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  1. Have you got trim set accidentally? I think it's Ctrl-x or Alt-x to zero trim.
  2. I'm finding that frequently the DV and numeric burn time show 50% of the correct figures, while the bar at the bottom is correct, so remaining time 0 is when half the bar is empty. This doesn't happen all the time though.
  3. Some additional information for this. After experimenting with editing the save to change the name and state of the craft after release I found that the probe initially has the correct 'Orbiting' status on release, and only changes to 'Landed' when you switch control to it. Hope this helps nail down this annoying bug.
  4. I think the error is the message, I had the message, but switching SAS/RCS back on left the probe controllable (but in a landed state).
  5. KSP Version - 0.11 Operating System and version - Windows 10 64-bit CPU - Ryzen 3650X GPU - NVidia RTX 3600 12Gb Description of the bug. Expected Behavior - Separating a probe from launcher with probe core should leave both in the same flight state. Observed Behavior - Separating a probe from launcher with probe core sets the new probe to Landed, no orbit lines etc are available. Steps to Replicate - Launch a rocket with 2+ probe cores (eg multiple comsat launcher) to orbit. Once in orbit stage away the comsat, the released satellite will be in Landed state. Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) A list of ALL mods. None Other Notes / Screenshots / Log Files (if possible..)
  6. Seems almost random to me, sometimes they work ok, other times revert to default with no indication until my rocket won't turn on launch.
  7. Can confirm this, save and reload needed to get commnet connection after dropping a probe.
  8. Had the decoupler issue with one I built myself as well.
  9. A detailed orbit information window like KER/Mechjeb to give inclination, orbital period to at least the hundredth of a second and other essential parameters for relay networks and such should be added sooner rather than later.
  10. Eagerly awaiting the first giant leap for Kerbalkind
  11. Isn't that what the workspaces allow you to do? I'm probably going to build a set of launchers in individual workspaces for each size, then different payloads can be built in the appropriate workspace to drop onto the launcher as needed.
  12. @kerbnub Go into Scatterer settings (Alt-F10 or Alt-F11 I think) and turn off TAA. Not sure why it's default on 0.772 as it seems totally broken.
  13. Probably better off removing KerbalRenamer, it seems to cause assorted problems with other mods , and I think @OhioBobis dropping it from the pending update of GPP for that reason. Just delete the KerbalRenamer folder from under the GPP folder.
  14. Thanks @maja, real life can be a pain, I try to avoid it as much as possible Now my hordes of nuclear rovers will be able to roam the cosmos again, mwahaha.
  15. GPP has 2.5x and 10x rescales available, but the KK constructs need to be adjusted if you want to use the additional launchsites (took me a couple of hours, would be less now I've done it once and know what I'm doing).
  16. I'm slightly puzzled about an issue I'm having with NFE and SystemHeat in BonVoyage. The compatibility on Github says that this combination is supported, but that only seems to be the case for 1.4.1 (Issue here :- https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/issues/41). I'm currently getting the no generation issue, I didn't have it on a previous save without SystemHeat. I can't find a release of 1.4.1 on Github, how can I find this?
  17. @allista, would it be possible to add the ability for TCA to save engine settings at the point when it is activated, and restore them when switched off? I've been using TCA to control some unbalanced relays during deployment, and have RCS thrusters on low thrust for fine control, but when I switch TCA off they are back to 100% and have to be reset every time.
  18. Try reducing initial TWR for the landing burn to around 2-2.5, gives me average deviation around 2-5 metres on Mun.
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