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  1. Tell me some music that would be good for being in KSP videos. It can be cinematic, space-themed, or anything else that suits being in a video. Make sure to say the artist along with the title.
  2. I wish I could create a mod that does this, but I too don't know much about modding...
  3. I can't find any mods that do that. An alternate way of doing it probably could be taking an engine and test running it on the launch pad. Check the engine's plume size while firing and you could use a part(s) in the VAB to place under the engine to show the size of the plume.
  4. No, I'm sure it's fine as I have done the same thing and I haven't been told any warnings.
  5. There's this mod by TiktaalikDreaming:
  6. @Puggonaut Good job on it, BTW.
  7. You can just select "Report Post" then say that you want the topic deleted. It will eventually be deleted by a moderator.
  8. I don't find much annoying about KSP, just minor things such as wobbly rockets (which is what KJR is for). Other than that, it would probably be getting my ship destroyed or something bad happening and then realizing I didn't save earlier. Not really the game's fault but definitely an annoyance,
  9. What's the diameter of that station?
  10. @trekkist So I did some searching and my best guess might be a book titled, "Hitler's Miracle Weapons (Volume 3)" by Friedrich Georg. I'm pretty sure that it's the correct book as a review on Amazon for the first volume says something about illustrations by "Mr. Shestakov".
  11. I have no idea, I've only tried this on career test saves. I thought it would work on any save type.
  12. I figured out how to make a config for RSS DateTimeFormatter: