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  1. Alright so im not exactly a new Player, But after aproximately 402 play hours (according to steam) i still cant figure out how to get to Duna, Help And Tips Appreciated. EDIT 1:I should mention i have no problem getting to Minmus and the Mun, I've also played RSS with RO and after some time Had no problem doing a manned mission to the Moon.
  2. Somehow i get a fatal error stating that B9 part switch experienced a fatal error and Ksp needs to quit, What can i do to prevent this?
  3. it should be double as long as the normal height map. (Generally depends on how stretched out you want your planet to be)
  4. This seems great, have you Considered adding Soviet Concept Spacecrafts that were later scrapped?
  5. Gregox, How did You Make Ellipsoid Planets? Im Currently working On a Planet System and I wanna include a Elllipsoid planet, But i Dont know what i have to Do. Help Would be Appreciated!