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  1. This is pretty much a useless thread. We dont even know what the game is going to be like yet.
  2. Improved detailed landscapes servers we can host ourselves explorable interactive IVA (traverse through the ship,airlocks,etc)
  3. How would you like to see Harvester remembered in this game? A Planet named after him? A kerbal? what?
  4. They did say its a complete rewrite of the code (thank god) so the code/api from KSP1 prolly wont work because the variables and methods,functions in the code will all be different. Im guessing most stock assets (not the code just the meshes and textures) will probably be carried over from KSP 1 if you look at the video. Just a guess
  5. what this guy said. especially the part about watching a hole being dug. Im watching the SpaceX starship being built and its the same thing.....A metal <something> was attached and raised up and attached to <some part> of the rocket Most of the work is going on inside of the ship out of view. Be patient guys...its coming
  6. Lol i think multiplayer is a great idea been wanting it for years. For those who dont like the idea of multiplayer 2 things: 1: to bad 2: dont play multiplayer play single player. pretty simple huh? (You have absolutely no argument now ) Me and my friends are going to enjoy every single minute of multiplayer. You know its funny when i was asking about multiplayer in KSP1 I got all these reply's like "I should just deal with it" that KSP will NEVER have multiplayer. (Alot of the same people back then are commenting in this very thread!) Well guess what? Shoe is on the other foot now....YOU should prolly "Just deal with it!" because its coming baby! Whooo Hoooo!
  7. Voxel terrain in a limited way. Possibly a drill head/bit part for under ice exploration to go with user constructed water craft. (think ice world with ocean underneath (Europa)) on the PQS. Also enhanced IVA. (Move through interior of ship/station/craft)
  8. no no its cool i like your opinion. I do find it puzzling a little. let me explain. Over the years on this forum i was a BIG advocate for multiplayer (ksp1) I was frankly shocked by how many people were opposed to multiplayer in KSP. For various reasons mind you. Some were performance concerns some were realisim breaking concerns and some were just "leave the game alone" concerns some were "multiplayer isnt possible in KSP". My argument was "Just because it has multiplayer does not mean you have to use it just play single player." All of them were proven wrong with the luna multiplayer mod. But here we are with KSP2 now with multiplayer being developed in parallel with the game and I have not heard one negative feedback about it. I find it puzzling. Now move forward and here i am throwing out an idea about Voxel terrain. You are the second one that is opposed to it. And I understand where you are coming from. But now i find myself going back to those multiplayer discussions back in the day and thinking hummmm What if? But thanks for you honest comments. Good conversation. Thanks
  9. i hear ya. Was just thinking though a ice covered moon like Europa with a ocean under the ice. How you going to get to it without drilling?
  10. i hear ya. Was just thinking though a ice covered moon like Europa with a ocean under the ice. How you going to get to it without drilling? Just seems like a waste for all those underwater craft/parts to not do it. Besides isnt it the PQS system that has to render everything anyways and its already in the game. What difference would it make to render surface "A" or the now changed surface "B"? Up close at terrain level may lead to some load at the time of editing but at a distance should decrease load because PQS is decreasing?
  11. Exactly i was thinking same thing. I guess it depends on how well the new version of KSP2 runs performance wise compared to KSP1. No way it would work in KSP1. Perhaps KSP2 will be optimized enough that it wont take a super computer to do it. No mans sky pulls this off quite well for example