes for me so far.
  3. I'm struggling to achieve any decent amount of lift in FAR... I've got two craft in the air (see below), but only barely. The light aircraft lifts off neutrally at about 50 m/s and the twin-engine barely takes off with pitch applied at just under 60 m/s. Once in the air they climb... sort of. The engines seem to have more than enough power, despite their low top speed. They can hold either aircraft at 50-60 m/s in level flight or at pretty significant angles of attack. The wings are stock. Both craft stop climbing at just under 2500m, although they're still going about 55 m/s. Both look like they need about 10 degrees more angle of incidence to fly level, I'm working on that now. The small plane already has some angle of incidence in the picture below. While this will make them better behaved, they still won't be able to carry anything. They're both at minimal fuel loads (about 15 minutes endurance), and won't take off with any more added. Other parts are about as light as they can be while still holding together and overall they are lighter than real-world counterparts. The wing areas are already very large for both craft, but the only solution currently seems to be to make them even larger. I tried flaps on the smaller aircraft, but they didn't seem to impact takeoff speed or climb rate, just slightly dinged the top speed. Does anyone have any tips for increasing lift in these lower-speed designs?
  4. This turned out to be a compatibility issue with FAR The updated version, FAR, seems to fix this problem.
  5. I am having an issue with the prop engines - these state that they are getting intake air but they flame out due to oxygen starvation seconds after startup. It is as if they have a small initial store of air but it never gets replenished - they will run for over a minute at just above idle, but only a couple of seconds at full throttle. Has anyone else encountered this? I've tried reinstalling the mod with no effect.
  6. Has anyone been able to get KSPI-E to work with 1.7.2? I got a few errors when I tried to start it up, I was able to update The Extended Filters mod, but I'm still getting errors for Photon Sailor Not Supported, please use 1.7 (Probably safe to ignore?), and KSPI-E is missing (...) Gamedata/WarpPlugin None of the KSPI-E content comes up as a result. I can't find anywhere to install solely the WarpPlugin, and reinstalling KSPI-E does not fix it. I'm doing this from a fresh install of KSP and can't figure out what I might be doing wrong. Has anyone seen or overcome this issue?