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  1. I am very impressed with the For Science! update and can confidently say my interest in the game has been revived! Please don't abuse that though...
  2. Is there a way to look at your current mission inside of the VAB? I feel like that will be very important later on when planning missions
  3. Yeah, tbh I expect nothing at this point. They have officially pushed me away. Honestly the only reason I even am responding to this is because I accidentally left the browser open and came back to some replies but as a game dev, the release of this game has been inexcusable regardless of how large the code is strictly because of the hype leading up to the early access release in which we were led to believe the game was much further than it is. I don't doubt that it's not easy and that it's a lot of code but perhaps they should voice those concerns with the community instead of claiming it's full steam ahead and going swimmingly with nothing to show for it except concept art and constant promises with no delivery. But I do have to say it was nice seeing you on the forums here over the past year or more as well as some others in the community and I will truly miss seeing those familiar people <3 Good luck to everyone working on the game and to everyone waiting!
  4. I have no idea what to say at this point other than wow.... and not in the good way. I have stepped away for months and came back to almost the exact same "game" if you can call it that. Honestly this is probably my last time checking on KSP since it's always in the same state. Really miss the days before release when I was hopeful and excited tbh, the hype was way better when we thought we were getting a mostly finished game. Super sad about this, but with CS2 and a plethora of other games coming out, it's inevitable that KSP2 will turn into that woody meme.
  5. When first getting into a save, I feel like being above the KSC with no ability to move other than rotating the camera feels very restrictive and honestly, I don't like the perspective at all and would love to move the camera around and look at what I want to, not just the same stale view every time.
  6. Definitely feels better to play as far as performance goes.
  7. Alright, my b, I’ll just stop coming to the forums, point received. Sorry to bother
  8. Honestly I feel like I was a lot more polite about the issue and that this is boiling what I originally said down to an opinion of your own about how other people on here feel. I’m just saying that if a game patch ALMOST makes it to release but something holds it up, one whole week seems like a lot of time to test the implemented fix. I’m not trying to come off as whiney like your interpretation and I’m sorry if that’s how you read it.
  9. I feel like a week to test one fix is a bit of a long time unless new stuff is getting worked into the update. I understand not wanting to introduce new problems but at what point is it a bit overcautious?
  10. Yes, I’m aware of that but that doesn’t answer my question. Is discord the place then? Because I didn’t see on discord that the 22nd was a release date, I heard that from only Twitter. I’m just wondering where the single main place to look is or if we have to go on a hunt around the internet for any bit of info like it’s a leak or something.
  11. Where is the best place to get up to date info? Is it here on the forums, the Twitter, Threads, or discord? Or do we have to check all of them? I thought the forums would have up to date info but I found out on Twitter that the 22nd was supposed to be a release but then discord said that it was delayed but the forums seem to say nothing about any of it. Or are we supposed to not really know about this stuff? Very confused on the state of the game/development and about communication.
  12. I haven’t seen that but as another commenter mentioned it’s probably because I check on my phone.
  13. So I know there was vacation and everything but did communication just totally stop? I was under the impression that there would still be update posts or some kind of communication but I sort of feel like that’s been forgotten about and now this is the new status quo. Are there plans to return to weekly updates or is this our fate?
  14. I believe this is intended as it could be really computationally expensive to update all subsequent maneuver nodes based off the first in the chain in real time. I believe if you try to adjust the next node in the chain that it will update immediately however I don’t believe this can be fixed due to the fact that there can be many nodes after the first.
  15. Personally not a big fan of this idea, I feel like for a video game predictability is key and this seems to make it way more complex than it needs to be. I can’t imagine launching over and over and increasing the “thickness” by one every time for every node to find the optimal weight and strength for each tank, and then having to redo it with every other size every rocket.
  16. I think due to performance reasons they will probably skip that since you can put your own lights where you need them but that's just speculation of course
  17. That could be it, it's been a long time however tbh I don't really remember getting too into mods. I found an image from a youtube video of what I'm describing though! I coulda sworn this was stock but I'm second guessing now with how many people don't know about it lol Just posted one in my last comment After checking out that mod, I can confirm it isn't that mod. It may have been another one I suppose but definitely did not use that one. Well in KSP 2 I am forced to do that but idk, I just enjoyed the other perspective and the 2D representation of position resonated with my brain better EDIT: Just looked on the KSP Wiki and found the page talking about it. It turns out it was in fact vanilla KSP! https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Docking https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/File:Docking_lin.png
  18. Is it just me or does anyone else miss that docking window visualization? I thought it was very helpful and intuitive when docking and using the controls for monopropellant thrusters. Is it permanently gone or just not added yet? EDIT: Here's a picture of the UI I'm referencing
  19. Yeah, telescopes are a must in my opinion! I wanna make a hubble to discover asteroids, gather orbital data, and even discover future stars to travel to, even if it's just a time gated thing once in orbit. But if I'm being honest, I would LOVE to have some sort of Lagrange point but I know that's a lot to ask haha
  20. I think it will be quite a bit smoother but I have a feeling a lot of what is expected will be cut by the end. I have a feeling it will go something along the lines of 20% taken out by 1.0 in the name of performance and based off the steep price and desire to raise it I wouldn't be surprised to see them put some things in a DLC. This is just my guess, I hope it is just 100 times better and everything expected and more by 1.0.
  21. Changed my comment to reflect that. Really wish I could delete the comment but did my best! Haha
  22. You’re welcome haha thanks for the hot fix!
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