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  1. [1.3.1] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    Oh crap you guys are working on this and have a little dev team? Good news. I thought this project was dead! Awesome! Ill test it out when i get home. So have all stages of packed vessels been worked out from on the ground (landed) all the way to orbit and docking? What method did you guys use to track ground terrain? raycasting still? So will i actually see a proper vessel position when landing next to a friends vessel on the mun for example? how is jitter?
  2. agreed...nope! not happening!
  3. KSP Weekly: Expedition 1

    Multiplayer ,just, multiplayer. New features in Unity 2017.3
  4. KSP Weekly: Godspeed, John Glenn

    44 posts so far. I remember when there were page after page after page of forum posts during weekly. now only barely 2 pages. wow
  5. KSP Weekly: Godspeed, John Glenn

    Just because you guys see some "parts" in there doesn't mean they are going to be in the new release. They may be in there just for testing\debugging or whoever took the screenshot may just had custom parts in there. Doesn't mean anything IMO
  6. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    @JPLRepo I dont know if you guys are aware but devs from other games are starting to have issues with Unity 2017. Just a FYI in case you are not aware. link below:
  7. [1.3] kOS v1.1.3.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    so what is needed here is a "quicksave" vessel state before packing?
  8. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    Was just givin roverdude a lil jab. (little inside twitch humor). Hey JPL you didnt respond to my previous post......
  9. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    shoutout @Roverdude can do both just saying. /shoutout
  10. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    Just lie to me and tell me we are getting multiplayer down the road. I would buy the game all over again...just ...just...lie to me
  11. [1.3] kOS v1.1.3.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    well then there ya go....thanks. I got confused with all the different versioning on github. o7 I didnt realize there was that big a difference in KSP API 1.3.0>1.3.1. Should prolly add a zero on github to read " v1.1.3.0 (for KSP 1.3) Bug Swatting Release to read v1.1.3.0 (for KSP 1.3.0) Bug Swatting Release" I see now that it does say that in the little multi color boxes above the title. But anyways. I reverted back to ksp 1.3.0 and it loads so all is well
  12. [1.3] kOS v1.1.3.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    I only have this mod installed. It crashes KSP on loading screen everytime. KSP 32 or 64 bit in windows 10. if somebody can give me a hand getting KOS to load. Logs are here: output_log.txt error.log