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  1. So, while I have been trying to straighten out my Juno1/Explorer issue, I was running an Apollo Applications Project Skylab/Wet Workshop mission. I flew two expeditions to the station, the first one delivered the ATM. After landing the 2nd expedition I decided to deorbit the station using the Teleoperator Retrieval System, lofted by a Saturn IB. It was a smooth mission, with the S-IVB delivering the TRS within 30 meters of the station. The TRS flew nicely and quickly docked to the axial port. After docking I immediately initiated the deorbit burn. The TRS doesn't have much thru
  2. Nope none of that works. I did find that I did not have Advanced Tweakables enabled (I didn't even know that existed). I enabled that and found how to disable the decoupler on the nosecone. I followed your procedure to the letter and it still automatically stages on its own as soon as I initiate rotation. I appreciate your help. This is really a small frustration in an otherwise amazing update. I will continue to tinker with it. Thanks!
  3. I do have Dock Rotate installed, along with the 0.625 decoupler, but mine doesn't look like yours. Am I missing some other dependency? As soon as I initiate rotation, no matter at what point during the flight, it immediately decouples the Vicenza stages and the rotation just throws them around.
  4. Has anyone had an issue with this? I tried to start the rotation of the Vicenza upper stages and this is what happens. The upper stages decouple and lay there until they fall off. It doesn't seem to matter when I do this. It happens in flight too. I know this must be something simple but I am not getting it.
  5. Loving the update! Gemini is vastly improved. One tweak needed: upon splashdown the spacecraft floats very high in the water, on the very tip of the heatshield. Can this be adjusted? Also, Mercury floats very low in the water, almost submerged. One suggestion: is it possible to get the Gemini to go to the two-point suspension once it is on the main chute? Thanks for all the hard work!
  6. So here is a project for you. Being able to fly all of the proposed development models of the lunar module would be way cool. Oh, and throw this one in too!
  7. Dang, I knew that it would be simple. I didn't think of that but it makes sense. I will try it tonight!
  8. I am using BDB to fly an Apollo lunar mission. The Maneuver Planner puts me into a trajectory that has my CSM/LM flying an east to west orbit (right to left) around the Mun. I landed fine, but once I tried to launch from the Mun, Ascent Guidance wanted to fly the ascent stage into a west to east trajectory, 180 degrees opposite from which the CSM was flying! I eventually launched manually and made it to orbit, but could not figure out how to launch from the Mun into a westbound trajectory using Ascent Guidance. Can this be done? Or do I need to enter Munar orbit flying in the other direction?
  9. I seem to be missing the ModuleColliderHelper. Is there an easy way of installing it, or do I have to uninstall/reinstall BDB? If I do that will I lose all of the already constructed vehicles?
  10. I had some hinkiness with the Apollo/S-V combo shown above. I wanted to do an orbit raising maneuver using the S-V. I set the S-V as "control from here", made sure the combo was in prograde, then lit it off. Both the RL-10's on the S-V AND the SPS on Apollo lit off at the same time, effectively nulling the maneuver. Is this MechJeb related or did I goon something up? I have done the same thing with a Gemini/Agena combo and this did not happen. Hmmm...
  11. Apollo 7 on orbit with Elliot See, Don Lind, and Story Musgrave. I needed some rendezvous and docking practice so I launched an S-V target vehicle via a Saturn I. Story is making a spacewalk to inspect the SIM bay.
  12. Yeah, I believe you’re right. No Transtage on the IIIM. But I like it anyway. It gives you a lot of on-orbit maneuvering margin.
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