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  1. Just upgraded this station with a passenger terminal and some science devices. There's absolutely no available purpose to justify going on making thighs bigger. But I'm just enjoying building and docking
  2. If social distancing cannot be kept, remember to wear you facemask. I'm sure even kerbals will do if they could.
  3. A couple of days ago while playing fully stock career mode, I found that a E-class asteroid was already captured on a extremely big and elliptical orbit around Kerbin. Don't know how or when it happened, it just where there. So I spent a lot of time, crafts and fuel to park it on a closer and circle-ish kerbin orbit. Once parked, there were still some mineral left on the asteroid, so I decided to try to build some kind of refueling space station on it. Building different parts of it and assembling them up there. This was the begining of the assembly. Main core´s tran
  4. I'm more of a rocket's guy, but few days ago I started with SSTOs. Yes, I know, it is so inefficient giant for a small satellite. I should have started with "small" SSTO, but I tryed to build one that can go interplanetary to Duna, where there's a small station in orbit with a reusable lander, so the SSTO could be used as a "taxi" to that station and back to Kerbin without refueling. I'm still far away of finishing this project, this is just one of the first prototypes, tested by doing something simillar but to Minmus. There's a huge room for efficiency, TWR and ISP i
  5. Using filters in all the case's air intakes (and cleaning them regullary) use to do a good job on that. Also trying to have positive pressure inside the case (more fans as outside air intake than fans exhausting air from the case), as almost every case has a lot of small unfiltered holes, so air excess goes out from there preventing outside dust or pet fur to entering.
  6. Well, maybe even loading previous savedgames to modify the craft and try again could be considered "cheats" for some people. It's ok, they can play as they want, I personally prefer to do this. And I had to do it a lot with this mission, loosing other missions acomplished during the travel time of this one when reverting to pre-launch, having to do it all again. So maybe I'm not playing on the most clever way, but I don't consider myself to be cheating because reverting, I'm playing as I have most fun. Thanks! I used a radial decoupler and built an structure with M-Beams to place
  7. Check your CPU cooler. Unmount it, clean it (remove all the dust in the fans and inside the fins), renew the thermal compound and install it again double checking it is correctly attached. This game is a real CPU burner.
  8. Wellcome aboard. I'm new here too, but also a kraken's friend frome some time ago. Releasing heat shields on Eve's atmosphere made me "F9" a lot of times by insta-killing my lander tearing it into pieces. I found really hard to find the sweet spot into the atmosphere to release them without some phisics going mad.
  9. I really wouldn't mind to quit my job to work on rockets. Flying in the atmosphere is great, but flying above the atmosphere should be marvellous
  10. There are a lot of things that I've never done in this game yet. Duna and Eve are the only planets I've visited by now, I have some unmaned rovers and satellites currently flying to Jool, Eeloo and Moho, and I missed the interplanetary intercept window to Dress. I'm sure that there will be further challenges, maybe harder ones, but Eve really represented "a good enemy" for me in this game. I love it. This is the most expensive ship I've launched in this game by now. It almost left me in bankrupt. I don't think I did a great job on the economics part of the design, I'm sure it ca
  11. I guess those deleted files are not in the recycle bin. Do you have some kind of backup in your PC?. If you are playing on Steam, maybe cloud savefiles can have still a copy. If you haven't closed KSP yet, just umplug your Internet cable, delete all your savedgames folder (or better cut them to another backup folder), hard-close KSP and Steam, connect again to Internet and try to open Steam and KSP... maybe you're lucky enough to see a promt message telling you that your saved data in your PC doesn't match the cloud's saved data and you can revert it from the cloud. I'm sorry th
  12. Prologue. Let me take you through this mission, what I felt as an epic journey, whit this after-action report / photolog. It is a long one. This wasn't easy, was my first time on Eve and just visited Mun, Minmus and Duna before. So let me tell you the whole history and a bit of the background. This is a long story, and English is not my first language, so please bear with me. I'm playing on career mode. All stock, vanilla game with Breaking Ground expansion, no mods. And I don't like to time-warp travel times between planets so I can use tho
  13. Thanks!. Yes, I've read that a lot of people enjoyed this game for thousands of hours and still counting. I don't have as much time to play as I would like, adulting takes almost my entire time and I literally steal hours to play from sleeping hours. But you know, I hope I can reach those numbers to
  14. Me parece impresionante este trabajo. Si has pensado en hacer un crowdfunding o algo similar para desarrollarlo y venderlo,
  15. Ya me presenté en la sección correspondiente, pero aprovecho que hay un subforo en español para saludar también. Pues eso, nuevo por aquí aunque ya llevo unas semanas con el juego. Empecé disfrutando que se pueda jugar en solitario y sin necesidad de conexión siempre para un singleplayer, como parece moda en tantos juegos, pero el vicio es muy fuerte y cada vez más buscaba comunidades en las que leer y ver más sobre el juego, así que aquí estoy. ¡Un saludo!
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