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  1. This will fix one multiplayer bug i believe (passing info along)
  2. yeah umm you fail
  3. I hope you dont play KSP like you write lyrics
  4. i dont need to give you proof of anything go try them yourself and answer your own question. The reason for "hacky" is because the devs dont have access to the source and have to do workarounds. Like i said if the devs would commit to multiplayer those problems would not exist. Do you have a better solution for the timewarp systems?
  5. I call BS on that one! KMP,DMP,Luna multiplayer all prove that it can!!!!! And having access to the actual source code (which the devs do) this is absolutely possible to do along with craft,mission sharing,screenshot sharing,and time warping among others. I don't know where you got your information from but you are absolutely WRONG! And 99% of the mechanics is already done if the devs would just commit to it and the "hacky" code could be replaced with sound,solid,bug free code thus resulting in a very stable bug-free multiplayer. Just saying! hats off to TheGimp, @GoDarklight , @RockyTV , @Lothsahn , @Dagger
  6. Well thats the end of KSP! The writing has been on the wall since Harvester left. Was a good ride since 2011. Thanks for the multiplayer squad! Cya guys later
  7. Yeah so this project is now dead for now. I may finish it at some point. But I have pretty much left KSP and the community for other projects. I think KSP is gasping its last breaths for development. Good luck KSP and whatever markets you are reaching out to. Im out
  8. does this mean we can get a answer on multiplayer now?
  9. Im sorry but is it being a troll if I agree with you? Im just not excited about this release either. Back To Arma 3 I go o7
  10. yep im still here. no new news to report. I havent worked on it. But she is not forgotten. I am still working with her in blender yesterday as a matter of fact. But not for KSP but for cough ARMA3 cough. It will be VTOL. Scrams will be replaced with a internal weapons bay. And rocket engines with jet engines. A high altitude bomber. Some would say why put it in arma? I say simply "because I want to". And if and when squad ever gets done with this dev cycle I will work on her for KSP. The model is pretty much chopped up and ready for unity. I know you guys may not care about ARMA but im just being honest where I am at with it at the moment
  11. localization still? I'll check back in in another couple of months. Go squad! Hey Roverdude!
  12. I don't know what all these people complaining about...hell no...Go RoverDude you da man!!! \,,/ And yes squad....Charge for that DLC! Let em complain
  13. Free market squad! Get some! If it has more content/functionality I'll buy it heck yeah! I've been here since 2011...I say charge for it! Its not a development update it is a seperate addon/expansion....Charge for it! You might loose some potential buyers but with the localization and branching out you will gain far more. Just charge for it man and keep dev'ing the game. I understand the need for the companys survival and its future...go for it! (i still think the game would sell alot more if it had multiplayer. Also if the expansion was required to join multiplayer so they could play with their friends then even better. Cha ching$$$)
  14. humm lets see. member of forums since july 15th 2011....that would be ksp version 0.8.5 WOW! ksp has come a long ways since then 6 years ago -mindblown
  15. Still waiting on that multiplayer