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  1. I can't see more two launch pads in KSP MH,I don't know what happen but when i hover around the launch button it doesn't show up please help me.
  2. @Kerminator K-100 I know this is ksp 2 forums and I tried to fix it but I can't and from next time I will be happy and play with Kerbalism
  3. @The AzizAre you the one which Shadow Zone menstioned in a KSP 2 video
  4. Stranding Ujjiban,Valentina and Gussom kerman in the mun because of forgeting landing legs. Now I am a noob still now in the game so it will take 3-4months to rescue them I don't think that Matt Lowne rescue them via blunderbirds.
  5. On the way to Duna I saw a wonderful solar eclipse of Mun and Kerbol!
  6. Can any body tell me how to controll a propeller and throttle it in breaking ground
  7. Thank you,curently I have 4.00 GB of RAM from which 3.90 GB is usable Now I can play with Jeb smothly
  8. Hi there!,I run-Environmental Visual Enhancements,Paralax,Astronomers visual pack,Scaterer,Kerbal engineering redux,Hanger Extender,Mechjeb ,Docking port Alignment Indicator and Kerbal alarm clock
  9. Hello,I since purchased Kerbal Space Program it is very laggy,so I have to buy a new RAM Can any body help me how much GB ram is need to run 15-20 mods easily
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