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  1. Would you mind attaching the files??? I cannot find the .JSON file to add the text.
  2. I just updated to the latest version on CKAN and now my procedural avionics window is not showing up. Help!
  3. Interestingly I am still seeing the limit ay 1073K.
  4. Which configs? In OPT_Reconfig? Thanks for the help! For some reason I'm not getting any of the upgrades.
  5. So the OPT parts are not suited for re-entry or is there a way to make them safe to re-enter?
  6. Have a question for some reason I am at SSTOSpaceplanes for RP1 and I cannot re-enter with any of the OPT stuff its still at 1073K.
  7. I'm having the same issue. Everything works fine except I can't close the Whats New Window or click Accept in the settings menu. Makes no sense at all.
  8. I am having issues with Testlite. I cannot see the icon in the tray and I've tried it on 1.8.1, 1.9.x, and 1.10.1. I installed via CKAN and manually from GITHub. There is no errors in the main screen or in my KSP log. Any ideas?
  9. Use the mod Janitors Closet. Its a must have. You click the part and it will remove it from the list. It has two options, one just hides it, the other renames it so it doesn't load. Will save load times too.
  10. Tell me which parts are overpriced and Ill change them for RP-1. I am currently adding a ton of parts to RP-1.
  11. Has anyone tried this on RO? I know the engines may not work, but perhaps the structures will?
  12. * Added EDB (Raiz Space) planes. This is a collection of custom planes uploaded by Youtuber Raiz Space. If I find anymore of his mods on his channel I will add them.
  13. I created a patch for RP-1 for the Airbags and Floats. You can download them on my RP-1 patch thread. [1.8.1] Realistic Progression (RP-0/1) and Realism Overhaul Patches (On Going Project) - Add-on Releases - Kerbal Space Program Forums
  14. * Added MK-33 (X-33 Project) patches added. I tested the mod a little with RO. The project is already rescaled and uses Real Fuels so it worked good but if anyone wants to make RO patches to go along with my RP-1 patches that would be epic. These parts are placed in the 2010's since this was a 1990's project with a 20 year timeline before it was cancelled. * Added Airbags and floats from the USI Exploration mod.
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