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  1. Well it's been a while, but now that school is over I'm gonna complete this mission. Day 404, launch of the Mallow Stick 15: Orbit, meeting up with the Mailman: Docked! Since there were no seats on this craft, Gregler and Bardon will have to be launched separately on the Flappy Bird. Booster recovery: Here comes the crew. Successful Runway landing for the Flappy Bird. Gregler and Bardon burn for Minmus: Intersect with the FSM plotted. (The FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster) is the next Duna-bound equipment bundle) A little module reorganization: Leaving the LS tank in orbit, the Mailman refuels the next fuel tank. Minmus orbit again, now-full tank delivered to the FSM. ...and then back to Kerbin to complete the routine Minmus relay trip. Now in Kerbin orbit, it's time for Arfield to come in the trusty Flappy Bird to pick up Gregler and Bardon. Rendezvous: Runway landing. Wow, it's been almost a year since I started this mission. I've gotta say, this is one intense challenge.
  2. I have assembled a thing. I think it qualifies for (Stock) STS-1a. Full mission log:
  3. I went for a bike ride! Note the lack of reaction wheels and roll/pitch/yaw input.
  4. Awesome results today! I built a bicycle using BG parts, and it is stable and steerable. I'll change the challenge to use the new bike.
  5. According to this video, gyroscopic reactions and angular momentum aren't much of a factor at all for bikes. It's all about the steering of the wheels.
  6. Can you ride a bike? I'm sick of seeing "motorcycles" that are really a big hunk of reaction wheels with some rover wheels stuck on the bottom. Bikes in real life don't have reaction wheels, and they work great! So I made a bicycle without reaction wheels. Here's the challenge: Try to ride this little bronco: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/67006. You may edit the action groups. Simple! Can you ride a bike in KSP? That's all! Then post a video/screenshots showing what happened. This challenge isn't supposed to be super hard or competitive. Biker Census: A couple tips for best results: Motor RPM between 130 and 150 Servo Torque Limit between 6 and 8 (higher numbers give more control but less stability) Throttle just above the first white notch [The bike has been updated in case you are confused about the comments below.]
  7. (112820 - 53934) / 19 = 3099 per ticket. I think I was doing the math slightly differently, but it works out the same in the end.
  8. 58886 is half the cost of the dry ship (107868) plus fuel (4952). The ship can hold 20 kerbals (16 in the crew cabin, 4 in the cockpit), so there are 19 passengers plus a pilot. 58886 divided by 19 passengers is 3099 per ticket. It wasn't done in career mode, but I landed it on the runway which should mean 100% recovery value for the dry ship.
  9. Here's the Pandemunium Kerbuck to the Mun. It stays in one piece, so refurbishing and reusing should be really easy. Original cost: 112,820 Refurbishing cost: 58886 Price per ticket: 3099 (19 passengers) KerbalX: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/65713
  10. Here's a working prototype, for proof that it is possible. Its top speed is about 10 m/s at a 45° dive. I bet it could be fine-tuned to be much more efficient. I didn't have the patience to go all the way to the Island Airfield.
  11. I just now realized that the entry was tagged as MH/BG. Although they were installed, I didn't use any of the parts or science thingies from them. Does it still count as pure stock? I can upload crafts and science archives for proof if you would like.
  12. Pretty sure I read somewhere that each additional antenna adds diminishing amounts of signal power, so it might not be possible. If you really need signal, try throwing dozens of relays into higher and higher orbits until signal reaches Minmus.
  13. Physics gets really weird with high-altitude "Ready to Launch" vehicles. Above about 30km, anything detatched from the clamp doesn't get any centrifugal boost. However, with a really long launch clamp, you can get a vessel to be attatched to Kerbol, orbiting the sun synchronously way out near Kerbin.
  14. I did some testing of the launch clamp. I don't like drag much, so I figured if I could get out of the thickest part of the atmosphere by just raising the rocket up, it would save some precious (oh so precious) dV! Attempt 1: Yeah, okay, that was pretty sad. Not much to brag about here. Let's try this again. Attempt 2: Hey! Not bad, not bad! I dragged it as far through the VAB roof as I could see, and reached a height about 2.5 times the Burj Khalifa. The atmosphere gauge even moved a notch! I bet I can do better, though. Time to bring all my VAB manipulating skills to bear. Attempt 3: Yay! Although the kraken hates this tiny spindle of a rocket, we have achieved proof of concept! There's hardly any drag up here, 10km from space! Objective completed, everybody! Objective completed. ...but I think I can do better... Attempt 4: Woah! It's a good thing Jeb's not scared of heights! Just a hair over 1.5 Mm this time around. I tried to get Jeb out and see if he could make orbit with his jetpack, but he couldn't and died in the atmosphere. It's all in the cause of science, people! Attempt 5: LOL!!!!! I think I just won that 30-second altitude challenge. I just love this. Let's get little Elbro out of his pod, shall we? The kraken really hates this craft. Look at it smearing the launch clamp all over the screen. He managed to get out! No way! Let's take a look at map view, hm? Oh, censored. I'm sorry Elbro! There's no hope for you now! ...science, people, science.
  15. The steep learning curve of KSP means that most players never make it to orbit, and that only a tiny fraction of people who download the game ever make it out of Kerbin's gravity field. People need help! So I made this tutorial is about how to send a probe to the surface of Eve. Here are the required skills: Be able to use these instructions to download this craft from KerbalX. Be able to open the craft in the VAB and click launch (not right away, though). Pretty much nothing else. Here is a list of key bindings if you get yourself confused. The helpful controls are in Flight Controls. You don't have to use the NavBall; you don't have to use WASDQE at all; you don't have to make maneuver nodes; and you don't have to design a super complicated rocket. I don't even say the word "transfer window". Perfect for brand new players! Following are the instructions. Important parts are bolded for extra emphasis.
  16. I made a similar training rocket. This one is unmanned, one-way to Eve. http://kerbalx.com/crafts/65597
  17. Also, I would suggest adding that no processed resources can be counted towards recovery costs.
  18. There are some times when it can: for example, landing on Duna in career with a scientist and a probe core, and the probe loses connection.
  19. I definitely have the dV to do a Moho landing, but I'm thinking of maybe doing an kerballed Eeloo landing and return. Anybody know Eeloo's status on being visited? If it has already been explored/landed on then I'll definitely go to Moho. And meanwhile the Jeb-flinger has been (finally) fully assembled.
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