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  1. But this isn't extra content for KSP, it's a new game? Do none of the other games you play have sequels? Do you think you should get those for free as well??
  2. I know this is a video to show off the engine, but the music really stood out to me as well. This game is going to sound amazing
  3. Is there going to be a UK or Euro stockist, or will it always be shipped from the US?
  4. I'll actually try to answer the question, something which not many have done I'll make it very clear that obviously I haven't played KSP2, so there's a lot of assumptions for how it might do things, and I haven't played Starfield, so I'm basing this purely on the details in the original post of this thread. Ship building It looks like KSP2 has made a bit of progress compared to KSP1, but I still think the ships produced will be very generic. I don't know if we'll be able to make interesting looking ship through clipping parts, and having parts overlapping as in KSP1. If we can't, that'll make things even more generic. If we can, it's still a poor way to build things. I guess we'll be able to download mods which have new parts in them. But in general, I don't hold out much hope for ship building in KSP2. The ship building in Starfield looks pretty good. It seems as though you're able to make ships that look interesting and cool, and it looks like you can colour them however you want. I'd give the Ship Building round to Starfield. Base building and resources This looks like it could be great fun in KSP2. I know we haven't seen an awful lot of it, but it was fairly decent in KSP1, and it's supposed to be a major part of the game in KSP2, so I have high hopes for it. This part of Starfield seems like it could be a bit simplistic? It looks like it's a basic 'select the building you want, then click where you want it'? It also sounds as though you wouldn't be able to set up a base near anything that isn't flat-ish terrain, something which doesn't look like it'd be a problem in KSP2. Resources will probably be similar in both games. They're there, you have to collect them. Not sure there's much more detail than that for either game? I'd give the Base building and resources round to KSP2. Exploration & environment This is an interesting one. I know people have gotten excited about something that was said in one of the KSP2 videos, about a pixel of light being a system you can visit, but I think that may have been misunderstood. I don't think every pixel of light will be somewhere you can travel. I think there will be multiple systems, and they'll be different and interesting, but I don't think travel between them will be very common. The fact you're meant to travel to a new system, and then set up a new space centre, means that once you're in a system, you'll use that space centre as you would use Kerbin Space Centre for exploring the Kerbol system. I also expect resources to be available in every system, so you want need to transport stuff from one system to another. Again, I don't know this will be how it works, because I haven't played it, but that's what I think at the moment. The planets that we've seen in the videos so far look amazing. I'd like some features that don't seem to be there, cave systems, flowing water, weather, different surface types and properties (ice should be slippery, boggy ground should be soft and have ships sinking....). Having said all of that, I don't know what the planets in Starfield will be like either! It looks like there will be other species in Starfield, so that's a plus. KSP2 probably won't have anything other than some basic trees and plants. Starfield says it'll have over 100 systems, and over 1000 planets, so I guess there's some procedural stuff going on. The pictures look pretty good, but I don't see it as anything ground-breaking. Probably the closest round, I'm going to call this one a draw. Ship IVA / flight deck / HUD I'm not sure I'm qualified to comment on this too much, I very rarely (if ever) use IVA mode in KSP. I'm just not interested in it. Not when in space, not when driving rovers. It just isn't something I care about. I don't take Kerbals out for walks other than to plant a flag, drop some experiments, or move from a base to a rover. So I'll call this a 'no contest' round. Sorry.
  5. Anyone else got a funny feeling about this Friday? Maybe it's the heat, but I think something might happen
  6. I think I posted somewhere before that an early access / demo version would be good. Something really simple, just to show off the new UI. Limited parts, a system of just Kerbin, or maybe Kerbin and Mun. Probably a bit early for it at the moment, but something like that about 6months from release would be fantastic, imo.
  7. The new career mode they've come up with (adventure mode I think?). How will it work? Will it be contract / milestone driven? Will it be story driven?...
  8. How good a nice new video be today? Some actual 'proper' in game footage to shut up all the doom and gloom merchants.
  9. This is exactly it. Which is why I hope the devs aren't getting caught up in making KSP2 perfect. It doesn't have to be. It can be improved with patches, DLC, or it could even be followed at some point by KSP3. I said this in the thread with the timing update, but please don't aim for perfection. Just make it better than KSP1. It doesn't have to release with everything in place. I'm not interested in 100s of new planets, that can come later. Lots of little steps is better and easier than a few giant leaps.
  10. @RayneCloud It's a pedantic point, but @The Aziz is correct. Fiscal year 2023 ends 31st March 2023. Calendar year 2023 ends 31st December 2023, which is 9months later. So if you wanted to move the fiscal year to match the financial year, you'd have to move it 9months, and not the "3 months or so" stated in the OP.
  11. Am I reading too much into this - Or does that sound to other people as though KSP2 might not be the only Kerbal game being worked on right now?
  12. I wonder if they took on too much for KSP2, and if they'd have been better holding some things back for DLC or even KSP3?
  13. A delay isn't great, but at least this will (hopefully) stop some of the hand wringing that's been happening lately. And, if I tell myself that I can have if for my birthday (which is in May), I shouldn't be too far wrong
  14. Yeah, I kind of wgree with Ahres here. Plus, if Nate was going to comment, he'd have done it already. This stuff has been going on for a good few weeks now.
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