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  1. im not holding out hope for this game. i dont think its going to happen honestly
  2. i almost felt sorry for the little guy panicking. Good stuff though thanks for the sneak peek
  3. thank you for this. Ive been wondering how they would handle the positioning. To bad they cant add that into KSP 1. Prolly to late into development to change all that might break some mods as well. But if they did we could have a very precise multiplayer mod in KSP 1
  4. I dont understand why people would be against a separate map window. If you dont want to use it then dont. Its that simple. You loose NOTHING! But why try to shoot down the idea for the rest of us that do want it? They did the same thing for ksp 1 when we mentioned multiplayer. If you dont like it then dont use it. Why is that concept so hard to comprehend? Does the idea of a separate map window ruin your day? Does it put you in a bad mood? What seems to be the problem?
  5. i still think its a bad idea. And yes if you want to play the game a pc is always an option. Those consoles are not cheap and there is no modding. New Cell phones? those are not cheap either. So why is a pc not an option?
  6. i could care less about the console version. Why, after alllllllllll the trouble porting to console in KSP1, would they even, for a split second, consider KSP2 on console? Money! thats the only reason. It means nothing but trouble down the line. Ive said it before and ill say it again DONT DO IT!!!!!!!! "mission control" If its web-based then anyone can simply goto player 4 web address (permissions) and all can see the same map and tracking and telemetry If its web based you could have the map on a cell phone or tablet. All im saying is for people with one screen the map will look th
  7. exactly right. This is why back in 2012/2013/2014 when squad said they would add multiplayer later in KSP1 i called BS as soon as i read it.
  8. forcing bloated code on you in what way? If you dont want a undocked map view then dont use the damm thing. :shrug: If you worried about a couple more lines of code to undock a window your computer prolly wont run the game anyways. Oh Hey Mr Dev guys. Yeah ummmm AlamoVampire cant run the game on his 10 year old computer. Would you guys mind dumbing down the game and leaving out some features because some of us, for whatever reason, choose to run your new state-of-the-art game on a dinosaur computer? Thanks bottom line is this. It will have multiplayer. If you dont want it then dont use it
  9. I hope the KSP2 devs allows pc players to undock the map view and have it on a separate monitor or even have a web-based map view in a web browser.
  10. @Nate Simpson looks good thanks for sharing. Anything you can share about KSP2 positioning system compared to KSP1? (other than it works? lol)
  11. ummm.....right! PQS system, garbage collector and Multiplayer THATS what im talking about... go squad!!!! :thumbsup:
  12. what does COVID have to do with coding and testing? You guys cant code from home? You code, commit changes to repository, download and test. You can do this from home. You can teleconference any meetings. Yeah im not buying this excuse at all. There is absolutely no reason they cant develop this game from anywhere in the world with the devs in separate locations. Please dont treat us like kids like squad did. Just tell us the truth! Come on man whats the REAL reason? I bet I know!
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