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  1. Heyo! I have an question regarding the resources, where the hell do you get tritium from ?
  2. A bit after asking that, I learned that apparently the community resource pack will automatically distribution them on modded planets iirc. I shall be excitingly looking forward to the update and hold off on my journey until the newest update ^^ I hope stuffs will improve on you end!
  3. Heyo! I was wondering how everything mashes with MKS/USI ? Since the implementation with EL looks super cool! MKS converts the resources for EL to Material kits and specialised parts instead of the EL rocket parts
  4. Heyo! I have run into a wall, my fusion reactor has 0 days of lifetime left, regardless of usage, is there a way to fix it ? Weird thing is that a craft I created some time before just simply works
  5. Heyo! This might have been asked before but is there any inclusion with MKS/USI and/or KSPIE resource wise ? And I also remember some rogue planets and similar being part of GU but my current install seems to be a little empty (1.2) or are those parts still in the process of being updated ?
  6. Heya! I wanted to ask something regarding resources and strange new worlds: Is there any inclusion with MKS/USI and/or KSPIE resource whise ? Also, I love what you have done with them planets and really excited to take my first ever interstellar journey there!
  7. Heya! I am a bit lost with the survey stakes, since it doesn't seem to want to work for me after using it once.
  8. Heyo! I was wondering about the background production of resources, how does it work exactly ? (and not talking about wolf) To explain what I mean is when using the planetary warehouse I had it some time ago that I just had to switch to my miners to transfer it into it, all that was mined over that period of time ? Or does it have to do with the energy production, since I am using KSPIE fusion reactors with their generators and not solar panels or stock/USI ways of powergeneration Any suggestion/tips would be greatly appreciated! Also this seems a little weird ? (reports no rate and is still mining)
  9. Heyo! This mod is super cool, but I have kinda noticed one thing, I don't seem to be easy make the mixture required for certain engines ? Kind regards, Yuubari
  10. Hi! I got a kinda stupid question but I do still would be wanting to ask about this, I am looking for a nice way to build crafts offworld and in space, and I am not too sure which mod to use, but I think I will be going with EL and I was wondering if there is a way to bring back the deprecated parts like the mobile launch platform and the orbital shipyard ? I am currently on the constilation build of the USI suite of mods, which includes the orbital shipyards but they seem a little unpredictable GC is also an option but I am not too sure about how that will/would go Kind regards, Yuubari_
  11. Thank you! I already send a message to Gameslinx about the code name of the home world because it didn't work initially with the stock config, with the planet name being Kerbin ^^
  12. I know about the scoop but wasn't too sure if there is a second way or nah, more like producing it somehow ^^
  13. I was wondering if there is a way for produce deuterium in some way, I know you can get Liquid Helium 3 from the surface of certain mooons, but I am not too sure about a way to produce deuterium ^^
  14. Sorry for my extremely slow reply, but it seems that the parts I am using are supported by the config (I think that's what it says) Edit: as it turns out after repainting one of the usi kontainers, it works fine now, so it was the part that was being funky ^^ I got you xd Sometimes it simply are the simplest explanations ^^
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