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  1. I think it is safe to say that those who use BDB do so because they like the historical aspect of the mod. That being the case, you all might be interested in the following article by none other than Wayne Hale, former Space Shuttle Program Manager and Flight Director at NASA. Pilot Error is Never Root Cause | Wayne Hale's Blog (wordpress.com) During my misadventure with the Lunar Orbiter/Atlas Agena that I described above, I was trying to use his "seven whys" of accident investigation. @biohazard15 provided the insight necessary to get to the7th why and the final root cause. Wa
  2. @biohazard15I finally figured it out, and you were completely correct. It literally came to me at 5:30 this morning as I woke up. Before picking up the spacecraft to rotate it, I had to re-root the whole stack through the Agena. I didn't realize that this also changed the "Control From Here" point. I do now! This is actually a very accurate historical point and a great lesson in rocket/spacecraft design. If actually done my way in real life, it would indeed result in a Proton-style accident exactly like I initially experienced. My thought process defaulted to a potential software fault wh
  3. Roger. Good point and I hadn’t thought of that. But I rotated it 90 degrees along it’s axis. Why would that make a difference if your scenario is the root cause? Trying to understand.
  4. So I had a strange thing happen today. I decided to build and fly the Lunar Orbiter probe. I built the standard probe using all of the BDB parts, the Codac SAF fairing, and an Atlas Agena D borrowed from my GATV (I of course removed the Gemini docking collar). I moved it out to LC-14 and hit the go button (using MechJeb 2) and the rocket promptly heeled over to the left and crashed in a rather spectacular fashion! I was quite surprised because the same rocket with the GATV flew perfectly. I started to fiddle with MechJeb settings, fuel loads, even the colors of the fairing and nothing worked.
  5. Great stuff! It would be really nice if the RCS blast deflectors and the ladder/platform could be optioned out... (nudge nudge to the Dev Team, lol)
  6. Part of the confusion may come from the fact that I am running 1.10. CKAN downloaded the compatible version which apparently has the original Packrat. I didn’t realize that until today. Anyway, I still love the mod. The Packrat is awesome!
  7. There are pictures of it on the first and second pages of this thread, mounted to the back of the Packrat rover. They are mentioned in the OP.
  8. LM VARIANTS PT. 3 The bottom vehicle is the LM Truck MK 2. I replaced the platform and robotics with a KIS container. This is still somewhat similar to a proposal I read in an official NASA document. You can carry A LOT of cargo to the Mun with the MK 2. I found a way to double stack the MK 2 with the Shelter. Believe it or not it flew well, boosted by a standard Saturn V with a very long shroud. The Transtage braked both vehicles into Mun orbit quite nicely. I decoupled and landed the Shelter first, then the Truck. That was a follow up launch after the MK 1B landing.
  9. LM VARIANTS This is my "final" version of my LM Shelter. It is still a rough kitbash, and I hope that the dev team will consider formalizing something like this. This is a combination of Stock, BDB, & KIS (a wonderful mod if you don't have it). Shelter is launched separately and landed autonomously. KIS allowed the attachment of an extendable ladder to the bottom lip of the airlock. The ladder is carried uphill stowed on the back of the Shelter. I also attach two RTG's to the back of the Shelter once landed. LM VARIANTS PT. 2 LM Truck MK 1A.
  10. Hello! I love your mod. Great work! I downloaded and installed a few days ago and have been tinkering with it. I am running 1.10 with BDB and have run into a semi-weird issue. Does anyone have an idea for the reason that the arms separated from the hinges? They were attached when I landed and for the initial work of unloading a rover. After a save, I came back and it was like this. It was still full functional. Did I goon something up? Thanks!
  11. I apologize if I was not clear. I meant the experiment storage lockers. The tan colored ones. How are they used?
  12. I wanted to pass on my compliments for a brilliant mod. The rover is fantastic and fun to drive. I disable the steering for the rear wheels and that prevents potentially problematic super-tight turns. It is still pretty nimble without the rear steering. I ran it around KSC and took it over to LC-34. There is an earthen ramp there meant to protect some fuel tanks. I used to to catch some air with the rover! There thing is practically indestructable. I have only one minor quibble: I am on 1.10 and using KAS to assemble the two frame pieces and it proved quite frustrating to get them to line up p
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