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  1. T-20000

    KSP Jokes

    That's what happened to Bobdo Kerman
  2. Okay, so I use atom to edit the perisistent.sfs file, and he is alive now
  3. I tried to use text editor, but when you scroll down then it will just freeze. Even after 1 hour(I set the clock to 1 hour) , he still don't respawn
  4. So recently the time warp kraken killed Bill in a Munar mission, and I enabled missing crew respawn option in the settings, but he just don't respawn at all. is there any way that I could bring bill back? (I can't edit the save file, cuz I'm using Mac, and notepad doesn’t have a Mac variant)
  5. V0.0 This is the first ever KSP screen shot. Source: KSP Wiki V 1.11
  6. I got a Kerbal named Billy-Bobfrey Kerman
  7. Why is the texture really messed up
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