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  1. It works on 1.10. You need the bleeding edge Kopernicus:
  2. Whoops. Remember that probe that fell on the manufacturer's floor a while back? I guess it's a domino effect. Photo for the curious:
  3. I can't believe the bellyflop actually worked. I totally expected it to be unable to pull out of the bellyflop, but it actually crashed upright. SN9 up next!
  4. I have only just now composed myself. I have only three words: That. Was. Awesome.
  5. Not off the top of my head, but why HETs to Mars?
  6. Soon they're going to have to do T+ aborts. Hey, something isn't right! Bring the rocket back down!
  7. ULA: I bet you 4 seconds. SpaceX: I'll call your 4 seconds with my 2 seconds, and raise you a 1 second.
  8. Definitely me. Those ULA-SpaceX last second aborts really got me annoyed.
  9. What about hurtling away from other galaxies at even higher speeds?
  10. Do orbital assembly - gravity does weird things to docking ports and connections, and as @AHHans said, orbital craft design is far easier than a ground one. @Geonovast did a reusable rocket where they reattached stages on the ground, but I'm not sure how many parts that took.
  11. I use the drain valve occasionally for high-performance LF-O SSTOs. Draining the extra oxidizer is a nice method of increasing the range at the cost of a lower TWR.
  12. Strange. Do a hard reboot of your system and that should fix it. (make sure everything is saved)
  13. Go into the task manager under the Details menu and make absolutely sure everything KSP-related is closed.
  14. Animals are already in the game. They're called "Kerbals." They're pretty nice, you don't have to feed them, they can stay in a lawn chair for centuries on end, and they become weightless in a capsule.
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