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    Punk rock enthusiast
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    The middle of nowhere (aka the Midwest)
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    ASL, SpaceX, Russian history, Cold War+WW2, Aviation+Spaceflight..Green Day, Rolling Stones, Jerry Lee Lewis and more

    Oh and I suppose ksp is ok, I guess.

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  1. 2005-2020

    One year

    1. Spaceman.Spiff


      I’m really sorry dude. 
      I can’t imagine how awful it is for you. 
      Just remember if you need to talk I’m available. 

    2. Guest


      Knowing what you are talking about from discord, it hurts real bad to lose someone you cared about.


      I lost someone close to me last february, it's hard. But no-one is truly dead as long as we carry on what they did in their lives, tell their stories, and never forget. The fact you still remember it is an amazing declaration you cared about them.

    3. Lewie


      Thanks guys.....that really means a lot! *big hug* Don’t know what to say, really aside from thank you

      (words are hard)

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