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  1. @Urus28 What visual pack are you using?
  2. I made my first spaceplane, a recreation of the X-20 Dyna-Soar. I know there's the WBI Moroz mod, but I just wanted to try doing it with stock parts. Landing was tricky, as it was my first time, and took a couple of quicksave reloads, but I eventually did it, a few kilometers from the KSC. I'll try to make a video about it soon.
  3. @J O N Sounds cool! Reminds me of what was planned by Germany with the A-9 (manned V-2 concept) during WW2.
  4. There's this mod of some kind that I've only seen a couple times now, it's of an Apollo command module except colored white and is red along most of the backside. I just thought it looked stylish and was wondering what the mod was. Here's an image from another thread:
  5. @ValiZockt Is that Camera Tools you're using for that camera sliding effect?
  6. Log #1 - Year 1, Day 1 As anyone would do when starting out career mode, I go inside Mission Control and accept the contract to fly your first vessel, along with the one to get scientific data from Kerbin. The first craft I build is a Mk1 pod with a Mk16 parachute and a KD2 antenna from BDB titled, "Moho". An RT-5 Flea is simply attached to the bottom and, behold, the Moho-Flea! It's really something isn't it? I'll be having my missions named serially, so this one will be Moho 1. Before launching, I extend the antenna and do a crew report, receiving science and funds in return.
  7. So I'm gonna admit this now. For the past year-and-a-half that I've had this game, I've never gone super in-depth with career mode, as sandbox is just kinda my thing. But career mode has gotten my interest for a good few months now, and I just think the mode itself with its technological progression with the tech tree has made me fascinated. Now I'll actually try to play the mode and be able to go past getting into suborbital flight. I've also not posted that much here on the forums, so I'll do more by showing off missions that I do through logs. I'll be having fun with this and I hope yo
  8. @Kerbals_of_Steel I really like that spaceplane design. Looks kind of like Dream Chaser.
  9. @qromodynmc Your design reminds me of the Convair XFY Pogo. Is it what you were going for?
  10. I'm using fighter wheels on my craft and for some reason it's making the craft go in reverse. I've disabled the reverse movement for the wheels and braked, but it's not working. KSP version in 1.8.1 and mod version is 7.15
  11. I've just built an aircraft with mod parts, the landing gear specifically being from the Firespitter mod. Even when I load the craft, it starts moving backwards, but it stops when the engine starts and is put at full thrust. But when I try to land the plane and stop, it begins to go into reverse again. I turned off the reverse movement in the wheels, but it didn't stop. Starting the engine doesn't do anything, nor does braking, only an annoyingly loud noise. What could be the issue?
  12. Seems like an interesting challenge. Are there any mods that you know of that would be prohibited?
  13. @Goaty1208 The mod is Kerbal Konstructs.
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