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  1. I think it would be awesome to add telescope instrument parts (sensors, Mirrors, Lenses) instead of complete fully working telescopes ( SENTINEL Infrared Telescope ) because that would allow for greater customizability and ability to fold them in interesting ways to future proof it for the Robotics parts.
  2. You're right, I miss the smooth zoom. Add to that, it appears that the zoom out limit is much much smaller than KSP 1, I loved zooming out seeing half of the planet for 1 second checking my location while flying a plane then zooming back in.
  3. Runway lights are not visible from long distances Here is an image of the lights up close, it's okay, the brightness needs to be brightened up Here is an image of it from far away: Ideally it should look like the following After some analysis, it appears that while the lights exist, they have no lens-flair, or blur, or anything similar, some sort of particle that is displayed in place of the lights should work fairly well. Also, it would be great if it is viewable from space, that will immensely help SSTO/Shuttle landings.
  4. That's a bad and unrealistic benchmark in my opinion, but there is a better benchmark: This was shown in a video somewhere, I forgot which one, but this is stunning and it's a pre-alpha in-game capture. why is the beta worse? My speculation is that they're having some sort of issues that need time to work on, so they made a quick reliable cloud system to replace it until the really good one gets ready.
  5. I really hope the stream is just from the editor, those pre-alpha screenshots we got are amazing, if such fog and afterglow exists then we won't need to worry about how ugly that stream is.
  6. I had the same thought for a while! It looked like Alpha Minecraft but now its much more natural
  7. I'm more interested in the reflection on the helmet, I wonderwhat type of reflection it is. It LOOKS raytraced but let's not jump into conclusions here, Cube maps are capable of getting very similar results; KSP mods already do this. So, I wonder is it dynamic cube maps or something else? Not many types of reflections are capable of reflecting from curved surfaces. I don't see any refraction so this is probably not raytracing.
  8. would be amazing if it were both, but I will be asking too much. If I had to be conservative then it'd be situation based with at least 1 theme for each planet.
  9. Another KSP2 screenshot, what! Are they hinting for something?
  10. I don't know what to tell you, but that nightmare might not be over yet, "Early 2023" ends on March 31st.
  11. You shouldn't worry, in development, optimization happens extremely late in development, and the footage we're shown is probably of a version that's months old, because older versions tend to be more stable with fewer bugs; better for showing. They'd never release the game in such a state, even if it's stable 30 fps, it'd just get flooded with bad reviews.
  12. Shame we didn't get to see the entry FX. Nate, is it pretty?
  13. In the game IL-2 Sturmovik it has a nice system where your character has a randomly generated story. I haven't played the game so I don't have much info about that.
  14. Posts like that must be typically written before hand, and then set to publish in a certain time and date, maybe someone misclicked the wrong day on the calendar.
  15. Place your bets. Will KSP 2 be shown at PAX West (Sep 2-5) or The Game Awards (Dec 8th) or none?
  16. And its best to not think we'll get something next Friday either, the good ol'days of expected news is gone, expect the real news in 2023.
  17. I'd also love to see parts being all burnt and sooty after reentry, even if it was just visual only, it just makes new vehicles vs old vehicles different Before: After:
  18. The ground effect makes landing and taking off easier and more realistic. pretty much all of KSP landings are rough without ground effect. Also, Ekranoplans.
  19. I have played Planetary Annihilation, one of Star Theory games with Howard Mostron soundtracks. I expect great things to come out of KSP 2. My favorite piece.
  20. I would play it on Windows, but I'd like some Linux support for the Steam Deck.
  21. I don't think it will be, it will still be wobbly and bendy, but the developers said that they are adjusting that, finding something that isn't too wobbly and isn't too solid, Solid rockets or wings aren't realistic either, they have to find the sweet spot in terms of realism and good gameplay experience.
  22. That is probably correct. According to my prediction post and some others' in the community, it's around October. I am 100% sure there will be one about Multiplayer, but that will probably come near the release, I'd say 1 month before the release. Assuming they will release the game Late Q1 (March 2023) then we may see another feature video that isn't about Multiplayer. I don't think it will be a follow up to Interstellar, I feel we were given enough information. What I'd like to see is one about Aerodynamics, or Physics in general. It's a topic that wasn't touched at all by show & tell nor feature videos. KSP's Aerodynamic system is super simplified, I'm certain KSP 2's will have a more complex and more accurate model. It would be worth a visit to see what has changed.
  23. I see, I misunderstood the word "rotational" as in mechanical rotation, not magnetic rotation. However, it seems like my question has been answered, there will be animated parts in KSP2, even if rotational magnets don't have anything to do with animations since they are physically unmoving.
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