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  1. According to this interview We will get a Multiplayer Feature Video at some point, It's definitely going to be the last one since it's the most hyped feature. Will it be the 5th episode or 6th episode? that is the question.
  2. EVA tethers being your only way of EVA before making upgrades for untethered EVA will be amazing. My idea for the upgrade path is: No EVA -> EVA short tether -> EVA long tether -> Tetherless EVA with jetpack
  3. That is definitely what happened, I checked KSP 2's SteamDB page and no change was made by the developers there
  4. Speaking of sound, I'd love to hear some metal noise such as creaking. Example is First Man (2018) X15 scene:
  5. Raytracing support. Raytracing support is fairly useless in most games, but games that include a lot of reflective surfaces, glass, and areal lights will make use of raytracing. KSP happens to have all of them. Rockets are made of metal, and you can leave it unpainted and it will be reflective. all cockpits will be glass, as well as space suit helmets. The closer you are to a star, the bigger angular area it will take on the screen making the shadows softer. Implementing a blackhole will definitely make it look slightly more accurate too.
  6. While its unknown if it will support Mac or not. in PC Gaming, games that support Mac will be able to play with Windows users no issues. Cross play between Mac and Windows has always existed, there won't be any reason why it won't work. It's the same for Consoles, except the thing that stopped it for a long time is the ToS of Sony and Microsoft, other than that, nothing is stopping anyone to do Crossplay.
  7. The Game Awards are also this Friday, a very interesting coincidence, it'd be the perfect time to reveal something big
  8. I hope for some sort of gameplay reveal trailer in The Game Awards!
  9. They confirmed that this isn't in the game, However they never ruled out the possibility of it happening in the future, but keep in mind that it is a typical response, theres a good chance it will never happen ever. We don't know a thing about it, we've never seen game footage of it wheels. I hope we get at least that.
  10. You are right. I didn't put it in a chart because to me it seemed like an update to their structure and the game development process more than the game itself. While Multiplayer was never mentioned in that video, I believe we'll get some video that's shows it off somehow weather it's a Feature Video, or a gameplay trailer that shows off multiplayer, and maybe the release date at the end. Considering the possibility that Episode 6 may never exist, that's going to be an awful lot of time before it's going to be released, I don't expect silence after Episode 5 until the release date (In this case we'll assume the worst case, December 31st 2022) We will definitely start getting something in that time (e.g. Gameplay trailers, demos to Journalists & Youtubers, etc), but honestly, I don't expect it to be late 2022, because of recent info that surfaced during my investigation. I'm trying to piece it together and see if it actually contributes to the conversation or not. I will tell you that it's already outdated information and are completely useless, but we may be able to draw some conclusions with it.
  11. It seems like the average wait time for each Feature video is 5.5 months. I hope they become more frequent, as their frequency indicates how far away we are from the release of the game.
  12. I'd love cameras to be added to KSP, they will add a lot of functionality to the game. I'd also love a difficulty option that completely disables 3rd person view, You will only rely on the cameras installed on the ship or the kerbals, that will also open up a whole lot of replayability. While you're at it, a way to view the Kerbals' POV to aid this difficulty option to completely remove the 3rd person view.
  13. It went private, what happened?! I really hope it comes up soon. I think they might've wanted it to release on Friday, which is 24 hours away!
  14. I believe this is a good idea, each engine will have some form of response, some are faster than others in throttling and gimbal control. This will give some engines more popularity due to their superior gimbal speed even if they're not as powerful or as efficient as others. I'd argue that Gimbal animations will make the game easier to control using keyboard. in KSP 1 there's already an option to do this by clicking caps lock, your controls (engine gimbal and control surfaces) will have a bit of a delay to reach full power allowing you to create precise movements.
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