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  1. we, as a society, have evolved past the need for Bill
  2. The train is now without a conductor. May god help us all
  3. Verified this on my machine as well. I have 56 hours in game according to Steam, and exporting the key gives a file that's 20 MB
  4. I would like to once again propose* that life support be made up of SNACKs: • Shelter (Each Kerbal must have their own living space) • Nutrition (Each Kerbal consumes an amount of food and water each day and produces a proportional amount of waste that must be disposed of, brought back, or recycled) • Air (Each Kerbal consumes an amount of breathable gas per minute and produces waste gas that must be disposed of or recycled) • Companionship of Kerbals (Think of the Social bar indicator in The Sims; each Kerbal has their own tolerance for lack of social interaction (introverted ones need less socializing and extroverted ones need more) but, if a Kerbal is going to be spending months or years in isolation, it will negatively impact their performance or happiness or whatever metric we're using) Maybe the gameplay loop for this, instead of just plonking a bunch of specialized parts onto your craft to fulfill each requirement, is that you get to edit and customize the interior of crew modules and cabins. Like, in the VAB, you could select a crew cabin and enter the Cabin Assembly Editor. You're given the empty interior of a crew cabin and get to place furniture and devices (CO2 scrubbers, food grow areas, sleeping sacks, toilets, etc) and whatnot in it. * I really don't know if this would actually be fun and interesting, or if it'd be tedious. I'm deffo not a game designer. I just think the acronym is cute.
  5. I love this idea, as long as, like in Spider-Man, there's a difficulty option that bypasses these. They could add some flavor, but I can see them becoming extremely tedious for those who don't like these kinds of puzzles.
  6. This video is just about the visual effects, not the thermal or aero effects. The VFX is being worked on separately from the mechanical gameplay effects. Presumably we'll see more about the latter as we get closer to re-entry heating being released.
  7. We did some sleuthing on the Discord and, from what we can tell, the Windows lock screen in the background around the 20-second mark appears to read Friday, July 21. So, these effects may already be over a month old now which, if they looked this good then, presumably look even better now
  8. You know, I love the new navball colors and love that they give a clear indication of which velocity mode you're in, but I had also assumed that the colors were chosen with accessibility in mind. And that they apparently weren't is a huge bummer. It's 2023. There's no longer any excuse for any development team consisting of more than one unpaid person to (apparently) disregard accessibility like this, or to treat it as a nice-to-have. Nate's talked about how every new feature is designed and tested with multiplayer in mind. Accessibility should be even more fundamental than that. If the UX team is lacking someone who can be an in-house expert on accessibility, that seriously needs to be rectified imho tbh
  9. Reported Version: v0.1.4 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 Pro | CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X | GPU: RX 7900 XTX | RAM: 32 GB DDR5 This is likely an extension of the issue where hotkeys aren't disabled when inputting text sometimes, but I haven't tested thoroughly. In the main menu, when creating a campaign, I was entering text in the Campaign Name field. When typing "1" on the numpad (the "Mute" hotkey), the audio mutes. Pressing it again brings the audio back. I found that the same thing happens when typing "2" on the numpad (the Mute Music hotkey). I haven't tested to see if these hotkeys are also not disabled while entering text in other places (in the VAB or on a flag, for example); I only noticed this in the text fields when creating a new game. *Note: @Anth12 had removed this bug report due to a misunderstanding but after talking to him, he asked me to resubmit it
  10. I think an improvement would even be a subtle camera move. Like, as if the camera is mounted to a very tall tower that's swaying slightly in the wind.
  11. I realized that once I got past the menu and tried hitting them again. Still, hotkeys should be deactivated when inputting text.
  12. Reported Version: v0.1.4 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 Pro | CPU: Ryzen R9 3900X | GPU: RX 7900 XTX | RAM: 32 GB DDR5 This is likely an extension of the issue where hotkeys aren't disabled when inputting text sometimes, but I haven't tested thoroughly. In the main menu, when creating a campaign, I was entering text in the Campaign Name field. When pressing "1" on the numpad, the music cuts out, as if muted. Pressing it again brings the music back. When testing other numpad keys, I found that "2" also stops the music, but adds a reverb effect, so it kind of sounds like the music fades out over a couple seconds. This doesn't appear to happen with the number keys at the top of the keyboard; just the numpad.
  13. This made me look through some of the posts in that thread again and came across this one. It made me do a really uncomfortable laugh.
  14. I'm not sure if my experience is related at all (these zigs and zags are really tight and bizarre) but I've definitely had orbit lines not tessellate properly in some circumstances. For example, in highly elliptical orbits, when my craft is near apoapsis but my camera is near periapsis, that sort of thing, the orbit lines get pretty jaggy. An example of how it looks is in the videos in this post, in the areas where the camera's frustum aren't covering (and are therefore not being tessellated much):
  15. I'm assuming the reason for limiting the amount of resolutions at the moment is to minimize the matrix of possibilities during bug testing. For example, is a particular bug actually an issue, or is it only an edge case when someone's playing on an unusual resolution? For example, I'm on a 32:9 at 5140x1440 (and I had to edit settings.json to get there). I have a few bugs that come up specifically because of this. One is that loading screens are stretched horizontally, since there are currently, presumably, no 32:9 versions of those loading screen images. This is a weird edge case that only affects a handful of players, so, by not giving me the option to set my resolution to 5140x1440 officially, it's one less bug they need to worry about for now. idk if this is actually true; just a guess. just hedging in case it's intentional due to early access and not actually a bug (yet).
  16. I tried to open that link but Sibelius crashed
  17. It's very cathartic to see exactly, step by step, why this is frustrating. I've tried conceptually analogizing Workspaces and Vehicles to what 3D modeling software like Maya would refer to as Scenes and Objects. However, I can't figure out a way to make it not feel counterintuitive. Because, after all, I don't really care about the junk I have floating around my rocket in the VAB. When I save my file, I only care about the main vehicle, not the subassemblies I'm working on to the side. When I launch, I'm not launching a Workspace. I'm launching a Vehicle. So why not have the Vehicle be the thing I'm saving? Also, even in the Maya analogy I've tried to make, I'm still confused why, when you go to save, you're asked to save a Workspace name and a Vehicle name. I might get it if it asked you to name each independent subassembly, but it doesn't do that. So what is actual the difference between the name of the Workspace and the name of the Vehicle?
  18. I don't want to sound pollyanna but this is just not true, at least according to the data gathered from the ksp2_technical Discord channel, and my own experience. It went from very bad in to very acceptable by, even on midrange GPUs. What GPU are you using, out of curiosity?
  19. I don't know if I've seen the same text before but, like Matt, I have had my dV readout disappear, as if the game thinks there's no longer a fuel tank is attached, and then been unable to create maneuver plans, because of said perceived lack of a fuel tank.
  20. It's definitely cathartic watching someone else run into the same myriad bugs that I get in a simple Apollo-style mission. Not that I didn't think I was alone in them, but it's genuinely nice to just have all of these bugs documented in one single gameplay session. Little things, like not being able to select a target until quickloading, or dV readouts being inaccurate (again until quickloading), etc. Stuff that, in their own rights, would be annoying but not game-breaking but, when all combined, lead to a profoundly frustrating experience. When KSP2 gets to a point where every bug in this video is fixed, I think that's when I'll be able to stop fighting the game and get to finally just enjoy it.
  21. Based on the bug reports, seems to just be 6700 and 6800 cards, is that right?
  22. At the moment, I think this is my personal choice for single most important bug, and I feel for all of you in trying to squash it! When it finally gets there, this will definitely be the one I'm most interested in seeing a deep-dive on since it sounds like the troubleshooting process has been the most complex.
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