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  1. Enon, being a white dwarf, is exceptionally small. You could increase the radius of Enon inside of the configuration files of the mod (in the objects folder) but don't recommend doing this as it does not make Enon any brighter and as it is of course not the way i intended it to play. What you call "normal scale" is what i assume to be the orbits being around the same place when Ocan would be replacing Kerbin, but this doesn't make sense to me. Final Dawn has been made in the same scale as the stock system, only because the central star is a lot less bright than the sun do the planets have t
  2. i noted the license right below the title of the post bruh
  3. CU, short for Caps's Universe. im only showing development on my discord server for the time being.
  4. the ksp version is 1.9 but the mod version is 0.9. right now i am very slowly working on another update for the mod, but most of my focus is on a different mod
  5. could i become "Caps Lock"? this username is a really old one i came up with when i couldnt think of one i would keep for more than a month but now im confident with keeping it on caps lock, since people know me like this from discord too. Thanks!
  6. of course i will keep supporting both: interstellar editions will always be in second place for mods i make that are originally system replacers, as i too enjoy system replacers more. about the gpp thing, i am planning to make an expansion pack that adds the companion star to enon. glad you like it!
  7. good call. i think im going to update it to 1.0 version first, and then ill make an interstellar edition
  8. if i gotta be honest, its not at all a good mod. the playability is there but boring, the visuals are okay, the concepts are good but theres so many planets that try to be extremely unique that it becomes boring almost instantly. the system is a mess: i just slapped some planets together and called it a mod. play final dawn instead, its actually challenging and it looks much much better and is the result of careful modding.
  9. FINAL DAWN CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Final Dawn is the second and best mod I've published so far. The universe has met it's end, but life keeps struggling: as do the kerbals. As two of the blackest stars collided, heat was released and a system was born. Eager to finally have a place to live again, a desert world was terraformed in the greatest mission to terraform yet. All that's left to do, is to rediscover ancient technology, and to rediscover a system forgotten. Final Dawn, being set around a white dwarf, is very hard relative to other planet packs. Approach with cauti
  10. @ssd21345 are you on the new version of TRI btw? im curious to know whether the scatterer fix worked
  11. scatterer should be fixed with an update i rolled out something like yesterday, but i am not sure about EVE breaking. are you sure you have a mod for EVE configs around the stock system (like AVP, Spectra, SVE)? i couldnt find such a mod in your logs
  12. that is literally exactly word for word what you do when modding planets with kopernicus, the only problem is that nobody cares to explain how to use kopernicus
  13. THE REACH: INTERSTELLAR Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License The Reach Interstellar is an interstellar based planet pack for more advanced players. The system sits at about two kerbal light years distance. The mod is meant to be compatible with several system replacer mods, and with any mod in the Interstellar Consortium. The system in question features 16 landable objects, and a red dwarf binary in the centre. Original mod: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/193279-181-the-reach-planet-pack/&tab=comments#comment-3773652
  14. i cant wait to see this happening! good mod
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