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  1. oh it has EVERYTHING to do with how KSP1 was built. The code is/was a nightmare!
  2. just curious because the positioning system in KSP1 caused ALOT of issues for the multiplayer mod. Jitter,orbits and trajectories off, etc. Thanks for replying
  3. no mach/shock diamonds in the exhaust stream?
  4. just as long as this works with multiplayer positioning then whatevs. You guys did consider multiplayer positioning when thinking about this correct?
  5. lol why does that not surprise me? smh what a joke nothing posted in here since a year. This thing is dead folks. dont let them fool you EDIT: I did not see the other recent posts in dev diary. I hereby humbly recant my statement above in favor of a wait and see approach
  6. yeah....its methane those mach/shock diamonds are not easy to recreate. Been trying to get just the right look and feel in blender for starship raptors engines is a challenge
  7. im not holding out hope for this game. i dont think its going to happen honestly
  8. i almost felt sorry for the little guy panicking. Good stuff though thanks for the sneak peek
  9. thank you for this. Ive been wondering how they would handle the positioning. To bad they cant add that into KSP 1. Prolly to late into development to change all that might break some mods as well. But if they did we could have a very precise multiplayer mod in KSP 1
  10. I dont understand why people would be against a separate map window. If you dont want to use it then dont. Its that simple. You loose NOTHING! But why try to shoot down the idea for the rest of us that do want it? They did the same thing for ksp 1 when we mentioned multiplayer. If you dont like it then dont use it. Why is that concept so hard to comprehend? Does the idea of a separate map window ruin your day? Does it put you in a bad mood? What seems to be the problem?
  11. i still think its a bad idea. And yes if you want to play the game a pc is always an option. Those consoles are not cheap and there is no modding. New Cell phones? those are not cheap either. So why is a pc not an option?
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