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  1. I know. I just thought the connection between Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Matt Lowne's KSP videos would have been funny
  2. So those are the space dolphins Matt Lowne keeps talking about. It all makes sense now!
  3. It's okay, just remember: Don't panic. Also, could the kraken be a vogon ship destroying ships and occasionally planets? It would fit their habit of destroying stuff for fun PS: I'm extremely disappointed any of those values didn't include 42
  4. Sad that this will be the last content update... But hey, thank you so much for maintaining this awesome game for such a long time! Also hyped for KSP2, not gonna lie Why miss it? It will still exist, just no more content updates
  5. Soo... 1 hour left? Did I do the timezone math correct?
  6. Now don't get me wrong, those fireworks are cool, but we were promised "something special" and... I really want to see what those are! Guess we have to wait another week, then
  7. But it is very possible it releases on June 24th, KSP's 10 year anniversary
  8. To me it just looks like the making history one
  9. Just noticed a thingy inder the save button in the vab. Is it new? If it is, what do you guys reckon it will do?
  10. Awesome!!! The only thing I'm not sure I like is the black and yellow striping on the sr docking port tho. Other than that, looks epic!
  11. Yes, it is possible. There's an "edit account info" thing when you are logged in iirc
  12. Nobody knows for sure, but very probably around KSP's 10y anniversary, June 24th
  13. I'm honestly not so sure about this... Imo using action groups and keeping the staging stack less cluttered is better
  14. Yesssssss! This one of the things I was hoping for the next udate 1.12 looking promising already!
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