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  1. Actually, the rings of eve is removed in a recent version.
  2. @AndrewDraws Do you have individual screen shots of every bodies added by the mod with visuals? Because I'm going to make a drawing of this system but I'm not confident that my computer can run the visuals. It's fine if you don't want to share or don't have those screenshots, then I will do the screenshoting myself. Edit: I'll just use photos from the kopernicius wiki as a reference and make my own teeko screenshot for now. But a clearer shot of teeko with its size mentioned would be nice. Edit2: Digged through the files to find Teeko's size, and the screenshot on this thread is enough.
  3. Which planet pack should I draw next? (I planned to do extrasolar next, and other worlds or galaxies unbound after that)
  4. My opinion: 1.Most of the problem with SLS is political, so I'll just accept that. 2.SLS is a very Kerbal and cool rocket, so I really want to see it fly. 3.I hope the gateway will be built eventually, because a space station in lunar orbit is also very cool. 4.I REALLY want to see human landing on the moon, no matter how much the program costs.(Some of you may think SpaceX can do this cheaper, quicker, and better, but I just love SLS.)
  5. JNSQ is upscaled, so it won't be compatible, GEP only(in stock scale of course) probably will work though.