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  1. Reported Version: v0.2.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: 7900x | GPU: 4070 ti | RAM: 128 GB rather a random bug that it seems that anth cannot replicate, and i just wonder if its one of the many bugs i just find that decide to start that has no real cause. Bug where I add more campaign saves I lose fps inside the game, anywhere between 10fps down to 2fps difference i doubt a lot of people have this issue, or even know of this bug. Included Attachments: Test2.mp4 Ksp2withmorecampaigns.log Ksp2withlesscampaigns.log
  2. shhh you might alert my brain to something that doesn't make sense
  3. does this mean aswell shadows of planets blocking other planets will be more "there" and realistic if it gets changed
  4. if we gonna throw things together.. still feel like we are this far in into colonies before release just having models ready doesn't mean the code let alone the game itself can handle colonies/parts. split in 1/10th at this point.
  5. yeah really cannot take this as a meme, its been a hot debate recently about adding more than just m/s or m.. and i don't even want to use imperial km/h knots and imperial units. all needs to be added, certain vehicles be much better for km/h like planes and ground vehicles etc. sorry, please add more units of measurements.. -gaming community
  6. i am colonies deprived, im on shrimp cooking fried rice life support
  7. Reported Version: v0.2.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: 7900x | GPU: 4070 ti | RAM: 128 GB I consider it a bug due to its functionality is borderline useless and i don't consider it a suggestion when its function is so limited. Both speed and alt is on a 1000m system, to move up the dial for speed by one number you need accelerate by 1000m/s or -1000m/s, for alt its 1000m, I find it broken that you are required to move at such an astounding speed to see the speed dial to move the slightest amount in this video 7000m/s which is only from 000 to 007!!! I believe it shouldn't be this high of a number and should be in the 100 m/s and when below 50m/s it should be 10m/s for the speed dial on the left it works perfectly for the altitude but it simply cannot function as a speed dial/tape. Mods you can move this to suggestions but i consider it a bug (remove this if needed) This video was sped up by 2.5x and also once in space used time warp under vehicle acceleration, and almost everything on the right side gave you some movement indication of how fast X is going, where on the compass you are at, and "orb" almost everything gives you a sense of what it is doing besides the speed dial/tape. Included Attachments: Conflcitingiq.mp4 .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  8. Bug is still active and is a separate issue compared to the just the bottle rocket. mine was the list of things the abort button was suppose to do didn't do everything in one clicked and required multiple clicks.
  9. speaking of which SPOILERS From aterriblemodder on discord. talked about it but for me it boiled down to.
  10. just a small thing dakota has done this week alone, communication requires more people a decent talk today with them on discord (dakota and darrin) they wish to have more CM's to help workload but he would rather have the resources spent elsewhere. and finally, dakota somewhat ratio of workload he has to do until April 1st (then it MIGHT change) hopefully there will be less stuff on dakotas plate when mike is back.. also Just because dakota said he is working on it doesn't mean its coming soon just shows what is needed for a single person in a week, and there is more that is missing from that list. why none of this was in dev tracker... and finally dakota said he will do this once in a while telling what he did that week increased communication
  11. Said this in another post, but it boils down to, at least one person is working within the IG team gathering information, like dakota and mike, one will help more towards the community, a third new user to help stretch across more platforms, and a fourth deep in early builds doing sneakpeaks and leeks. we only have one doing all, and soon again about to be two, two isn't enough people to do everyone internally and externally in the team, and across all platforms..
  12. leeks, sneak leaks, teasing, sneak peaks is all the same in the war of lacking sneakpeaks upper management doesn't understand if you remove your "voice" and your public presence the only word of mouth is the users. and if users aren't happy, its a spiral.
  13. i just simply think there is to FEW CM's, even when the other one comes back i doubt it be enough for leaks and for them to not like, melt due to amount of work there needs to be 4 cm's and 1 always working on leaks
  14. To help us understand better. Simply due to the shift heavily going to colonies work instead of smaller bugs (cause large bugs take forever) with NDA's, and just information you cannot talk to the public, it will be shifted to monthly due to "there ain't nothing new in this front" due to the priority shift to colonies. for a TLDR?
  15. we got a long time before we get more "communication" aka (leaks)
  16. also this is extremely flat understanding of what there work flow is like, this is ofc different in some fashion or way Just hope for mike to be back on board soon i know his situation, it should hopefully cause fewer headaches with the community communication, there is to much work for 1 person, and a little to much for 2 people, you need 3 or 4... i have something of an understanding of what's needed for this community: Mike and Dakota is two, which is the bare minimum from what it seems. 3rd should be for more communication to users and platforms that are harder to reach or not as active as discord, doesn't mean this person cannot use discord, just more active, like on the forums for example. 4th should be for more creation of leaks, photos, videos, mini-part/action posts to give perhaps the name, and the flavor text and its size, location leaks, and proper far away to JUST somewhat see what the leak is showing.. The fourth person should be in a lot of contact of the early access parts/features/ giving this user/person the time needed to make the leaks proper such as i stated before. Photo of part/craft/location of the building, either doing a "slow" build adding more and more parts, or start off with a chunk of new parts, and do for parts: Photo of parts or craft/building(s), or adding new part as if you are build a craft (be in space looking cool and fancy) or if a building just add it to the colony (spruce it up once in a while building a new colony to change location). Video of it in motion (if possible to see if its on, spinning, engine plumes, or even just lights turning on). Kerbal for scale (if wanted). If not in a build, see it near other craft/parts as if it was a functional part Mini post of the part, engine, and building, telling us its function, giving us the name, size and flavor text of it (can be kept secret some parts to create hype). Repeat process adding a new part to the craft/location if this way was used.. Even if we got 20 new parts and we got ALL this done besides step 6 (due to it being a repeat statement) each week, we would have 20 weeks of leaks.. 5 months or so of consistent once-a-day leaks of the game... either showing, a video, photo, kerbal for scale (if wanted), the function of the part, building, giving us a random leak of the name, function, size, or flavor text, it wouldn't be bad due to once a week a new part is shown, or added to a larger build. The issue is that the fourth person got a lot of work to be done and is pretty much needs to be consistently working on leaks and wouldn't really have time to be a real CM, just doing the leaks. Hence, its not on the other real CM's plate, even though they are a real CM's just they have a large focus of creating leaks for the community, This person still can talk to the community just like any other CM but his job isn't juggling everything , having a solid one person doing leaks that has a good decent mental plan makes it go along way. @Dakota This is my brain storming idea, the issue is the amount of CM's overall, there isn't a real solid answer to fix everything, but the amount people isn't enough just simply due to amount of users across all platforms. and the last one doesn't need alot of large requirements to create the job, only real passion of the game, a clear mental focus of what and how the leaks need to be created/published, an understanding of communication to users.. etc and not like a full on real CM example:
  17. This bug is still active and still simple to test and pull off. To test it is still the same way the original bug report was reported and they still behave as what the initial bug report reported.
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