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  1. I don't see why the colonisation features would exclude Kerbin, so one should be able to set up an alternative airfield or launch pad wherever they like.
  2. This really comes down to how well-balanced science progression will be. If, like in the current game, you can reach end-game tech without even leaving Kerbin's SOI, I agree it will be a problem. Getting obscenely-powerful engines as a reward for conquering the majority of the Kerbolar system, however, I don't have a problem with, as the real challenge will then be in getting to other systems and landing on the new exoplanets, and it doesn't matter so much that it trivialises reaching, say, Eeloo.
  3. Do you have a source for this? I've not seen any information about a player cap. I have heard that the redesigned KSC will have (or can be upgraded to have) four launchpads, but this doesn't limit the number of simultaneous players, only simultaneous launches.
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