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  1. That’s another good question. I’m following this thread because eventually I’ll want to complete a ground circumnavigation of Eve for the Elcano Challenge. I’m saving that for last, for several reasons. One reason being, I’ve never successfully brought anything back into orbit of Eve from the surface. Not even a strut, let alone a Kerbal. So the most likely scenario is any Kerbal I send to Eve’s surface will spend the rest of their life there. Another challenge is getting stuff through the atmosphere without blowing up, and I was happy that @Kerbals_of_Steel found a few of my sugges
  2. The terrain shading issue on Bop has been around for a very long time. Not sure what it’s like in the current version, but in the past I’ve taken rovers to the edges of the terrain issue, and sure enough there were very straight lines on the surface, where the color abruptly changed shades. I believe that issue is visual/graphic only, and does not affect gameplay in any way. Although there are, or have been, other terrain issues on Bop (and other bodies) to watch out for.
  3. That is an impressive number, especially for a vehicle going to the surface of Eve! I tend to get lazy building vessels, and just make them way more massive (and expensive) than they really need to be. Having a ridiculous amount of excess DV solves a lot of problems quickly. I’d give yourself a pat on the back for making a successful Eve lander with a launch weight that low. Also, thank you for reporting back on solutions that ended up working- I was especially interested in the issues you had with heat being transferred in unexpected ways, and how you solved that problem.
  4. Completed a circumnavigation of Pol, for the Elcano challenge. I've now completed Moho, Kerbin, Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Dres , Laythe, and Pol. Looks like Tylo will be next, but that is going to take a long time.
  5. Pol Circumnavigation Complete! I took an equatorial route on Pol, using my standard rover. I think the nuclear pogo-stick would have worked too, but the rover probably was the better choice. Getting There: The Drive: Where to next?
  6. Duna Circumnavigation Complete! I took a polar route around Duna. Starting at the equator, I went up the 80E meridian to the North Pole, then down the 100W meridian to the South Pole, then back up the 80E meridian to the equator. I guess all celestial bodies (in KSP) are like this, but the terrain at the poles is extremely difficult. When you get within 0.5 degrees of either pole, you also need to watch out for bizarre terrain glitches, which should be avoided. Getting There: Photos from the circumnavigation: A few more shots: By the way, I'm still doing
  7. I avoid Eve’s atmosphere at all costs, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. One suggestion is use rocket engines to slow down at Eve, instead of relying on aero braking to cover 100% of your DV needs. Another suggestion which works for me on Kerbin and Laythe (but may not apply at Eve..)- A steeper entry profile often actually reduces overheating problems- if your ship can handle the g-loads. The idea is to spend less time at high altitudes, where you generate a lot of heat from friction, but not much drag. A steep entry takes you to the soupy air quicker, so you decelera
  8. “Transfer Window” can mean different things to different players. One goal might be using the least propellant, another might be minimizing time spent en-route. There might be other goals or criteria. For most players, the search is for a way to reach their target using as little fuel as possible. In that case, there are definitely times which are much better to depart than others. That’s the “window”. It’s absolutely possible to depart at other times, but the cost in fuel or DV will be higher.
  9. That looks fantastic! Not only does it look great, but the part count is kept low- yes the part count is still a big concern for a lot of players. Instead of pasting a lot of the small panels around a tube, you used just 8 panels.
  10. Ike Circumnavigation Complete! Here's the equatorial route I took around Ike. Getting There: The Drive: I have landed the second rover on Duna, but haven't started the drive around Duna yet. I ended up landing on a spot on Duna which has a very slight slope. It's almost perfectly flat, but not quite. And my lander is sliding, maintaining a speed of ~0.1 to 0.2m/s. I'm afraid to drive off, worried that it will start sliding faster, and tip over. The rover is safely deployed on Duna. I guess the worst case is if the lander tips over, I'll have to bring another
  11. I was excited when stock robotic parts appeared, surface refueling is something that challenges me also. Unfortunately, even with the robotic parts I found surface docking too buggy. After countless kraken attacks docking surface vessels resulting in the destruction of both vessels, I gave up. I normally don’t use mods, but that is probably the best solution, as others have mentioned. I just want to run a garden hose from one ship to another one- why isn’t this available in stock? In the past, I’ve used a mining ship which docks to an orbiting refiner. Currently I skip that step-
  12. Completed a circumnavigation of Moho, for the Elcano Challenge. I've now completed Kerbin (by sea), Laythe (by sea), Dres, Gilly, Mun, Minmus, and Moho. Next up will be Duna and Ike, hopefully.
  13. Moho circumnavigation complete! That image about sums up my Moho circumnavigation. I think the shot is only about 10km from where I started, already have a damaged wheel. Moho was tough, both the long rocky drive, and also just getting to Moho. Getting There: Photos of the drive: The Highlands: The Finish! Glad to be finished with Moho, it took longer than I thought it would. I'm considering Duna and Ike next.
  14. Yes, I think 'practical' is the key word. I haven't circumnavigated Bop or Pol yet, those are two places where the pogo-stick might work. I do suspect I could make quicker progress with a wheeled rover on both Bop and Pol, I think it would make more sense to have wheels on those bodies. The pogo-stick was really something I came up with for Gilly, on which rovers are frustrating (for me). The only body I fear more (for circumnavigating) is Eve, I'm saving that one for last. I'll probably do some pogo testing on Bop and Pol, but I'm sure a standard rover will work better on those.
  15. Not sure what’s going on, but here’s an alternate way to initiate a transfer- Left-click on the hatch of the Hitch Hiker container, when the ‘Crew Hatch’ message appears. You should see the option to Eva or Transfer the Kerbals.
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