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  1. so whats the issue with spacedust? I want to try galaxies unbound, but it gets a fatal error
  2. Yeah that helps! usually ram is like that for me as well, so I may upgrade that at some point
  3. how is this mod performance-wise? I have Outer planets as well as wanting this, along with alot of smaller(ish) mods of varying stuff. (~220) My specs: i7-10700K CPU, 16.0 GB Ram, GTX 1650 SUPER
  4. sorry for the bother, but the new update will not install on CKAN, idk why
  5. I set up Castillo, and also designed a mineral mining ship, which hops to a different crater on Minmus that has Minerals, thanks to your help, I can get rid of much of the slapped together ramshackle base I had before!
  6. thanks, I think I'll keep it CRP and just get the Castillo up and running, thanks again for the help
  7. I would like to use the CRP, but I also want to be able to have omniconverter for buildings, is there a way for both?
  8. oh ok, so with CRP the stock drills I can get clean water and materials, but how do I get slag? Now Ive changed to Classic, but minerite is not in the game?
  9. wait is a lode from a core sample? oh ok, so with CRP the stock drills I can get clean water and materials, but how do I get slag?
  10. So I changed it to CRP, and I was able to get rare metals and exotic minerals with the strip miner, but now I cannot get minerals nor slag, is there a specific miner I need to use? like do I have to use Regolith Drills?
  11. I've run into an issue; I am trying to make a Castillo base, but equipment printers need precious metals and minerite, but they are not in my game. What should I do? actually it may I need to change it to CRP, will that change the resource requirements?
  12. Ok, I do not have TweakableEverything mod, but I also dont have anything named FerramAerospaceResearch either I installed the mod via CKAN, if that can help you at all
  13. I do not know if it is supposed to be that way, but the elevons and stabilizers do not rotate also idk why but the wings don't count as lift in the assembly building
  14. do you have physics range extender on? sometimes that causes strange things to happen
  15. thats strange, idk what happened but imma have to start a new save, oh well, I was stagnating
  16. does USI affect the communication system for kerbal space program? I had modular kolonization system, malemute, konstruction, and exploration through CKAN, and I uninstalled them so I could use extraplanetary launchpads, but now no crafts connect to the space center. I checked and if I create a new game that doesnt have USI it works fine
  17. Is it possible to rebuild buildings destroyed? I may have nuked the harbor next to KSC the ones from KK
  18. Thank you, I have unpacked all of the zip files within the folders and have ModularFlightIntegrator, so it may be that I have multiple graphics mods installed making my 15.87gb of ram wants to kill itself
  19. hi I do not know if it is on my end, but my game gets to where the menu loads, but just has the things spin, and spin, and spin
  20. Hello, sorry if this is redundant/im just being stupid, but does the stock scanning for rescources and SCANSAT work with this mod?
  21. So is darkside technologies abandoned? cause it's newest version is for 1.4.5, and i would like to use this
  22. so yeah, it seems that NSI in 1.11.2 doesnt play well with other mods, and just does not work, so could you pretty please update the mod?
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