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  1. I'm both sad and not sad and mainkoons are cute I have a mixed one she's cute
  2. I just realized that they are absolutely gigantic, but great for my upcoming frisbee ship! and also for my big boi space station in sarnus orbtit
  3. somehow only the Paveways/Guided Bombs appear in my game but that's prob. because of another conflicting mod
  4. you can get it from scooping with the atmospheric ramscoop and the exo-scoop, idk if you can get it from other ways
  5. some random stuff -------------------- random random throw the glasses at the wall I'm not gonna answer the call hahahahaha
  6. -------------------------- huja huja starkillerdada hajo hajo starkillerdodo
  7. does anyone know russian here? can somebody translate something for me? if yes, pm me
  8. use the interstage without the side thing, it's a part switch also I think altas uses the long version of the interstage
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