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  1. did is been done did! Yes sir! lol well said! :fistbump: i hope they dont port it over to ANY console game myself! They are just asking for a bunch of needless headaches
  2. the man, the legend, Rover "The blender Shredding" Dude!!!!
  3. @Nate Simpsonwhat unity asset you guys use for crater creation on the planet?
  4. @dr dodd you definitely got your hands full tackling this one and its not a easy one. Good luck
  5. LMP only fails because its limited to KSP fails such as the games positioning system. Darklight has pointed this out many times. Requests by the LMP and other devs have fallen on KSP devs deaf ears. Have you ever wondered why a parked craft on a runway tends to slowly slide one way with brakes on? Remember all the problems with the landing gears and tires? Ever wonder why the game trys to freak out when transitioning from surface (packed and unpacked) to orbit? Or how the craft freaks out when doing a atmospheric reentry? Yeah......thats all on KSP! But hey we got planet/part revamps and plushie toys
  6. oh it has EVERYTHING to do with how KSP1 was built. The code is/was a nightmare!
  7. just curious because the positioning system in KSP1 caused ALOT of issues for the multiplayer mod. Jitter,orbits and trajectories off, etc. Thanks for replying
  8. no mach/shock diamonds in the exhaust stream?
  9. just as long as this works with multiplayer positioning then whatevs. You guys did consider multiplayer positioning when thinking about this correct?
  10. lol why does that not surprise me? smh what a joke nothing posted in here since a year. This thing is dead folks. dont let them fool you EDIT: I did not see the other recent posts in dev diary. I hereby humbly recant my statement above in favor of a wait and see approach
  11. yeah....its methane those mach/shock diamonds are not easy to recreate. Been trying to get just the right look and feel in blender for starship raptors engines is a challenge
  12. im not holding out hope for this game. i dont think its going to happen honestly
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