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  1. having flown INT-17, IMO the flight performance (with 7 RL-20-SL and 1 RL-20 on S-IVB) is average, like it's still bad but it's flyable but damn, it looks freaking cool aka it looks normal when compared to INT-18/19
  2. yeah, I've taken some artistic liberties in the design though, 2 of the lower docking ports are just windows, and I removed most of the external skylab science experiments
  3. that would be the apollo block 3+ CM IIRC, so I guess eventually yeah, since we already have the orbital module of block 3+ for some reason the Block 3+ orbital module doesn't appear in my game, but for example the CM paint switches do
  4. but I remember it having a backside, though yeah it doesn't make a huge difference
  5. -I wake up -I start my pc -I open browser -don't click this is open -CLICK
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