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  1. Can’t really speak to the tutorials - haven’t looked at them much. Paige lacks The Right Stuff - she NEEDS to be more Deke Slayton or Molly Cobb and a lot less Annoyingly Chipper Barista. The game is about a space program. It needs more steely-eyed missile kerb vibes - more KSP1 Jeb. For a mode titled Exploration, we seem to be not doing very much exploring and science gathering. Right now “Relic Hunting” seems a bit more apt. I’d love to see a bit more variety in the science instrumentation, more regions to hit, and more missions per CB - the progression seems very rushed. The Mun deserves more than a few shots.
  2. This probably is why I’ve only noticed the chutes not opening big once - I always stage chutes with the last stage to drop before re-entry, which I do once it’s fuel is depleted, almost always before it hits atmo.
  3. The Big Dumb Booster was a concept back in the day - e.g. Sea Dragon. Big, high thrust, simple and cheap makes a lot of sense before reusables. So there’s precedent to “dumb boosters” as a turn of phrase.
  4. Chonker may be disguised training for Colonies.
  5. I think the current burn planner doohickey is a step in the right direction, but needs significant debugging and expansion - for starters, dv expended and dv remaining in burn would be useful (in addition to the currently untrustworthy progress bar). I’ve taken to subtracting dv required from dv in stage and hitting x once the dv in stage hits that figure. A planning feature would be great - I have a dv map save on my phone and use that as a planning tool, but something in the game proper would be noob-educational as well as useful.
  6. I actually think that the barren rocks are often pretty and fun to look at, and lots of fun to get to and land on - some Breaking Ground “science” experiments and resource exploration and extraction stuff would be really great. IMHO it’s “because it’s there”, not “because there are puppies, theme parks, and all the Froot Loops we can eat”. Some new planets in the Kerbolar system would be fun, but with Interstellar coming down the pike and some really wild CBs promised, I’m not hugely fussed either way.
  7. That’s too bad. I thought they’d fixed that. It’s surprisingly powerful - worst case that I’ve seen.
  8. So this afternoon I launched an orbital lab/science lander mission to Eeloo. I fine tuned my periapsis to about 22km, planned and executed my orbital insertion burn, and found to my surprise at the end of the burn that I was on an impact trajectory. I burned radial out, got my apoapsis raised satisfactorily, continued running and transmitting my science experiments, and then noticed (again to my surprise), about a quarter of the way around the planet, on the night side, that I was on an impact trajectory again. I had about 137 m/s d/v left, and burned all of that raising my apoapsis again. Same thing happened. I transmitted science, separated the lander, and managed a mildly hair raising landing while the lab crashed. The lander completed its science mission. I did not observe any entry heating. Either Eeloo still suffers from the orbital decay bug, or it’s got a tenuous atmosphere now. Anybody else notice this?
  9. I’m pretty sure there are some bugs lurking there - last night I did an Eve probe lander consisting of a fairing aeroshell behind a heatshield, dropped it on an entry trajectory, and watched it not only pick up speed throughout the descent but also not heat up at all. It would have made a nice crater. Keeping the deorbit stage on until I hit atmo and saw flames and then decoupling it resulted in normal re-entry. So maybe there’s something about the heat shields that means the atmospheres don’t notice them?
  10. The This was the plan since EA was announced - build all the systems with MP in mind, tie it all together and get it working well, and then add MP. I’m quite looking forwards to MP (the hilarious griefing potential of nuclear fission pulse propulsion is immense, and then there’s the space piracy angle), but given my time constraints I won’t be playing a lot of it and of all the roadmap features it’s the one I can live most without.
  11. Here’s something that works for me with my (usually more or less R7-ish quad booster builds - I like Korolev Crosses - sue me ) craft. Typically I’ll have four boosters with booster engines and the core of the first stage with a sustainer engine. I’ll stage the core after the boosters before I get fuel lines, with them after I can feed the core engine out of the booster tanks. I also tend to imitate the Soviets in having a small second stage with a vacuum engine for the circularization burn. Yes, I loved the Making History parts… After launch, I’ll turn five degrees east at 50 m/s, another five degrees at 5km and 8 km, throttling to keep any Mach effects at a minimum, push it over to 65 degrees or so at 10km, then evenly over the next 10km to 45 degrees by 20km of altitude. After that I’ll track the periapsis and turn in larger increments every 10km of altitude and try to be pointing at the horizon by the time periapsis hits 70km and burn until the first stage runs dry. Usually I’ll have sized the boosters so that they run dry when close to horizontal, above most of the atmosphere. Once the first stage is dropped I’ll coast until apoapsis burn.
  12. Brotoro’s Long Term Laythe series made me realize just what the game was capable of, taught me all sorts of useful things, and also proved that I had nowhere near his patience. I don’t remember Graggle, though?
  13. And yet some of that headcanon is epic. Remember Brotoro? I’ve come up with a solution to Kerbonauts showing up at the Training Center with non-regulation, The Right Stuff-lacking haircuts. This may change if parts, fuel, and recruitment costs get added to the game, but as of today I’m just assigning those Kerbs to test pilot and one way mission duties. #noreverts
  14. That’s an encouraging thought - right now the progression seems way too fast and way too focused on the [expletives deleted] ancient aliens stuff.
  15. So I’m the kind of guy who insists on putting NERVAs behind Rockomax adapters to simulate radiation shielding because the game inexplicably omits a radiation mechanic. “Necessary to preserve some semblance of verisimilitude because the devs listened to people who think hard isn’t fun” is still necessary to some of us. Just like maintaining a 3:1 seat:Kerbal ratio on missions to simulate LS, for the same reason.
  16. We’re re basically old men yelling at clouds in a children’s game, yes :). But there is a bit of a difference between putting stale overused bad SF tropes in a game for discerning adults and exposing kids to the stuff…. I console myself with the fact that I was obsessed with UFOs and the Bermuda Triangle as a small kid, but on the gripping hand some people still believe in that stuff as adults, and have the vote. The plaque should read “she came in short and really hot, but never dropped the mic”.
  17. I thought I would be a lot angrier about the ancient aliens [lengthy string of expletives deleted]. It’s an old stale lazy trope that usually makes for bad SF unless really well done, but after the first three monuments (and a heroic long range brief glimpse of the Tylo monument by Whatsername Kerman who is definitely getting her crater named after her) I think I hold my nose and not complain too much. I mean, Kerbals explore because it’s there but some humans might need something more…
  18. Also, trusses will be really useful if they add radiation for all those big nuclear drives and reactors. Heavy shielding vs simply distancing via a long truss would make for some interesting design decisions.
  19. You can use the rotate and translate tool to slide a round truss over a radiation detector instrument and hang batteries and an antenna off it. It’s more length efficient…
  20. You can manage this in some cases by subtracting the planned delta v from the delta v remaining shown in the staging stack in lower right, and stopping the burn when the delta v remaining hits the resulting number.
  21. First time I got to Duna I turned the UI off and just savoured the view and the soundtrack for a long time. Mostrom hammered it out of the park.
  22. Hm. Frankly not surprised to read this - I would have been surprised if you’d been doing something whacky. Maybe you’re running into some sort of bug? I’ve got less than a dozen re-entries from the Mun and Minmus so far, but aside from some broken parachutes have not had any issues.
  23. Not to pick a fight with or belittle anybody to whom $50 is a lot of money, but if it’s a basic truth that the price tag triggered a lot of people, another basic truth is that to a lot of people $50 isn’t as big a deal as it is to some. $50 for the EA plus the extremely high likelihood of a feature complete v.1.0 for free eventually and the ability to tag along for the game’s development (with bonus arguments on the forums!) was and remains a perfectly acceptable deal to a lot of us, and one that’s looking better following For Science!.
  24. I try to avoid that. Not sure whether this is standard, but on approach to Kerbin, I’ll burn any remaining fuel at an angle between retrograde and radial out, to slow myself down while retaining a nice comfy safe periapsis of at least 30 kilometres, and jettison the last stage as soon as I hit 70 kilometres or when it runs dry. I never really liked this - NASA wouldn’t have built that much margin for error into a craft, but at least it makes for a gentler re-entry for the crews.
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