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  1. noyes? @Dnepr I love you (the rocket), you are amazing! better than proton because you don't fail in RO in my game! also SILO LAUNCH AND UPSIDE DOWN 3RD STAGE XD
  2. another 2nd stage engine failure on the same flight as the last one and 3rd stage didn't work because of a staging problem, ullage motors worked against me, so vapor feedlines shut down so the kerbals are all gonna die Jeb, Bill and Bob WHAT SALYUT SURVIVED THE REENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could safely bail each of the kerbals out and parachute them down but i'm lazy so revert I'll use another rocket, proton doesn't like me
  3. I'm unhappy now, I had 2 seperate proton engine failures on 2 flights in a row also, never fly a proton-k or m with 4 engines, pls
  4. lol since there is no Star Theory username, I'll ask if @SQUAD wants to come, though probably not
  5. Like on some names I have problems, beeing a non-native english speaker for example I always thought Vanamonde was Vananamonde or damonvv damovv so: let's talk about how your name is pronounced correctly or someone elses for example mine is Star- Helper- Dude, pretty easy I would say
  6. I'm just sitting in the VAB in RO looking at a salyut 1 listening to this:
  7. how many variants of SI/SII streches will there be (if any)? like the common bulkhead things or the ones for big saturn MLVs
  8. mine turned out bad xD I'll rather do expansion deflect, traditional bells and extending ones also I'll play RO now
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