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  1. 1. PC might explode 2. good mod Idea 3. good idea 4. no 5.yes 6. Dres 7.yes 8.Not scientifically possible, but an interesting idea 9. Love it 10. Good mod idea
  2. KSP on the XBox one and PS4 is far behind in terms of updates, With Breaking ground just being announced for KSP enhanced edition and KSP2 being released in 2021. I want to know what everyone on console is doing.
  3. Some Things I would like to be in KSP2: Sensors(ie. light sensors, touch sensors) Kerbal customization Farmer Kerbals Medic Kerbals Parts for boats and other aquatic vehicles Both Making History and Breaking Ground DLCs come with KSP2 3.75 and 5 meter docking ports Fission reactors
  4. Could we get a FTL drive for KSP2? But make it the last thing you can unlock in the tech tree? Also use a lot of power, as a balance?
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