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  1. Oh good, I had no idea why my Mun base was exploding while I was constructing a rover. I thought my base was poorly built, but couldn't see what was wrong
  2. KSP2 kerbals have eyelids! Kinda makes me question if they are even the same species as the originals Nice emojis, btw!
  3. Not sure, but at least I think you could attach a decoupler to your "mothership" and build the satellite on the decoupler- then fire the decoupler
  4. You could map each rgb channel to a KAL, and that KAL to the throttle. Then you could have each channel change independently, and even have cool combinations like, for example, green at lower throttle values and red at higher
  5. I think that's already possible, as the rgb channels of the lights (which, by adjusting all the sliders, you can change the brightness of) technically count as axis controls. Correct me if I am wrong, but you should be able to map all of the values to the throttle and have it work. Another option would be to put the "toggle light" action to a KAL-controller, and map the controllers position to the throttle. That way the lights would toggle on when you throttle up, as the controller position "sweeps" over the toggle action, and toggle off when you throttle back down
  6. Anyone else noticed how all the parts are "Mk 1"? Is it just the naming ("lightstrip mk 1" sounds more interesting than just "lightstrip") or are we going to get even more lights in the future?
  7. It actually makes sense once you understand it. I think this video demonstrates the Dzhanibekov effect (also called tennis racket theorem) pretty well. Basically, when CoM starts to shift off from the rotational axis, centrifugal forces start to pull it more and more until it flips over and stabilizes for a brief moment, and starts over.
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