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  1. Kind of surprising how this happened 60 years ago.
  2. Yeah, there might be some tweaking needed for it. I found an article (https://io9.gizmodo.com/fly-coast-to-coast-in-40-minutes-via-rocket-plane-453663129) and it describes the rocketplane as also having a ramjet, using it to fly to an airport and land at 150 mph. Even then, the fact that it would be launched vertically (my guess is that it would load the passengers horizontally, and then lifted vertically), including the speeds during ascent, would make it less than ideal for carrying passengers. By the way, I calculated the volume for passenger space if they were to placed in the central
  3. I'll try to figure out the issue. What version are you using?
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Now that you mention it, trying to fit 10 passengers would be a bit overwhelming. While I'm not sure how accurate it is, it does give measurements that shows it would be nearly 3x wider and 2x taller than a V-2. This does make it seem to give a lot more space, though it would probably still be a bit cramped. As for landing, I don't know how it could have landing gear on it and still be stable, but I have seen artwork that gives the design larger wings similar to the A-4b instead of those tiny winglets, and using those may allow for more landing gear space. I'm thinking
  5. I'm not sure. I didn't think it would affect anything other than the date and planets' alignment.
  6. I've heard about this design for a transcontinental rocketplane that could carry passengers across the US in 40 minutes. I decided I wanted to try to make a mod for it, and since it's based on the V-2, I thought maybe it could be useful for connecting with this mod. http://www.astronautix.com/t/tsienspaceplane1949.html
  7. Maybe you could add a module that has ore holding tanks and a convert-o-tron. Probably could be so that you could transfer resources from planets to later turn it into fuel.
  8. Saturn C-8/Nova https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nova_(rocket) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_C-8 http://www.astronautix.com/s/saturnc-8.html
  9. @ColdJ Wow, it's amazing how you were able to do that, nice job! @Dientus I haven't had much experience with it but a common software for making 3d models for parts is Blender. It can take a bit of a learning curve, but it'll become easy the more you learn about it.
  10. Tested my Heavy Mun Lander. It can carry up to 10 crew.
  11. Today I visited Promontory since we live about an hour from it. We got to see the Orbital ATK facility there as well.
  12. I'm in the 1.8 version of KSP. I should probably change it, tho.
  13. I did an expedition to one of the Mun arches. Bob got a chance to use his jetpack and get on top of it.
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