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  1. So like the title says. What part of 2020 Q1, Q2 , Q3, Q4?
  2. yep i found it. Well im not impressed by them using unity. And i see they havent learned their lesson by porting it to consoles. we will have to see how this goes
  3. where did you find that at? got a link?
  4. speaking of engines...what engine is KSP 2 going to use?
  5. no i dont think the heights will change just the textures/rendering on the planets. The noise (which i think is what they use to give it the heights) should not be affected
  6. I have to ask--where did you get that headbanger Kerbal GIF you use for your profile pic?

    1. Redneck


      i made it in blender, animated it in a scene then transformed that movie file it into a gif online

    2. LitaAlto


      It looks absolutely amazing. Great work, and keep on rocking! \m/

    3. Redneck


      thank you

  7. lol send me your positive vibes and think about the "but if it does work" part of it. These forums will once again blow up with activity and hopefully some money in the ol KSP coffers again
  8. well maybe one of the devs will think about it and decide "oh what the hell, lets try it" All im asking is one day! One day! Throw that unity voxel system in the video into a test build of the game and get some kind of result. Thats it! I will even buy it for them off the unity asset store on one condition. That they have to show me their progress so i know i didnt waste my money. (i wont share anything with the public including PM's ,screenshots etc.... sign whatever NDA they want me to) Dev's (not modders) PM me if you are interested. Im not playing, i am totally serious. or even this one by same author
  9. you are probably right on all those points. But with interest in KSP dwindling it could breathe new life into the game if successful. KSP 2.0 "Prospecting Edition" has a nice ring to it dont it? But yeah just do revamps until KSP dies i guess :shrug:
  10. all im asking is that the devs at least try it! Or at least open up the code on the pqs system so that modders could tinker with it
  11. minimal as you are subtracting from the terrain not adding to it. reducing polys/triangles on the mesh. They could always add a tick box in the settings to enable or disable "Voxel Terrain" system
  12. any chance we can get voxel support for planets while you guys are revamping the planets anyways to add a whole new dimension of mining and resource gathering to KSP? come on devs i know you can pull this off! ol' Jeb needs something to do! Cant this or something like this be added to the already existing quad tree sphere of a planet? Step 2: Assign a tool/part for players to build that requires fuel or power requirements to be met. No different than any other part/tool in KSP right?
  13. A enhanced IVA where you can get out of seat and roam around the internals go out airlocks etc and interact with buttons and switches and props. Something new and meaningful instead of part revamps. if you search the forums for "enhanced IVA" a modder was trying to make it happen but without access to source code i guess he gave up. i believe there is a youtube video as well in the thread
  14. yey new expansion. So.....whats the next great rework going to be? How about IVA?