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  1. @Ben J. Kerman Yeah, I think it sounds great!
  2. @Mythical What planet pack is it from?
  3. Yeah, I used them as well to move it.
  4. Made a video showcasing @ColdJ's pod racer.
  5. I'm in 1.11.2 and have the Persistent Rotation mod, which does affect some of the physics. Here's a pic with CoM and CoT with thrust turned down to 0 for all engines. Not sure if it's supposed to be like this, though.
  6. In your design, are the RCS blocks supposed to make your design go straight up? When I do it it makes the engines up front go up but leaves the buggy on the ground.
  7. @ColdJ So I put in the configs and recreated your pod racer, but I can't get it to hover without it falling back to the ground.
  8. @ColdJ Could I make a video promoting this? I'll give you credit for it.
  9. @Faskimy I'll try to find a way to fix this. I've been thinking of making this a mod of some sort to make it easier, so I could add this as a part of it.
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