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  1. @tony48, thank you for your patient response to my questions. I think I have it now. I have to continually remind myself of the effect of scaling on the entire KSP experience. I have played Stock for the last two years so the move up to KSRSS changed a lot of how you relate to KSP and fly your missions. It was a good move and I like this mod a lot. But there is a learning curve to it that I wasn't prepared for. Thanks again!
  2. Oops. Sorry. I am running 1.11.2. So If I understand you correctly, once I install Kronometer, I don't have to change any setting and the mod will automatically change Earth's orbit around the Sun to the correct 365 day cycle. But how do I change the day/night cycle on Earth to the correct 24 hour cycle? Right now in game, if I start at sunrise, the sun lit period (daytime) is only about 6 hours long. IRL in Florida even in the depths of winter you will get approximately 9-10 hours of sunlight. I apologize for these seemingly stupid questions. I must be missing something very simple. I just don't understand how Kronometer is supposed to work with KSRSS. Thanks again.
  3. Perhaps I am the only dunce in the greater world of KSP players. If so then I humbly accept my ignorance. However, If I am not, then I would like to make a suggestion to anyone that, out of the goodness of their heart, creates a mod for the rest of us to use: PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW TO USE YOUR MOD. For someone with a computer coding background, how to use all the features of a particular mod may come as a natural thing. However, if my suspicions are correct, then a lot of players download a mod then struggle with how to use it. If you create a mod, please don't assume that its use will be as intuitive to everyone as you find it to be. A set of instructions or some type of Wiki would be extremely helpful to many of us who are less informed. I have several mods in my install where 60-70% of the settings functionality is a complete mystery to me. I think that many modders philosophy is to have the player simply tinker with the settings to see what the effect on the game is. On the surface, that is not a bad idea. However, many mods require you to back out of the game, reboot, and start again after changing a setting. When you have a modded game that takes 10 minutes or more to start up that results in an overhead in time that quickly becomes onerous and tedious. I fully appreciate how much work modders put into their creations. Spending all those hours on something that you do not get paid for is something that amazes me. But, it seems to me that if you are going to put that much work into a mod, then it would make sense to insure that ALL players, not just those with a coding background, will be able to fully appreciate your genius and hard work. Thank you.
  4. Can anyone please provide some tips on how to use Kronometer with KSRSS? Once installed does it automatically update the clock to a 24 hour day? My game seems to still be on a 6 hour day. Gamedata screen shot below: I checked the button in settings to use Earth time. Still doesn't work. Do I have to change the setting.cfg file? Thanks
  5. @CobaltWolf, ask and you shall receive. However, once I went back and took a look at my design, I realized what you meant when you said "one that fits". This is what it looks like when it is "stowed". I wasn't taking into account scale differences. Yes, this is the older LM descent stage. I haven't downloaded the new one yet. Perhaps you can make it work anyway. Thanks for asking!
  6. Love it! Is there any chance you could do a part switch config for the other front quadrant so that a collapsed LRV could be carried? No need to actually do a rover, there are plenty of those already. The robotics parts in 1.11.2 allow you to create a deployment mechanism for a LRV, but the current descent stage config makes that a little awkward when the LRV is stowed. Thanks!
  7. After considering what @OrbitalManeuverssaid above, that is exactly what I did! I set the amounts to 50, but adjusted it down to 42 in the VAB. Worked like a charm after a couple of tries to figure the proper altitude to begin the retro fire. 52k worked pretty good.
  8. No sweat @akron. This is still a great mod. I enjoy flying the Surveyor and had several cool missions with it in my Stock game. I will get it figured out for x2.5.
  9. Interesting. How does one increase the amount of fuel in the SRM? It’s already at the highest amount. Tweakables?
  10. I am running 1.11.2 and recently upgraded to KSRSS (x2.5 scale). I can't seem to find the right parameters to land the Surveyor on the moon. When should I start the solid motor retro fire? If I start above 55K I run out of fuel on the verniers too high above the surface. If I start below 40K the craft won't slow down fast enough and it crashes. My starting velocity is about 1150 m/s. It seems as if I don't have enough delta V to slow down. Using MechJeb. Any suggestions? I know it has to be possible somehow.
  11. I would like to pass on my thanks to @Hatattack, @biohazard15, and @Jso for their tips and tricks for using BDB with KSRSS, and to @Friznitfor the excellent Wiki page on launches and trajectories. It helped a lot and my Saturn 1B now flies like a champ. I now have a better handle on using PVG on MechJeb. It makes a difference!
  12. Very nice. How do you deorbit the Big G? With the RCS? One flaw that I could not get around with the BDB iteration of Big G is that no retro pack was provided. I think the dev team has that one for action. I had to create one by kitbashing.
  13. Thanks for the link. I will take a look at it. Believe it or not I actually missed that part of the Wiki, even though I have read through it dozens of times. This brings up an observation. This is not meant to be criticism of an otherwise outstanding mod, but is the performance of the BDB Saturn IB realistic on a 2.5 scale world? I was under the impression that the IB was a bit overweight due to the tank structure, but the real life IB put five manned CSMs into orbit on a full size Earth rather well. One even carried a docking module in the SLA. I am fully aware that the CSM was short fueled amongst other things to make it lighter, but was the IB performance really that marginal in real life? Perhaps this is a complicated programming code issue that can't be overcome so @CobaltWolfand the dev team did the best they could with a mess. Thanks for the help.
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