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KSP2 Release Notes - Update v0.1.3.0

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  • KSP Team

KSP2 Update v0.1.3.0 Release Notes

:1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): <-- This rocket denotes an issue or change that community members directly helped by sharing or suggesting it to our dev team. Thanks to all of you who send in bug reports and suggestions!

Bug Fixes 


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3):  Fixed: fairing editor button stays on the cursor when moving fairing in the VAB [1] [2
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: fairings don't properly get out of the way in the VAB internal/exploded mode [1]
  • Fixed: fairing length slider gets stuck after reverting to the VAB from flight
  • Fixed: lower stage Delta-V displays 0 when adding an empty stage above an engine in the VAB
  • Fixed: changing radial symmetry count after placing the first part of a strut causes the strut to break
  • Fixed: Log error in some situations when selecting the visibility mode icon on an interstage fairing
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: toggling control surface in wing editor fails to remove control surface when editing multiple wings
  • Fixed: VAB becomes unresponsive after clicking the fairing edit button and doing an unrelated action
  • Fixed: when holding ALT and hovering over part in the VAB, part asset name shows instead of part name
  • Fixed: wrench icon appears before placement of procedural wing


  • Adjusted PQS transition range for Vall
  • Integrated KSC trees into mesh scatter system, reducing lines of code and improving performance
  • Added level of detail to aviation lights at KSC
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: some lights have missing textures when viewed at KSC [1]


  • Adjusted over-reflectivity of Kerbal eye materials
  • Fixed: "Bobus" ladder does not provide seamless transition to adjacent ladders
  • Fixed: Bill's and Bob's eyes have incorrect symmetry and color settings [1]
  • Fixed: placeholder notification text displayed when Kerbal performs an EVA
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: time-warp keyboard shortcuts are still active when typing in details for planted flags [1] [2] [3] [4]

Flight & Map

  • Added ability to toggle visibility of some 3D map elements
  • Added multijoint system for wings that places a scalable array of four joints along the length of the wing root
  • Added new IVA Kerbal animation to show reaction to and recovery from non-catastrophic impact events
  • Added player setting to allow toggling of Navball in Map view
  • Added settings for toggling tooltips and for setting default throttle
  • Fixed: activating or staging an engine causes decouplers and fairing shrouds below that engine to stage
  • Fixed: brake activation applies to multiple vessels simultaneously after undocking
  • Fixed: camera drifts away from recently-decoupled vehicles
  • Fixed: changes made to landing gear friction level settings in the VAB do not propagate to flight
  • Fixed: countdown does not pause when time warp is paused
  • Fixed: gantry positioning code produces errant event registrations
  • Fixed: imprecise cloud shadow masking causes aura when shadow appears behind vehicle
  • Fixed: in-cockpit Kerbals sometimes show T-pose due to corrupted fidget animations
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: inline drag calculations use incorrect facing directions when calculating cross sectional area [1]
  • Fixed: XM-G50 Radial Air Intake intake drag cube oriented incorrectly
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: instances of decoupled sections remain linked when decoupling a non-command root part that is separated from a command part by an engine mount [1]
  • Fixed: Kerbal flag-planting and flag object animation de-synchronize when time-warp is used
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: Landed EVA Kerbals disappear when a vehicle time warps into their physics range
  • Fixed: Inactive crash course warning is fired when vehicle is placed on the launchpad or when player returns to KSC from flight
  • Fixed: Inactive crash course warning occurs when a Kerbal performs EVA at the launchpad "
  • Fixed: landed vehicles cause torrent of VesselLandedAtRest spam
  • Fixed: launch gantry does not adjust position to accommodate wide vehicles on launcpad
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: Launching "Jumping Flea" vehicle causes null states [1]
  • Fixed: NaN displayed in the drag/lift ratio value. Still future work to do here.
  • Fixed: NRE errors occur when parts get destroyed
  • Fixed: Out of Electricity message event fails to trigger when EC depleted
  • Fixed: some docking ports fail to release when undocking
  • Fixed: structural tubes don't occlude aerodynamic drag
  • Fixed: strut joint is misclassified as "lingering" and automatically destroyed when loaded to launchpad
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: symmetrically-attached radial decouplers eject with different forces [1]
  • Fixed: thermal indicator generates log spam
  • Fixed: undocking docking port destroys vehicle if it has wheels or wings attached to it
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: undocking vehicle sections that are connected with struts fails to detach struts [1]
  • Fixed: ground parts remain attached to the main assembly when their parent part is destroyed"
  • Fixed: vehicle falls through terrain when returning it to focus after launching another vehicle outside its physics range
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: vehicle teleports inside Kerbin when partial fuel depletion event triggers during time-warp [1]
  • Fixed: when loading a second vehicle to launchpad after first vehicle has been destroyed, launch button shows "No Stages" and is not clickable
  • Fixed: wingtip vortices display incorrectly due to incorrect case handling for contextual events
  • Planetshine adjusted to improve reflected lighting on vehicles above the Mun, Minmus, and Eeloo

FX and Audio

  • Adjusted VFX for launch clamps
  • Adjusted VFX positioning for procedural engine plate shrouds and interstage fairings
  • Fixed: Log spam every frame when air intake makes contact with the ground
  • Replaced raycast-based lens flare occlusion with depth-based occlusion
  • Added pixel-count solution to correlate lens flare intensity with nearest star's visible area"
  • Updated VFX for stack separators and decouplers


  • Fixed: "Go" button text field too small for some translated text
  • Fixed: bold text illegible in some Asian languages
  • Fixed: for some languages, anti-aliasing settings have incorrect localization
  • Fixed: for some languages, non-localized celestial body name appears on SOI entry
  • Fixed: in some languages, "Fly Safe" placeholder vehicle name not translated
  • Fixed: incorrect word order on burn timer UI
  • Fixed: localization missing from Kerbal EVA controls window
  • Fixed: orientation cube text obscures 3D vehicle icon in some languages
  • Fixed: pre-made vehicle information in Save/Load window is incorrectly localized
  • Fixed: some text in Settings menu not localized
  • Fixed: part description for HFT ""Spherotron"" Hydrogen Fuel Tank not localized" [1]
  • Fixed: the Enter Text text box for the Campaign Name is displayed in English while creating a new game in a foreign language
  • Fixed: the Velocity tab's 'Target' text is not translated when observed in any language other than English
  • Fixed: tutorial dialogues have minor bugs in some languages
  • Fixed: unlocalized strings appear in staging stack


  • Fixed: LoadByLabel not properly respecting assets in addressables in mod asset bundles. Labelled addressables should load properly now


  • Added new compute kernel to improve terrain performance by reducing rendering of non-visible detail
  • Optimized cloud shader algorithm to improve GPU performance
  • Implemented job system to handle per-part water detection (for 150 part vehicle, CPU time reduced from 10ms to 1.5ms)
  • Optimized and improved quality of lens flares by using a commandbuffer
  • Optimized cloud rendering when camera is below cloud layer
  • Optimized GPU and memory usage for water rendering by using stencil buffers and new shaders
  • Optimized KSC instancing to reduce draw calls
  • Optimized Part Manager by removing several layout groups
  • Optimized per-engine point lights by turning off shadows
  • Optimized PQS terrain textures to reduce memory usage
  • Optimized rendering of 3D UI elements in VAB and flight
  • Optimized scatter object performance by using more compact scatter spawn buffers to reduce GPU memory usage
  • Optimized tesselation factor for medium and low quality water to improve GPU performance
  • Optimized water tesselation factor for water viewed from high altitude
  • Optimized runtime CPU performance for water rendering by updating some properties less than once per frame"
  • Reduced GPU memory used by local space shader by 75%
  • Reduced low- and medium-quality cloud texture sizes for Kerbin, Duna, Eve, and Laythe 
  • Removed unnecessary logging for time warp interpolation
  • Updated Eve's shorelines to reduce visual blockiness and improve CPU and memory usage
  • Fixed: cloud shadows are broken on Eve
  • Fixed: clouds have dark edges
  • Fixed: memory leaks triggered by loading saved games, loading tutorials, and reverting to VAB
  • Fixed: the game crashes when attempting to view the EULA and Privacy Policy in Russian [1]
  • Fixed: trees vanish before they are completely off-screen
  • Fixed: scatter objects render at first level of detail at all distances"

Parts and Stock Vessels

  • Added A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S part
  • Added Clamp-O-Tron Inline Docking Port, Clamp-O-Tron Shielded Docking Port, and Mk2 Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port parts
  • Added Cornet, Trumpet, and Tuba engine parts 
  • Added S3-28800 Methalox fuel tank part
  • Adjusted MEM-125 Engine Mount color mask and part size to match similar parts
  • Added auto in-flight switching for multi-mode engines like the Rapier
  • "Sustainer" descriptor added to appropriate engine subtitles
  • Increased breaking force for wings, control surfaces, and stabilizers
  • Methane engines are now surface-attachable
  • Fixed:  RTC "Rottweiler" truck chassis has incorrectly-oriented stack attach node and low texture resolution
  • Fixed: "Statistics" header not properly localized in VAB
  • Fixed: air intake parts display unnecessary sliders in VAB Part Manager
  • Fixed: gimbal animation code causes log spam
  • Fixed: intake air listed as a transferrable resource in the Resource Manager
  • Fixed: mesh for SRB-KD25k "Kickback" Solid Fuel Booster is 7.5 degrees from correct rotation
  • Fixed: non-convex collision mesh for RF-AD 2000 Mk3 to Mk2 Methalox Adapter causes error message
  • Fixed: small nosecone base diameter does not match small stack parts
  • Fixed: stack node position on Mk1 "Explorer" Command Pod slightly misaligned [1]

Saving and Loading

  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: TravelLog Manager causes runaway save file inflation [1]
  • Fixed: vehicle spawns beneath terrain when loading saved game with EVA Kerbal in focus
  • Fixed: interstage fairing size does not persist correctly when loading a workspace
  • Fixed: after launching a vessel, loading into a different game save with a flight in progress, and then reverting to the VAB, an incorrect vehicle from another game save is loaded
  • Fixed: descriptions disappear when making new workspace save from a stock vehicle workspace
  • Fixed: Log fills with autosave spam
  • Fixed: autosave cooldown timers don't trigger
  • Fixed: thumbnails for saved games sometimes incorrectly display transparency


  • Enabled dragging tutorial windows by headers
  • Fixed: fail state dialog does not properly display when failing some tutorials
  • Fixed: feature image for "Orbital Transfers" tutorial is incorrect
  • Fixed: player-adjusted position of tutorial message box does not persist
  • Fixed: subtitles missing from various sections of Orbits are Weird tutorial


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Added Flight HUD UI scaling in player settings
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Added player-controllable splash screen bypass ability 
  • Added description to the "Tab Away Audio" player setting
  • Added notification when F5 is used to quicksave
  • Added player setting to toggle visibility of Vessel/Object labels
  • Added stock vessel filter to KSC launchpad menu
  • Game View UI element is hidden when there is no active vessel
  • Updated section names in input settings
  • Updated settings menu user interface
  • Updated UI for VAB header, launch assembly icon, fairing construction icons, procedural editing icon, fairing visibility icon, and root part icon
  • Enabled configuration of unique spawn points for tutorial dialogs for each tutorial lesson
  • Fixed: code error in main menu when trying to access a deleted object
  • Fixed: implementation of localized File Date/Time is incorrect for regional formatting
  • Fixed: in some languages, incorrect capitalization used in text for Pause Menu options
  • Fixed: in wing editor, text has incorrect linebreak in some languages
  • Fixed: insufficient campaign save window height causes text overlap
  • Fixed: large values in the Tracking Station's Celestial Body Information panel are too long due to absence of large-magnitude unit conversions
  • Fixed: launchpad location button selection state does not change when deselected
  • Fixed: normal/anti-normal markers on Navball don't match SAS icons
  • Fixed: not possible to re-bind "E" key in input settings/controls [1]
  • Fixed: part info tooltip text overlaps in some languages
  • Fixed: part tooltip appears behind part icon
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: passive notifications remain visible when UI is toggled off using F2 [1]
  • Fixed: stage numbering reverses after switching focus between decoupled vehicles [1]
  • Fixed: staging stack drop line indicators appear in the middle of stages instead of between them
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: text layout for burn timer does not accommodate long text [1]
  • Fixed: trip planner layout does not allow longer localized text
  • Fixed: users cannot back out of the Privacy Policy window after exiting to the Main Menu from gameplay [1]
  • Fixed: VAB part module text extends beyond info panel bounds in some cases
  • Fixed: when a vehicle is destroyed via the object picker in Tracking Station, parent celestial body list entry does not close  



If you'd like to provide feedback about this build, there are many different ways to do so:

Submit Feedback through the Game Launcher

Suggest a Change on the Forums

Join us on Discord to discuss potential changes

Bug reports should be shared to:

KSP Forums Bug Reports

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  • KSP Team

Thanks to these forum members (and many more!) for submitting bug reports that directly led to many of the fixes included in this patch:

@Fermentation, @NoobAlike, @axxessdenied, @supertiefighter, @FlazeTheDragon, @boolybooly, @jclovis3, @mdkendall, @VecTorr, @Anth12, @Koddra, @markyy, @Gaberz, @Davidian1024, @Sivako Aerospace, @Jatwaa, @Suppise, @schlosrat, @Damon, @vianna77, @Greyflex

A big thank you to everyone who has submitted bug reports so far. We appreciate everyone's contributions to helping us reach new heights for KSP2.

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6 minutes ago, ShadowZone said:

Long fix list is long.

Where are my reading glasses?

please do a video! i been waiting for a video out of you about ksp 2! the way you do videos and stuff i don't mind watching hours on it.

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While the list is rather long, the total amount of fixes is the least of the so far three patches. Also, the amount of community reported items has sunk to ten percent this time around. Neither of these things is necessarily bad, because some of the items in 0.1.3 might have been a lot more effort than some in 0.1.1

I am not trying to say anything, I just like numbers :D

  Total items Community % of total
0.1.1 281 42 15%
0.1.2 173 36 21%
0.1.3 165 17 10%

Also: AIRBRAKES! Be right back, gotta try a few things...

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  • Community Manager
1 minute ago, ShadowZone said:

Also, the amount of community reported items has sunk to ten percent this time around.

There were a lot of issues that made it into this patch that came from the community, just the source was lost in translation over the past few months. I'd bet a few of the above lines could be credited to you as well!

Moving forward, with the new bug report form, there will definitely be more opportunities for us to highlight the community's contributions to KSP2's development.

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Still missing fixes for 3 of the most annoying issues that have been around since launch day:

  1. Decaying orbits
  2. Invalid/incorrect trajectories
  3. Decoupled/undocked parts with probe cores unresponsive

Unless I missed seeing them in there, or in a previous patch, the game remains somewhat unplayable.

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has the issue where trajectories in other soi's display wrong been fixed? i dont see it in the list but maybe i overlooked it since its a long list. that is basically the number one thing i am waiting for right now.

also, the asymetric eyes were not intentional but a bug? i am glad about that since i really did not like that

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  • Community Manager
3 minutes ago, Scarecrow71 said:

Still missing fixes for 3 of the most annoying issues that have been around since launch day:

  1. Decaying orbits
  2. Invalid/incorrect trajectories
  3. Decoupled/undocked parts with probe cores unresponsive

Unless I missed seeing them in there, or in a previous patch, the game remains somewhat unplayable.

We'll have some updates to share tomorrow (in Nate's Dev Update) on bug fixes that slipped to v0.1.4 including trajectory changing through SoI and others.

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Just my luck that my PC is temporarily out of action as the patch drops :(

Looks like a nice long list of fixes, in any case.  I'll have to boot up this patch to see what's improved when I get the chance - even if I end up leaving it to mature for longer as I have for the past couple months.

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Congrats on the release! It's only been like 40 minutes or so but initial reports from the server look like 20-50% framerate uplift across the board depending on your setup, with noticeable gains for those on midrange hardware.

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2 minutes ago, Kavaeric said:

Congrats on the release! It's only been like 40 minutes or so but initial reports from the server look like 20-50% framerate uplift across the board depending on your setup, with noticeable gains for those on midrange hardware.

my gpu is deciding to take poos for some reason rtx 3070


99% utilization jumps from 5 fps to 80 fps in the same scene..

insane stable fps in map mode however.

just grabbed this perfect example





112 fps+ this build use to do 50-60 and ultra rare 70fps.. but this stuttering is problematic, no idea what is causing it

it just decides to "dip" for no reason for minutes at a time and a sometimes fix is to go to the map and go back to the craft.. the fps is unstable (it isn't the fps its the frametimes)

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